Longing to touch all the places we know we can hide

I find myself most disgruntled with the lack of basic, old fashioned manners regularly exhibited by my fellow Christchurch dwellers.
Most notably by those who ought to know better-those older than I.
G and I were abused when cycling home yesterday, by an elderly man who walked out in front of G to open his car door.
G stopped, so he wouldn't hit him, whereupon the man rudely told him to watch where he was going.
G's reply was " I am. That's why I stopped."
Then we received quite the torrent of abuse!
I'm shocked and disgusted!
I'd expect that from a teenager, or someone in their early 20's, but a man in his 60's/70's?!
Shame, shame, shame!
On the bright side, I was chatted up by a younger than I man this afternoon.
Most gratifying.
There is hope for the human race!

Frock-theatre sale
Jacket-70's, opshopped and altered by moi
Belt-thrifted in the States
Crinoline (not seen)-Etc (vintage shop)
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Necklaces-G, Krista (the slightly hidden star one) and Vix

I had to buy a new bottle of gin this afternoon.
Isn't that terrible?!
I'd happily espouse the delights of this label, if only they would send me crates of it for free.
Hands up if you're a gin whore like me?!

I also popped into a couple of opshops on the way home today, and was happy to find a pair of funky green frocks, the one of the right is 70's, and the one on the left I think might be early 80's doing 50's.
Leisa will be most amused, green freak that she is!
That was it for scores, though!

My darling baby Miss PeePee is such a loving little critter.
She loves to plop onto her back and show you her furry little girth tummy by way of greeting.
I'm looking forward to her plumping up and being extra snuggly this Winter!

Happy farking Friday, darlings!



Anonymous said...

What a sour old man you were confronted with. What a misery guts. But onto other matters at hand like the gorgeously pink frock you are wearing a perfect backdrop to glass of gin, if say so myself even though I can't enlighten one at present.

Sweet green frocks you've unearthed too, of which I would wrestle Leisa for most certainly.

Mariela said...

You look great! Those boots are perfect for that outfit.

I was always shocked when older people act like their in their teens. It's such a shame that those people behave that way because we can assume that their children and grandchildren are just as rude.

Helen Le Caplain said...

I'm afraid that kind of behaviour isn't just in your neck of the woods... what an idiot.

On a brighter note, you look fudging fabulous - that dress, jacket, bag combo looks amazing.

As, in fact, does your kitty (what a poser!)xx


Carina Rosenholm said...

Some older people think that can get away with everything just because that they are just - old!
Love that pink dress ! Have a nice gin soaked weekend !

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I'm going to be contankerous when I'm older, I know it! But only to people who actually DESERVE it lol! I love that purple necklace.

Those new dresses are brilliant. I love the Iris print! I think the one on the left is the oldest, and the Iris one looks 80s-ish to me. Dunno.
Anywho - have a happy weekend. x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What a miserable old git. I'm glad he didn't spoil yours and G's day. I love your pink dress. Looks like a delicious pink vintage sheet - which is always a good thing in my opinion. Mmmm, gin. I was very sick on it once and so the smell of it still makes me feel queasy. No it's wine all the way for me and preferably lots of it! xx

freckleface said...

I'm not convinced there is anything better in the world than being presented with a cat tummy to stoke is there? I love tickling their armpits :D the fur is just so soft.

That man sounds awful. I always think older people will be wiser and better-mannered, but sadly it isn't always true. Our 70+ year old neighbours are the most vitriolic humans in Christendom. They hate everyone and are always looking for a fight. I agree, your man should be ashamed of his behaviour. But I always console myself with the gratitude that I don't have to live with that personality. I don't imagine it brings them much joy in life.

I'm a bit of a devotee of green dresses myself. Looking forward to seeing you bring them to life. xxx

p.s. chatted up by a younger man eh? Get you Mrs Sexy!

Lucy Nation said...

I hope you and G gave Mr Irate Tosspot as good as he gave you. I'm all for being the bigger person usually but when people are so downright rude I can't hold my tongue! Love your scores and those Edwardian boots are right up my street! xxxx

seƱora Allnut said...

some old people can be absolutely disgusting and bad-mannered and it's really a shock because we're used to think old people become wiser!!
But there's not a rule about it!
And you look lovely in your pink frock and fabulous boots!!, ready to a delightful and relaxing gin tonic!!
besos & nice weekend

JG Ruddock said...

When a description for clothing explains, "theatre sale" you know it's GOLD. You are a delight, always. xo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Yip manners these days ain't what they used to be....that makes me sound ancient! But what remains is that you are hot to trot & all the boys think so too!!! You look so pretty in pink, but yes you are right, I melted a little at the sight of your green frocks. And not to be left out, I found myself a green polkadot one today with a groovy collar. Too much green is never enough for me! Happy weekend with Miss PeePee & some gin! Xx

Franca said...

you look divine! and very rude man - pah!

