Get yer rocks off, honey

The rather splendid Tamera sent me a divoon Frida necklace, made with her very own hands, and I knew I simply had to frock up around it today!

I am more than a little vexed to find that it wasn't sitting properly under the faux pearls like it was when I arranged it all this morning.

I received the most wonderful compliments whilst out doing groceries after work.
There's just something about bright colours that cheer and encourage people to tell me how fabularse I am!
What's a gal to do but smile modestly?!
I can't imagine why so many wear dull, drear colours?!
I suppose colour isn't everyone's bag, baby!
Maybe we all need to get out and do it in the road together in technicolour?!
Cures all ills, I believe.

It's a little cake!

Frock-vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Whalenet tights-Trade Me, I think
Shoes- a school fair
Handbag-60's, vanity case, Trade Me
Cake-from a Japanese shop in Wellington, 'twas a keyring
Faux pearls-60's, opshopped

I have a rather busy weekend with our awesome friend Jo tonight in preparation for dinner at hers tomorrow night, followed by seeing Delaney Davidson at The Wunderbar, then band practice Sunday afternoon.

What the  "Mongolian Clusterfuck" am I going to be wearing?!


* No idea why this didn't go up yesterday, but here it is now!


Vix said...

What a fantastic outfit! Tamera's pendant looks fabularse with those pearls and that frock is sublime! Everyone (apart from the odd sportswear-clad chav) appreciates colour, I don't get why everyone doesn't wear it, lazy swines!
No idea what you shoud wear but I know it'll be the best!
Love you! xxxx

Frocktasia said...

Mongolian clusterfuck indeed, not only was I back to my old fusspot self this morning but I also woke up with a dose of the vileness. Needless to say I said 'fuck it' and went back to point in dressing when you look like a festering meatbag :(
You are my ultimate poster girl for colourful & quirky style! I come here for my daily dose of sunshine and you never fail to deliver, cheers doll :)
Have a cracking weekend and give my warmest greetings to G.
Lot's of lovely love,

Lucys Lounge said...

I love this outfit. the fabric in the dress is amazing. I love the colors. lucy

freckleface said...

Oh I reckon you've got a whole lot more compliments coming your way now! That is such a lovely outfit and you look fabulous in it. The colours are beautiful and that wiggle shape in a slightly longer length looks perfect on you. It's just a treat, you lovely thing! xxxx

p.s. your Frida necklace from your friend is great. I think there might be a trend developing!

Marla Robinson said...

I don't know where to start. I am loving that dress. The colors are gorgeous. Those yellow fishnets- omg! The headpiece with the little cake, I love it!

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a corker of a dress! And that cake :o

Love it all! xx

Janice Tutone said...

Love the dress! X

pastcaring said...

The headressy cakey thing was a keying? What a HUGE keying to carry around, it makes a much better hair adornment thingy!
Oh Helga, that dress is perfection - the fit, the shape, the colours and print, everything is just beautiful. Against the backdrop of your colourful curtains, you are A Goddess.
Of course you got compliments, you are stunning.
Sounds like a fabularse weekend lined up - enjoy, angel! xxxxx

Veshoevius said...

Love it! What great colours you're wearing here - I adore the dress! The colours and print are wonderfully sacharrine - you look good enough to eat!

Punk Glam Queen said...

A cake! I'm sure as usual you will find a fabularse outfit to wear this weekend. Have a great time! Its nice to see all this colour and warmth while we're in the midst of a blizzard! (I actually like blizzards, kinda cool looking, and nice to sit by a roaring fire with a cuppa!) XXX

Anonymous said...

You are a fabulous rainbow of glorious divinity!!!! Our patron St.Helga of brilliant colors!!!
I adore the dress and the headpiece is magnificent!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look so pretty and I absolutely love everything about that dress!! We call those hose 'fence net' 'cause they are bigger like the metal fences over here, but whale net works, too lolzzzz I have a nude color pair, but I am really diggin' the yellow!!!!
Becky :)
P.S. I already have my outfit picked out for tomorrow night, but I live in fear of the dreaded 'mongolian clusterfuck'!!!!!

Sue said...

The new necklace is totally awesome! I bet zillions of peeps think you look fabularse but don't say so. You are a star of the south island for sure!! I love colour.

Ofelia said...

What a kaleidoscope of beauty and colors!
The Frida necklace is fantastic.
You are having a busy weekend!

tanaya said...

"Maybe we all need to get out and do it in the road together in technicolour?!
Cures all ills, I believe." Yes & YES!

What a beauty of a frock,the necklace is going to have a little cousin soon (I'll let you know how that DIY goes) and most of all i would love to live in your jewellery box! xxx

bonsaimum said...

What a colour riot---fantastic.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I must imitate you when I get the chance. I also want Frida around the neck and yellow fishnet stockings.

Misfits Vintage said...

Darling, I'm so in love with this GORGEOUS outfit. You know I don't understand why so many people seem SCARED to wear colour... WHY?

Your keyringheadpiece is inspired - the frock/fishnets/shoes combination is STUNNING and I love that fab Frida from Tamera!

