I'm not the way that you found me

 Frigging Blogger is being a total arsebiscuit lately, so I have to load my pix via Picasa...which isn't exactly reliable. So I am missing several pix I wanted to load, but can't do it after the fact; can't be arsed doing it all again and I am rather peeved.
To put it mildly.
I'll pop them on my Farcebook page, which I hadn't previously mentioned because I am sometimes a bit secret squirrel-like.
On a positive note, I had the funkiest dream last night involving Sarah and G playing in a big band at a burlesque show. It was quite awesome, but a little vague. I do remember now laughing with Sarah by a big rack of clothes....dammit, I wish I could remember better! I was supposed to be performing, despite having no clue, and I was planning to do something whilst lying down?! But I forgot when I was on due to being distracted by the band being so fabularse.
Dreams are such fun!

O, anyways, here's my scrumptious shoes and handbag.
I tried out this scarf and quite liked it!
One of you divoon wenches sent it to me, but my memory is falling out of my ear lately.

So, I met up with Jo at a vintage market my lovely friend Anissa organised on Saturday morning.
The venue was an empty lot on the corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes St in town. G and I lived in 3 different places on this block over a period of 10 years! The empty lot is just one of many after earthquake enforced demolitions.
Gap Filler is a community arts project that sets up all kinds of funky things on such spaces, and this is one of the spaces they've previously used.
They also have set up the "Pallet Pavillion", a space made of pallets, in which our band is playing at the end of the month, and G's band plays early next month, I think!

O, look, it's the divoon Christine of The Vintage Cupboard

Jo's rather elegant and classy engagement ring

I thought this lady looked rather sweet!

Fancy shoes!

Anissa herself!

I do love a market!

I wore:
Frock and chain necklace-from curry munching Vix
Tights and shoes-retail
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Scarfone of you sweethearts!
Necklace-made by moi
Sunglasses-from lovely Sue



bonsaimum said...

You are lucky to have such great markets in your area. As usual you look splendiferous.

karensomethingorother said...

I would love to be able to poke around at such a fun market. Damn, vintage clothing around here is SCARCE, and I do NOT consider the 90's to be vintage--just horrid.

Ofelia said...

Great market and what a wonderful use of space.
I love your bag, your shoes and your Facebook page (is cool and coloful). After seeing yours I think I going to finally do a Facebook page for my blog.
Abrazos, Ofelia

Melanie said...

You look fantastic in blue - and your town seems to be full of gorgeous people, at least in the places you hang out. Too bad you couldn't post a clip of your dream. I watched most of your clips a couple days ago - now I want to tap dance.

two squirrels said...

Oh I wish I was there with you!!!! Sad face!!!!
That looks so much fun........look at some of those dresses!!!!!!!
I must say you look just perfect in the blue polka dots, love those new shoes and matching bag.
Love V

Trees said...

So many pretty thing! What excellent use of empty space - I can't wait to see the pix of when you band plays in one of these empty spaces :D Also I hate it when blogger plays up - makes me a a crazy lady!

Val Sparkle said...

Tell Christine I love her dress with red roses.

Looks like a wonderful shopping adventure. Love your blue handbag and wonderful necklace!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That Gap Filler market looks so fun! You look stunning in that dress and I love the necklace!! Liked your Facebook page-- very cool!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your band :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day it looks to be that you had.
Blogger has been doing funny things for me to lately with loading pics. A fellow blogging buddy suggested I try logging into blogger using chrome rather then Internet explorer, it seems to solved my pic loading dramas. Might be worth a try, hope it helps.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

It would be interesting too found out what clothes you and Sarah used at the show. Tassels?

Anissa said...

Wowser wot fab photos u took of my wee vintage market!!
Twas so nice to c u and all the other friends, family n customers droppin by! AND it was such a success im going to do the market monthly now!!!! So if u know of anyone that would like to have a wee stall, let me know hun!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

I would really want to have such wonderful market here! Do not exist i am sorry to say , you and your friends looks amazing as always .

Ivy Black said...

OOoh I'd have loved a good rummage there. Your markets are always cracking. Adore that frock, you look stunning.
I'm having picture loading problems too...it's driving me to swear lots and lots.
Lotsa love.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a groovy wee market & a wonderful idea for those empty spaces in the city. I hope the rumbles yesterday weren't too traumatic. Love you in blue. I dreamt about you & G the other night, that I was living with you & we were skinny dipping in your pool. It wasn't kinky like, just au natural fun! Xx

Devil made in Heaven said...

Only thing I've been doing now is droling...... I also love markets, but there are no vintage markets overhere. I believe the first one ever is in March. It must be real fun to be with people who share the same passion.
It is nice to see that people are doing all kind of things with the open spaces. Here there are just open spaces.....
Hope you have a wonderfull day!
xxx Jolanda.

pastcaring said...

Ooh that sounds like a fabularse dream! I have had a few dreams about you and G - funny, you always feature in my unconscious together, must show what a solid a couple you are!
The market looks excellent, I spy a lilac gingham frock which darling Sarah might like. Did you buy anything or just fondle the merchandise?
All the ladies look delightful in their frocks, including you with your magnificent frontage in that gorgeous frock from Vix (is she home sometime very soon? She'll hate the snow!) And I am liking the scarf action in the hair very much.
I often have real problems with Blogger, not so much with photos, but with the layout. The preview and live version doesn't look anything like how I arranged it, it messes up the spacing and photo placement, and I have to tinker and tinker and tinker again, drives me mad! Always happens when I go back and edit a post too. I thought it was just me being technologically shite, but I shall blame the system fully from now on! xxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I love your glasses, they are such a fabularse shape. What a fab market, and everybody looks so friendly too. Ah, such fun. Xx

Hannah said...

