She is my cactus cat, she is my best friend

Actually, cactus cat isn't quite how I would refer to Miss Peepee.
The Fist is a far more apt title for that bizarre little fur baby girl of mine.

She has an interesting habit of getting into bed with me (like, under the covers), snuggling on up, whether it be by my side, or between my legs, and then she thrusts her dear little paw into me, like a fist.
The night before last it was into a booboid.
Last night, she got between my legs and it was right into my lady garden!
An inch lower and I'd be calling her The Penetrator!
I've been spared this over Summer, but the nights must be getting a little cooler, and so it begins again.

Anyway, this is what I wore to a veggie BBQ/picnic on Saturday.
Frock and earrings-from the sweetest Squirrel
Hat-60's, opshopped
Basket-60's/70's, opshopped
Gold beads-60's, opshopped
Faux pearls-the lovely Sue
Locket-a market
Sunglasses-vintgae Orotons from darling Sarah

I suppose one could say that I have a rather rude pussy!
What would Mrs Slocombe say to that, I wonder?!



Misfits Vintage said...


Darling, your kitty sound like my kind of gal. She knows where the action is!

You look perfectly, beautifully, splendid, as always. I ADORE the frock and your accessories, as ever, are perfection. Mrs Slocomb and I approve!

Love you more than meeeeow!

Sarah xxx

Val Sparkle said...

I knew there was a pussy joke coming.

You are a vision in gold and ivory, just like an angel. But angels can only dream of wearing hats as stunning as that one!

Sue said...

Naughty Miss Peepee!!! Your lady garden indeed, that made me giggle!! Yes a vision in gold you gorgeous woman you!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Penetrator!! lolzzz
Your dress is gorgeous--- it looks like it's got gold embroidery--just love it!!

Trees said...

Beautiful golden outfit lovely! What a cheeky cat - you'll have to keep an eye on that one, otherwise G may get jealous :P

Sheila said...

What a fabulous dress, and I love the hat!

I laughed at your kitty. Mine has developed the habit of creeping under the bed and sleeping with me, however, he likes claws. When he was a little kitten, he bit my nip! Ouch!

Ivy Black said...

Fist of fun! Life is far too short not to have pussy jokes.
You're looking very sunny and golden.

freckleface said...

Oh what a beautiful dress! You seem to have them coming out of your ears. Do you dream them into reality? You are making me do one of those sin things; coveting.
I think having a pusscat snuggling under the covers is one of the best things in the world, but yours is certainly full of surprises! Ooh la la! xxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

My Cat has almost the same behavior but moore in the Boob area . .
LOVE the hat!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

My cat gave me a head massage the other night, but usually it's about me to devote time and affection to the cat. Not the opposite. If I do'nt, my cat hit me(yes, hit me!). So what are all the parents complaining about anyway? They do'nt know what it's like to have a cat. Night Sleep or not - you are so goodlooking in your outfit and I like the colors.

pastcaring said...

One of our cats likes to get under the covers too, and does a little paw-kneading. Ouch when the claws come out... I think it's a throwback to kitten behaviour, they are snuggling up and kneading like when they were feeding from mummy. So it's a compliment, you are a Pussy Parent!
Looking completely magnificent as usual, darling! I adore that frock, all the cream and gold looks gorgeous, and that hat is splendiferous!
Yay to pussy paws, pussy power, and Pussy Galore! xxxxx

delia hornbook said...

ha ha im not sure what to say about your cat except cheeky little minx. Your looking beautiful that dress is stunning, dee xx

bonsaimum said...

Helga, you look magnificent. As for the cat--mine loves kneading and lots of cuddles at night. We don't cut her claws so she can biff Baxter when he goes into his 'hunting' mood. The other sleeps on our feet and insists on cleaning herself, slurping loudly of course.

Fiona said...

I haven't had a paw in the Lady Garden yet but get one in the face if I'm still asleep and breakfast is required!
You look splendiferous in this ensemble, I'm sure you were the best dressed at the picnic. SOooooo envious of all that sun.

