Come take this hand at twilight's door

Astonishingly, we had the most incredibly hot Summer's day yesterday, just perfect for an evening ride over to Si and Nix' for a barbeque.
Got to make the most of it while it lasts, it'll be Winter before we know it!

This road along the river (the Avon) is pretty fecked from the earthquakes.
The banks sunk down and inwards about 2 metres, I believe, rendering the surrounding land uninhabitable.
All the houses on both sides of the river, and for quite a distance, are being slowly demolished, and hopefully we'll end up with a lovely wetlands/park almost on our doorstep!
A silver lining to a very grey cloud.

Frock- 60's, a market
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, thrifted in New Mexico
Sunglasses-vintage shop in Portland
Flower-consignment store in New Mexico
Earrings-80's clip on's, opshopped
Beads-60's, from the sweetest Squirrel
Plaited hairpiece-bought the hair in Portland and made it myself
(I have some pink too, that I simply must do something with!)

Taking inspiration from Vix's wonderfully bright eyeshadow, and wearing bright orange, from a set she sent me a while back!

Also taking inspiration from Sarah, and wearing my flower as a brooch, instead of in my hair!


Friday's Five

I am going to do something I have never done before!

I am going to start a weekly regular thang, that I am going to call 
Friday's Five.

Kind of like The Jackson Five...
...but not.

I am finding it hard to get the time to take photos, let alone post a Frock on a Friday, due to running around like a maniac most Friday's and having a Flange (my new musical project with G, Cousin Phil and our mate Mikel) jam late afternoon, so.......
I've decided, each Friday, I will show you some of what has especially excited me in Blogland over the past week! I can gather pix during the week, and have it all set up ready to go whatever the craziness that might be happening.
(but, OMG, just 5?! Am I mad?! SO many things excite me each week, but I'm trying to be sensible here!)

This week, they are, in no particular order:

Blogger Meetups!

ha, got these pix all out of whack, but I likey!
When Amber met Shelley and Sheila met Melanie!
I so wish I'd been the meat in these sandwiches!

Lovely Carina had a dirty weekend in Stockholm, and then rocked it in the snow in this divoon frock!

Lucy's Lounge-this woman is incredibly creative, and blew my mind this week with her redecorated handbags!

Vix has unleashed The Kinky Melon Boutique!
Apparently, it isn't as easy as one might think to create a website, and she's been working that tight little arse of hers off!

 Our very own Rainbow Brite Krista scored this amazing cape and jazzed it up with pink buttons!

Sarah has had the most stunning week of good things and splendiferous frockery!
Incidentally, have I mentioned that Helgastock 2013 is scheduled for May?!
(Search Helgastock 2011 and Helgastock 2012 at Misfits Vintage if you are wondering what the feck I am talking about!)

That's 6.
So bite me!

Realistically, y'all give me the horn.....we'd be here all farking day if I showed you everything I loved this last week!


Baleful sound and wild voices ignored

Pix by Cousin Phil!

Just a little frolic amongst the trees, looking out for random UFO's.
As you do.

Frock-made by moi, rather badly
Jacket-60's, gift from a neighbour
Waistcoat-Trade Me
Tights-can't remember
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-some website
Sunglasses-gorgeous Sarita
Necklace-gift from G
Earrings-market in Thailand
Bow-Japantown, San Francisco


Special effects by lunatic and drink

Due to popular request, here is the frock that made such a fleeting appearance last week, in all it's shiny lurid lurex-ness!
We had friends and bandmates Si and Nix over for dinner on Saturday night, and it is quite the dinner party kind of frock, I feel.

I rustled myself up a new lemon velvet bow, too.
I'd had this teensy bit of lemon velvet lying about for years!
I'm pleased to have finally found something to do with it.

Frock-the sexacious Desiree
Sequin cape-Wasteland, San Francisco. It's pretty damned old, and wasn't actually a was a little, little jacket, but now it's a cape, thanks to some small machinations on my part!
Brooch-60's, a market
Necklace-70's blingtastic,opshopped
Earrings-the sweetest Squirrel
Shoes-tiger taming Vix

Our back deck gets the very last of the evening sun, which PeePee enjoys from a prime position by the back door.
It was making her rather languid!

Our Nix turned up in an outrageously fabularse Osti frock she picked up that evry morning!
Dammit, I love it!
But I was the epitome of a good and gracious hostess and didn't wrestle her for it.
Time enough for that.....ha, not that it would fit my booboids....


Otherwise fine, otherwise just dandy

Top o' the day to you!
I've been getting predominantly favourable comments all day today, the most interesting being that I looked rather schoolmarm-ish!
That's exactly what I aim for in life?!
I just figured I looked intelligent and responsible.
Sweet as.

Coat-70's dream; I reckon there may have been matching pants or something, from darling Curtise
Tights-retail, San Francisco
Shoes-gift from a former co-worker
Handbag-30's, off some website
Hat-60's, Retropolitan
Sunglasses-60's, San Francisco
Brooch-made it myself with lacey bits and a vintage two Princesses button from a market
Earrings-the sexacious Desiree

I love Queenie.
And I rather fancy her sister too!

Note the leaves!
The air has that crisp, Autumnal bite now, which means I can start pulling out my groovy coats and capes!
I am having strong urges for black, and black based floral prints.
I have a fabularse piece of black curtain fabric with dusky browny flowers on it, and I am just itching to be motivated enough to make a frock with it.
The pookies (cats) are hungrier, and fluffing up nicely....
This is the time when I think cheerfully of all the snuggliness to come, when I can be romantic and dreamy about rugging up, eating soup, cuddling pookies and nights in watching movies......
Until about June, when I start whinging and bitching.


Like seven inches from the midday sun

Ooo, there are big, manly tools and machinery lurking about in our street at the moment.
It's rather exciting, and I'm quite drawn to this big hunk of turqouise metal!
G reckons I might be able to charm the workers into letting me try it out, but I'm not so sure!

For the moment I'll just frisk about in front of it.....
I yearn to touch it....and I feel just a little bit like I'm in Toto's "Rosanna" video....

You may recognise a famous Muscha design on my back, star and peacock feather additions my own design.
I adore Muscha's work; the tattoo on my left arm is also a Muscha.

Belt-garage sale
Crinoline-Etc ( a local vintage shop)
Tights and chain necklace-the divinity that is Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Headpiece-won it from a giveaway at gorgeous Hannah's a while back
Necklace-a market
Earrings-cobbled together by moi with opshopped bits
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco

All this heavy machinery makes me thrust my booboids to the sky!

And just look at this enormous truck!

I had to have a nice, stiff vodka to calm down.