Love you more than ART!

Sarah xxx

Carina Rosenholm said...


Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful dress made with love. It cannot get any better.

Luna Tiger said...

Fabulous headpiece ! I love those candy colors ! In french we say "bonbon" for candy, which means "goodgood" !

Stacey said...

You are a technicolour dream! Thanks for brightening my day. :)

thorne garnet said...

Color, color, color and a cake on your head!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous colours, this photoshoot really cheers everyone up and it healed my headache!The dress is lovely and the Frida photo in your Tamera's creation has always been my favourite, perfect touch to wear her same flower in the hair and the little cake is awesome!
Have a wonderful time!!!
Lots of love xxxxx

daiseedeb said...

I really need one of those cake hats. It is fantabulous!
Although, a macaroon would also be a nice touch to add.
You made me in the mood for Easter goodies, sunshine and green foliage! (not for a few months in snowy Idaho..)
; )

Vintage Coconut said...

WELL HELLO DOLLY do you ever look immaculate. Sweet too (mmm little cake) *hehee*
I adore your travel case. The color is so nice.

Anonymous said...

Look at you! You are fabulous technicolor floral cake queen with that hairpiece and lovely frock. I agree I love colour and the thought of a day without it in my world is depressing. Colour makes me happy, very happy, so if I saw you in person I would most surely let you know how you brightened my day.

Krista Gassib said...

You are better than rainbow sherbet on a hot summer day! This outfit is pure happiness! Nothing is quite like leaving a happy trail, it's good for the world and our own spirit. You are a beautiful girl who spreads a lot of love! Have a kick ass weekend!

Anonymous said...

F.A.B in floral and so bright too love it! I have fallen for your vanity case :) x

Bohemian said...

Your Cheerful Ensemble against the Gorgeous Backdrop of those Colorful Drapes looks AMAZING... and I'm totally Loving the Necklace Creation! A Feast for the Eyes!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are a delightful dish of sherbet yummy-ness! People are very afraid of colour around here, especially in the winter. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

songbird said...

this is freaking fantastic..the flower in your hair,the dress and all thse colours!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Such bee-yoo-tiful colours and giant flowers and incredible tights! Deeply good for the soul, your joy is palpable and you are amazing. xoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You're just a delicious colourful confection! I love the dress, you're bringing some brightness to my grey day. The yellow fishnets and with the lilac shoes make me so happy! Sping is round the corner! I adore your cakey hat... it just had to be Japanese - Super Kawaii!! xxxxxx

señora Allnut said...

i'm loving so much all your technicolor glory and colorful background!, love everything from head to toe!, from headpiece to pretty fishnets and shoes!, and that fabulous floral frock and turquoise vanity case, mmmmmm, it's delightful!
besos & colores

Renia said...

I adore this outfit! Colours, dress, accesories! Everything! But I love this bag the most! Kisses x x x x

Mrs. D said...

But of course you got comments, after all you are fabularse!!!
But that is absolutely true, the bright colours do attract more compliments, which in any case are always nice!
I haven't forgotten about the hat, I'm still trying to find an appropriate box for it that's not too big nor too small... don't want to squash it!

Style Sud-Est said...

The colors are just yummy
You are a joy to watch

I used to get the same comments at work
I'm sure they miss me there!
I was the technicolor queen!
So are you dearest!

Ariane xxxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

It is a little cake! That is fantastic! I think that dress is amazing and I have curtain envy :)

Val Sparkle said...

Okay, I'm a little late catching up to your blinding vision of haute coleur, but now that I've seen this I can make it through Monday! I love the colored beads over the pearls, and of course the wee cake on your chapeau! Squeeeee indeed!

CityScape Skybaby said...

You're just a blaze of colour against those curtains Helga, no wonder you get complimented everywhere you go. You seem to have the sunny personality to go with bright colours too. I love the Frida necklace your friend made for you too and your cute cake hat, you look altogether yummy. xx

Emalina said...

Ah, that's the most glorious cake/flower/hat I've ever seen! You're such a beauty in those fabulous colours! I totally agree with you, why lead a monochrome life when there's so much COLOUR to be had!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I adore your profile- it reminds me of a well sculpted bust of a roman goddess

The Style Crone said...

The colors, the lighting, the headpiece! Spectacular! You are living in color and I'm in for a glorious surprise whenever I visit your blog.

Hannah said...

I love the dress, the silhouette is gorgeous on you. Yeah wearing colour is an instant way to cheer yourself and others up I had many comments the other week as I was dressed like summer, they were sarcastic ones like but who gives a xxx

Bella Q said...

You are, quite literally, a vision of loveliness. I love the riot of pastels, soft demure yet assertively pretty. I love your curves, the cheekbones that announce their arrival seconds before the party begins. Beautiful lady, you also make me feel like I've drunk too much champagne when I see you.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to style with colour you take the cake!-punn intended. Seriously though, I don't know anyone who has such a flair for colour and fun in fashion'. xx Shauna

delia hornbook said...

I adore this outfit has to be one of my favourites so far this year you look gorgeous perfect colours on you. dee xx