Marla Robinson said...

Omg that hat!! I love it. That is such and unusual dress. All that sewn stitching is gorgeous. Jewelry is amazing as usual. Pure perfection.

Anonymous said...

Lady Garden-LOLOLOL!!!
You look stunning in your cream and gold dress!!!
Our dear departed MollyFatgirl loved to sit up on top of my boob shelf and mash on my shoulder!!

Miss PeePee is just using her Fist to stake her claim on her mama!!

Anonymous said...

This entire ensemble works so perfectly together. Love the unique hat! One of my favorite outfits on you. And I love the expression "Lady Garden." I'm going to be remembering that one. Speaking of Lady Garden, my needs to be hoed today. ;)

liz said...

Love the three necklaces! Glammy glam. These sunny entries are very inspiring--it's so cloudy, rainy and dark in Seattle right now!

MistressCatgirl said...

Beautiful dress and the hat accents it so well. Our Ridley has been cuddling up with us also. He starts of by sleeping at my feet and the onset of fall and eventually makes his way up to between the husband and eye. Some nights when it's gotten in the teens F he's crawled under the covers and slept across my ribcage. I don't mind. It keeps me warm.

Franca said...

looking great in neutrals! I always think it sounds cute when cats go under the duvets but oh dear! One of ours won't go in the bed at all when people are in it, the other will, but always stays on top of the covers, though he does sometimes get dangerously close to my face.

Melanie said...

I believe I saw this garden party ensemble showcased in the Ladies Home Companion of Garden Party Wear only last month. Lovely!
My cat used to meow with his head in my ear to wake me up and if that didn't work, he'd stick his paw in my mouth.
Love that music video too!

Renia said...

Lovely dress! You look beautiful! Kisses x x x x x x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Darling, what a naughty pussy you've got! Cats have no clue about personal space they just like the warmest areas.... My dogs tend to kick me if I'm in their way. You look utterly fabulous. Always proof you can look $100000 with all thrifted clothes.
Ps... Did you see Brett from flight of the Concords in the Hobbit!?
Singing Gold by Spandau Ballet now! Xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Ps. That hat is awesome!!!

Melissa said...

That's a gorgeous dress!

<3 Melissa

Krista Gassib said...

Golden pookie, I don't know why I said that it just sounded right! You are a golden ray of gorgeousness in this dress and this hat always reminds me of the ones the Peruvian women wear, you just look so in charge!

Peetee loves laying under the covers with me, the thought of a kitty under there would cause me great distress, I don't trust any of them!


Ofelia said...

Looking glamorous and ultra-feminine in these hues of gold, beige and brown!
A veggie BBQ/picnic and a curious pussy sounds like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a crack up thinking of your precious pussy & her wee fist. She's one lucky cat to be cuddled up to you. Great outfit....I love your flowing hair & that super cool hat! Xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Personally, I try to keep anything that has claws faaarrrrr away from my "Lady Garden". You know that we are all going to steal that phrase and use it lavishly from now on ;) That is a very posessive pussy cat you have there...
You look gorgeous in all your golden glory!

Janice Tutone said...

The intricate detailing on your dress is stunning!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'd never heard of that group or song before Helga, but I loved the charm and simplicity of the video, really took me back to that era. Your kitty story reminded me of when I found my eldest son, who's quite OCD about things being clean, fast asleep in his bed with his face snuggled into our dog Jordie's arse. xx

Kitty said...

Hellooooo, i am BACK!!! And I don't think Mrs Slocombe would approve, she'd say that someone disagreeable was making the story up, I reckon!!
I, on the other hand, approve of everything I see, and hear, here!!
Love ya babe!!

Devil made in Heaven said...

LOL, naughty kittycat. :) In winter our cats are also lying with us in bed. Most off the time on top off me. :)
I am in love with your dress. The colors are great.