Sacramento Amate said...

You find them everywhere, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, but let´s talk about your gorgeous dress and that pop of animal print while I drool all over the keayboard of my pc, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
My dear Helga I alway have this need to hug you. Perphaps one day...

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Ewww that old guy was being an ass-hat! I'd like to hear more about the younger one that was making moves on you! Sounds like he knows what's up! Very cute dress your wearing and I love the two 'new' ones you've found. The 80s has lots of super-fem dresses-- it's not all leather jackets with zippers and parachute pants (at least, that's what I always say!). Love the altered crop jacket, too.
Becky :)

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dreamy combination of pinks / mauves and brown, the hint of green makes it. Fie on rudeness! Thank goodness for young charmers, fab green dresses, gin, kitty tum, and anticipation of glorious winter fur.

thorne garnet said...

Love it when clothes have the measurements on the label. Sizes change so much.

Mean old people are just plain sad. I don't like it when people hide behind age and use it to say rude ugly things to others. It's like they saved all the ugly up and now free they can spew it out all over everybody. Thanks, Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Boo for rude people, but yay for toy boys chatting you up! =) Absolutely loving the vanity case xx

Anonymous said...

I'm a Bombay lover myself. With jalapeno olives. Slurp!

Your colors are so rich today. Love the grannie boots.

Krista Gassib said...

What a fuckwit! Glad to hear G wasn't hurt that could have been disaster! I'm always surprised when older people act that way too, have they lost all ability to care for another human being? Just last night Chris and I were out for dinner and the table next to us started whispering about my hair and giving me shitty stares, all of them older, all of them extremely fat and ugly to boot, what did I do? Quoted you beautiful! I said I'd rather be looked at and talked about than not noticed. People, sometimes.

I love this pink frock and the two green ones you scored, I am really getting into those colors too. Have a great weekend gorgeous!

Vix said...

What a tosser! I tell you, the old ones are always the worst. Hopefully I'm going to be just as vile, disagreeable and mardy when I grow up.
That frock is an absolute beauty, blinged up to the nine and frigging fabulous. Loving the frocks you scored, too. The stylised floral print is very 1970s!
Gin, vodka, white rum, wine, cider, real ale and lager, I'm just a whore for booze of any description. It's pissing down here but it's not going to stop me walking to the offie to stock up.
Give PeePee a massive snuggle from her Auntie Vix.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

daiseedeb said...

I am sorry he had bees in his britches.
And on such a beautiful day!
Miss Peepee and my Miss Mew Mew share the tummy behavior. It's why I bought her at the pound! I'm sure she made up for the nasty man!
; )

Anonymous said...

What a rude!!!In Italy we are used to lack of education in the streets, but it always leaves me speachless!
Happy Friday and International Women's Day, I don't think such a day should exist, it should be everyday our 'Day', but I love to let all my friends know that on this special day I'd love to be with them (and drink a lot of GIN!!!).
You look fabulous!!!I love the pink dress and the Victorian inspired boots are wonderful!!!!
Have a great weekend!
Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ofelia said...

I learned that the oldest one becomes the happier or angrier we become. Here is South Florida is the same way or maybe worse. My mom and I believe that old age brings out a person true essense, either a happy and kind or a mean and nasty. It that the older you get the more you become one or the other.
Miss PeePee looks fabulous and your necklaces are so freaking lovely!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh JeAz! Don't get me started on people with no manners!! There is way to many of them in this world and it's sickening. Isn't it sad that it is more of a RARE occasion to have someone be really pleasant and friendly?! I always find myself way too happy when someone was nice and friendly. I always say "Well that person was really nice" (Trust me if most people were really nice then I wouldn't be saying it) It's a rarity! So now I choose to be one of the pleasant people. Asking people how there day is and just being happy in general.

In other news look at those boots on your feet. They are cool! You look great in this pink frock and is it just me or is your hair getting to be a deeper and deeper red. *GOD I LOVE IT*

Emalina said...

Bloody geriatrics! Some people are mean, whatever their age. But some people are horny, whatever their age, and hooray for the younger man chat up! I'm not surprised sweetie, for you look so pretty in pink. And I adore those boots, so glam/sexy but look comfy too: ideal!

Renia said...

You always have amazing accessories! I love this belt, those shoes and jewellery! Kisses x x x x x

Veshoevius said...

