I wanna be sedated

Wolver G, Cousin Phil, Mikel and I are currently jamming on a hopeful new project.
(We're calling ourselves Flange)
I am going to be picking up our Ralph from the airport later, so I am stone cold sober.
It's just not as much fun jamming without a few slugs of vodka.

You can tell I took these with the self timer mostly because G hasn't told me to life my chin up!

Frock-the beautiful Lucy
Shoes-a school fair
Vintage nurses cape
60's vanity case-opshopped
Bow-darling Tamera
Pendant-70's, a garage sale
Beads-gift from G

Jamming is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon, I must say.
Even if I am a bit on the sober side.
Break over, back to it!
Happy Friday, darlings!


Misfits Vintage said...

Chin up schmin up... I say BOOBS UP! You are magnificent perfection, darling! Love the divine frock and gorgeous colour combo. I wanna be your doowop girl! I'm your number one Flange fan!

Love you more than porn!

Sarah xxx

The Grande Dame said...

Blue and green should always be seen! And there should be more capes. Your cape is wonderful! Perfect for swooshing about.

Penny-Rose said...

Happy Friday Helga!!! You look awesome. I so badly want those green shoes, or ones just like them. Hope you have a great evening!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Such Beautiful vibrante colours!
Happy weekend and- fight for your right to party!

Jet Kuhn said...

Green with envy over the shoes! Love that you mixed pink tights, and the outfit is fab too, especially the cape! Have fun jamming! XXX

seƱora Allnut said...

happy and rock&roll friday!, you look gorgeous and colorful, as usual!, love all that blue and green and framboise tights!, oh yes, it's a wonderful color!
And that little bag is delightful!
besos & ramones

freckleface said...

Nurse Helga, you look like you mean business in that first photo. 'Any messing around and I'll give you a cold bedbath with a rough sponge.' :D

I do LOVE the caped look on you and of course blue. We've mentioned you and blue before, n'est ce pas?

You make me laugh, the way you say it, Stone Cold Sober sound like an unfortunate medical condition! Let's hope you can take some medicine later.

Have a good jamming session and make sweet music! xxx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, such delicious colours, darling - love a bit of blue and green (green shoe envy here...) and the red tights and bag just add extra gorgeousness!
Stone cold sober... Hmm, you will have to rectify THAT unfortunate situation, Helga. Hope Flange will be revealing their magnificence soon. Will there be exciting costumes and great stage shows and sexy dance moves to accompany the funky music? Hope so!
Have a wonderfully musical and non-sober weekend, love! xxxxx

Young at Heart said...

what spectacular colours....I have a poet friend who is a sort of UK version of you .....albeit she's half french, half spanish, half italian....with an almost identical hair-do and love of vibrant attire....she'd definitely have those shoes off you!!!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Blue & green you deserve to be SEEN!!!! You know green always makes me happy. I was in a very green ensemble today. I just wish I could rock heels like you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my Love. Xx

Comrade Von Pussycat said...

Haha I hear you about the vodka...a pocket flask is just the answer, hidden in your garter of course ;) I LOVE the bright green heels with the hot pink tights! Genius :)

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look gorgeous-- all bright eyed and what not in that blue dress. Blue is your color for sure. Jamming sober does sound less fun, but still mega-fun none the less lolzzz Love the wooden heel on those green shoes and the green cardi is super cute. You can never have enough green.
Have fun with Flange!!
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

You musicians are some of the luckiest chosen few. How fulfilling it must be to have that in your lives. I watched my grandparents live musical lives until their 90's. I know it's what kept them so youthful in spirit.
Very cool necklace Helga. I've never seen anything quite like that stunner!
Have a fun weekend!!

thorne garnet said...

Yeah, for Fridays! Chin up, chin down, you always look amaze balls.

Vix said...

Stone cold sober? You and me love. I'll be rectifying that pronto! Hope you got absolutely arse holed and had a total blast.
Please can I have a Flange tee shirt?
Love all your glorious colours, those green shoes and pink tights are just heavenly together and you know I'm a whore for a cape.
Love you! xxxx

Sissy said...

Love the color combos, that cape is magnificent - have a great weekend!

Krista Gassib said...

Personal Jesus you are my personal ROCK STAR! Sober or not, chin up or down, kneeling or oh wait....that was about to get dirty! I love this blue frock from the much missed Lucy and with the green card, yum!

Rock on sweetie, can't wait to hear what Flange is all about!

Emalina said...

Amazing amazing COLOURS! The blue green and pink are so wonderful together. That cape in particular will be spectular on you in all future performances of live Flange!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I think a lot about how to look good in red and blue theese days because my village's bandy team hopefully plays semifinals soon (first they GOT TO win tomorrow) and then red and blue is a must. And where to go if you need inspiration? As we would put it in the cheerleading squad: Helga! clap clap clap. Helga! clap clap clap. Now, take of the green!

tanaya said...

WOW, just WOW. The colours, the cape, the shoes, your hair...I could go on and on but i'll stick to saying WOW over and over xxx

daiseedeb said...

Awww....breaking out the wasp waist today!

Renia said...

You look amazing1 I love colours! Kisses x x x x

Anonymous said...

You are a total Rock Superstar in Helga Blue!!!! I adore the dress and cape with the bright cardigan, tights and shoes!!

People will come to your concerts to just gaze on you!!

BTW--did those capes I sent you fit??

Val Sparkle said...

Nurse Helga! Or do they still say Sister Helga in your parts?

I love the stretched button holes - life is real, and I am NOT sober while I'm writing this!

I have a brooch very similar to that necklace. I'll have to post it soon.

Have a lovely, musical weekend!

Shybiker said...

The Ramones! And great colors on you.

Sue said...

Totally love those colours!! You look so hot!!

Perdita said...

That green and blue simply pops with your hair! As ever a superb look!

Lucys Lounge said...

fantastic outfit. love lucyx

Hannah said...

Love the blue high collared dress so pretty on you. Omg Flange that is the best name ever, you are a legend xxx

Trees said...

Love that blue frock and the nurses cape goes with it perfectly - hope you've had a super weekend:D

two squirrels said...

Hello gorgeous Miss Helga, you look so fabulously bright and happy. The green shoes are a dream.
Hope you are having a truly yummy weekend.
This is a quick hello before the craziness of the big move tomorrow.
Love V

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Chin up, tits out! I wish I could come and see FLANGE, the band with the best name ever... And the sexiest lead singer. I love all this in yer face blue, it's gorgeous on you! Xxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I want those green heels so bad it hurts!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I like Vix's idea of a Flange t-shirt Helga, or a Facebook page so we can all say we like Flange. You look gloriously colourful as ever Helga, no one can mix colours like you. xx

princesspincurls said...

Your hair looks fanboy (it always does) but especially nice today and I am loving that bow....I think this winter is going to be plaid themed for me! Xx Shauna

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Those shoes slay me every time! I love 'em!