Those glasses and shoes are making me dribble, I am partial to a good rummage and it's great that these spaces are being put to good use xxx

Marla Robinson said...

No vintage markets where I live. :( You are so lucky. That looks like so much fun. I love your lovely blue outfit, fabulous blue purse, and wonderful jewelry. So lovely.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

How I wish I was there rifling the racks (of clothes) with you and Jo and Christine and Anissa and the Sweet Lady! That is some excellent scarf action you have happening, and lovely shoes and bag indeed. And I adore you just as much if not more when you're getting tetchy! xoxo

thorne garnet said...

what a cool idea for empty lots. Some enterprising soul here set up a shop called Urban Garden downtown in an empty lot and was selling Christmas tress. Here's hoping they keep it up and start a year around garden center. By the way. that sweet blue house with the tin roof rusted looks like it was plucked straight outta V-Town!

Perdita said...

I adore markets, sadly the weather is against us over here. Although one local car boot STILL WENT AHEAD because the snow was 'nice and soft', not even I was daft enough to brave it at 6.30am in the dark... brrrr.

freckleface said...

Damn, damn and triple damn. Sometimes things are just a darned nuisance, in which case the only thing to do is say 'arsebiscuit'.
I fancy your vintage market very much. Bored of the snow, want summer now please, like what you've got. xxx

liz said...

I used to have a ton of problems with Blogger, so I eventually moved to Wordpress. Love your blue shoes! And I would have snapped up those black and white stripey platforms in a second!

Anonymous said...

I missed your last post somehow but love the bangs. Where are they now in this post?? They look so great on you!!
Your hair color looks brighter to me in these pics too and I'm lovin' it! I'm headed to the hairdresser next week to brighten my strands. I'm tired of the dull/safe color she's been doing.
I just want to eat up all this color in here!

Maureen said...

Do you know Helga, I do love women who look like women. I myself have a magnificent bosom and identify.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous dream!!!I often dream of you and all my blogger friends and it's always a lot of fun, clothes and rock and roll!!I'd love if one day we all could hang out and go shopping in a great market like that(The black and white shoes are awesome)!!The headscarf and the sunglasses are just perfect, the handbag is lovely and you are gorgeous more than ever in white and blue!!
All the girls in this post are rad!!
Love xxxxxx

Renia said...

You look just amazing! I love your bag and shoes!
I wish I can be in this "Pallet Pavillion"! Kisses x x x x x x x

Emalina said...

You have my sympathies about the photo uploading problems with blogger, I've been experiencing the same thing, with much swearing on my part!

I love all your jewellery Helga, and those glasses are amazing. Work brilliantly with the lovely summer frock.

Lakota said...

Are you SURE it was a dream? That's kind of how I imagine your life anyway.

Jealous of the market, looks all Summery and delightful, we're all snowed in here.

Anonymous said...

You are a vision of fabulosity in Helga Blue!!
What an awesome market--so jealous!We have nothing cool like that around here!!
Those black and white shoes are stunning!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Gap Filler is a brilliant idea - we've got so many vacant spaces in our downtown we could use something like that here. I was just at a Burlesque show last night, and I think you and Sarah would have done a better job than most of the women in the show...

joyatri said...

So sorry to hear about your Blogger problems. Life's too short to deal with such frustrations.
I'm so jealous of your outdoor market. Hope you and Jo found some goodies.

Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I should have been ther with all you gorgeous and those beautiful dresses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

señora Allnut said...

how much would I like a lovely market like this one!?, it sounds simply delightful!
and love your Blue Fabulousness, specially your shoes!, and that hairstyle and pretty blue bag!

delia hornbook said...

Looks like a brilliant fun market and just look at that gorgeous blue sky. Loving your blue bag its blinking gorgeous and so are you looking. dee xx

Lynn Dylan said...

I am so jealous of the vintage markets!! Aaaack! Wish there was something like that here.

Lynn Dylan

PS - at least I have Goodwill

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh so much fabularseness! Starting with YOU, my darling, in your gorgeous bandana and pretty blue frock and your birthday shoes!

Is that a lavender gingham square dancing frock I spy?? And those black and white shoes are scrumptious! And what a lovely bunch of ladies... I hope this is on when I come to stay - such FUN!!!

Love you more than markets!

Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I do love a market too ... but I love you more!!!!!! Dammit that's a cracking dream, I'm certain that lying down would have been a big part of your act - in fact, I'm pretty sure you would have been draping yourself on Sarah's couch, The Whore, with a costume made from pink and red silk roses. Oh yes, I'm sure of it!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm eyeing up those lilac gingham dresses! Lurvley! You look stunning, that dress is gorgeous but I covert that bag... it's amazing. Fantastic looking ladies too! you have so much fun!!! xxxx
love you!

Sue said...

I do love a good market too!! Fabulous you again, working the camera!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to this little event! Your sunglasses are absolutely fantastic, and you guys look like you had a marvelous time.


The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I am having shoe lust over those black and white shoes!

Wendy said...

Oh to have been there with money to shop! What an amazing time.. And your shoes! I need a pair of those!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I need for you to go back and get me those black and white platforms. Ok, thanks. LOL!