I expect the old man has been rude to people since he was a teenager and its an ingrained habit.
You look lovely here! I love, well everything really! You adjusted that jacket yourself I noticed, clever you! I was admiring the cropped cut.

joyatri said...

Your little Miss Pee Pee looks like a luv bug. I just want to kiss her pink nose.
While she does pink and black divinely, your pink/brown combo is scrumptious as well.
Looking forward to seeing you in your new green frocks.

Hannah said...

Ergh what a twat, old biddies are always trying to push in queues as well, seems manners can go out the window for some! You look gorgeous in pink and I need those boots! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Darling, I've no doubt that old fucker was just popped to the chemist for some Preparation H for his nasty PILES! Good for you for not punching him in the nose.

I am mesmerised by your magnificence in this glorious combo - I LOVE that beautiful dress so much, the jacket is PERFECTION on you and I adore the trio of fab necklaces. It is obviously a lot cooler over there as there is no way I could wear boots yet!


Sarah xxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

You look beautiful in pink!
As for gin, it's not for me. My friend always drinks it. The sign that I have had to much do drink usually results in the following conversation:

Me: "Do I like gin?" Her: "No." Me: "Let me try it anyway. ::sips:: Nope, I don't like gin."

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I'm a gin whore and I was lucky enough to buy my first bottle of Plymouth Gin from the Plymouth Gin Distillery, of course in Plymouth when on a short break there last Sept, divine! And such a fab place to visit!

And as for that rude old man I find that quite often, I actually think older people are really rather rude, I find it more and more and yes I find it VERY annoying!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the pink dress so very much, especially with the leopard belt. The little jacket is just darling! It's all truely scrumptious.
Old people are just as rude if not ruder than young people

Frocktasia said...

What an obnoxious half-witted unwashed scrotal sack, G should have totally run him over; one less scroteasaurus and the world would be a better place, eh?! London is rife with bad manners, I was called a stupid cunt earlier this week for momentarily getting in somebody's way on the pavement, 'excuse me' was obviously not included in that particular persons vocabulary.
I want to bite back but I know there is absolutely no point not to mention the ever present risk of some Begbie sticking a knife in you, so I just walk away.
You look lovely and I would chat you up myself given the chance ;)
I'm not a gin whore, although I have recently started drinking again (that was a blinder of a new years resolution: start drinking, yay!) When it comes to the hard stuff, it's whiskey all the way for me or dark rum, otherwise I'm a beer girl. I like to drink stuff called Old Speckled Hen, Fiddlers Elbow & Old Peculier from a proper dimpled pint mug :)
Have a fab Sunday!
Loads of love,

CityScape Skybaby said...

G seems such a sweetheart who doesn't deserve abuse from nasty old men, I often find age doesn't come into it where manners are concerned. I fell over, very embarrassingly, in the shopping centre when everywhere was wet and slushy with old melting snow, and an older man just bodyswerved me, it was a young man who helped me up and checked I was okay. Anyway, you looked fabulous so sod the grumpy old bugger. Those boots are gorgeous. xx

pastcaring said...

Silly old bugger. I hate rudeness, there is just no need for it. Luckily, there is delicious gin to turn to to drown out the awfulness of some people! I love a G&T, ice and a slice please.
Looking fabularsely wonderful in that gorgeous frock, my darling, love the necklaces and the little hint of saucy leopard print, and of course those amazing boots.
A pookie belly rub is a glorious thing. My tabbies flop over for a tummy tickle - Charlie will have your hand off if you try it on him!
Love you more than furry bellies, and way way more than rude old gits! xxxxxxx

Sue said...

Of course you were chatted up, you had the most adorable frock on!!

Devil made in Heaven said...

Ow, sometimes old people are meaner that the young one. Had some experience's myself. Most of the times I start yelling back at them. :( Not nice of me I know.
I am so much in love with your gorgeous dress! Pink is my favorite colour. And your boots are so cool. Love the buttons on it.
Yum a bottle of gin. Gin and tonic are yum in the summer. (will still take a while before it is summer here)
Miss Peepee is sweet. Our Dodge hates it when you rub her tummy.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Miss PeePee picture!!!

The world would be a much better place if everyone practiced consideration, mannera and kindness!

I can see why the young fellow chatted you up. You look delicious in your pink frock and boots!!!

The new frocks are stunning. Can't wait to see them Helga-styled!!

delia hornbook said...

So sorry you both had to experince that horrible old man, i was always told to respect my elders but i have to agree with you there dam rude its the same here. You open a door for them and they just ignore you not a thanks anywhere. But on a brighter note you look stunning yet again i love the colours you are wearing at the moment and im also loving those brown boots. dee xx

Daniel said...

Can we please just get fucking drunk together ?