Put this bus in top gear

G and I went out for dinner last week.
On the way, we spotted this odd little art installation outside the local Baptist Church.
Of course, we had to play in/with it.
All in the best possible taste ......

There's nothing like a spot of arsing about.

I wore:
Frock-gorgeous Vix
Jacket-Christchurch Girls Highschool jacket, opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Sunglasses-San Francisco
Handbag-So Obviously Rex, was G's Mama's
Necklace-60's, opshopped
Earrings-lovely Sue
Flower-sweet Louise, I think

G wore his current fave outfit:
Skinny jeans-retail
Jacket-made by moi
T-shirt-Iron Maiden concert

Now, just for something different, check out my dahlias!



Sue said...

Arseing about is the best fun ever!! Oh and I do like your dahlias, I have gorgeous Asters flowering at the mo. Carry on the good work of arseing about!!

Ivy Black said...

And no one arses around with such style and fabulousness as you and G.
I wonder how many people you could get in there? I'll leave that with you then.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Haha! Great fun and great looks!

Louise Mc said...

Life's too short not to arse about! I love that blazer, it's gorge! Xxx

Anonymous said...

You profanate that installation in the way it deserves!As Ivy wrotes, no one could arse around with such style and class!You look fabulous in that naughty school girl jacket, divine frock and boots!!!
It's still early morning here and these photos really made my day, I hope to keep this wonderful feelings that your attitude inspired me!!! I love G's Alice in wonderland pose to the core!
Loads of love!!!!!

Vix said...

How fabulous! I'd love to see how many heathens you could squash into that sweet little installation, I'd love to be squished up against you.
I'd forgotten all about that dress, love it with the insane school blazer and the fabularse tights.
Nice dahlias love, I wouldn't have know what they were but the colour is gorgeous!
Love you! xxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

You both make me laugh every time.
Are you wearing matching outfits???

pastcaring said...

Ha, Sacramento is right - you and G matchy-match!
In more ways than one - colour scheme AND a love of Arsing About!
Love that frock and seeing your fabularse legs, quite partial to seeing G's legs in his skinnies too... You make that funny little hut thing far more interesting, you two should be a permanent feature. You are ART, darlings!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Just great!

Kylie said...

Your Dahlias are gorgeous and so are you. Wish I had your talent for posing and generally looking fabulous in photos.

Perdita said...

Love a bit of arsing about!!

That blazer rocks. Love it.

Willow said...

These photos are so much fun! Both your outfits are great (and such a wonderful dose of colour!)

Misfits Vintage said...

Such EXQUISITE romping! Your frock is diviiiine and Wolver-G is FARKING MAGNIFICENT. Red pants and purple shoes - HELLZ YES!!! And dahlias are the icing on this magnificent gluten-free cake. I want to EAT CAKE!!!

Love you more than ART!

Sarah xxx

The Grande Dame said...

Gorgeous dress! And nice work on G's jacket, it looks smashing.

seƱora Allnut said...

mwahahaha, you make me laugh so loud!!, so funny photos, and I also think you and G. are delightfully matchy and matching with the blue background too!
love your dress and red tights, and love your jackets (both of them) and I'm admiring your fabulousness as a seamstress!! you rock!!

freckleface said...

Honestly, you kids are soooo naughty! Somehow it is just perfect that you were wearing a school blazer. I can't help wondering what a 13 year old Helga was like. Was she as deliciously naughty as she is now?

G looks like he has eaten Alice in Wonderland cake, pressed up against that ceiling. Quick, drink some of the shrinking potion.

God I love your dahlias! We were just talking the other day about planting some and some big ball head crystanths. I love the saturated colours and show-off shapes. xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love that preppy blazer with the emblem and red piping!!! I t is so perfect with the pearls and the black booties-- I have a weird penchant for preppy/nautical things with a bit of a punk twist and I've sort of been on the look out for a jacket like that for ages. I love crotch grabbing pic #2 and pic #6(??) where you are sort of leaning and stretching with the stool! I'm feeling your vibe here for sure. G looks awesome in the one where he looks like he's practically up in the ceiling!
Becky :)

thorne garnet said...

How nice of someone to leave a prop stool for you guys to play with. Lovely outfits on the both of you.

PS: you're both going to hell, and I'm sure we'll all be joining you.

Krista Gassib said...

I'm so happy someone knows how to take advantage of a cool space. The frock from Vix is killer, I love the colors and the fit is sexy! You and G make me wanna ditch work and play all day with you! Did you really make his jacket? You guys are hotness! Dahlias are my favorite flower in the whole wide world, thanks lovexxxxxx

Val Sparkle said...

You are naughty and you're going straight to H - E - double-toothpicks.

But I love your outfit, it's (if I may use the lingo) DIVOON! The outfit sort of conjures a demented country club lady - pearls, blazer - with a fabulous color sense. The sunnies are just perfect and look gorgeous on you! Bless!

Anonymous said...

Love the school blazer! and darling you look booty-full ;) x

Mariela said...

You look fabulous! I love the school cardigan and short dress. Maybe the little hut was a confessional of sorts.

Ofelia said...

You booth look like good/bad catholic school children during a mischievous outing with Angus Young!
The front of the installation looks like a blue witch hat!

Anonymous said...

Your dahlias are stupendous!! I must plant some this year!!

You and G are a Hoot!! Love the dress and the bright tights!!!

tanaya said...

You are so fun Helga, I am sure life around you is never boring...These pictures look great, you look amazeballs and your dahlias are super...Love your dress esp with the op-shopped school girl jacket...I should visit NZ for the op-shops, the ones in Sydney are picked to death xxx

lawyerdoll said...

ROFL! you resemble a demented tour guide.... Love it!!!

Mrs. D said...

I think that 'thing' was put to very good use.
I love the blazer, I have a similar one I found in a charity shop here in England but I can tell you the fit isn't as good as yours! The dress also has glorious colours, so happy!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

We all need to do some growler grabbing! I love these photos! Giant G looks like he just drank from a bottle labelled "Drink Me". Your glasses are brilliant. You look so badass and I love it. THe blazer is great, there's always something of the schoolest rebel girl in school about you xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

How in the hell did I miss this post? I love it and I'm cracking up! You two add all the art your Island could ever need!

Bella Q said...

Loving how you're rocking the university blazer AND G's entire outfit. And those Dahlia's are darling!

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I am digging your jacket and G's red pants! Fantastic!