Ride through the night, crazed motorcycle

This is the Barrytown Hall in all it's splendour!
I was like, "that's the hall?! Really?!"

This is the backpackers across the road, where we stayed.

G felt the occasion was right to wear his Lee pantsuit, which he found in a Santa Fe Goodwill, in seperate locations, with the original tags still attached.........!

That 30's couch, on the left, was literally crumbling before my eyes.
There were the two single seaters too.

Ha, Nix' zebra boots would have been perfect in our Greymouth zebra themed room!

This is our talented mate, Darren, warming the "crowd" up.

Followed by Hill Dweller, I think they're called?
Not sure, but they created an amazing soundscape.

Nix and G bopping about.
The "crowd" consisted of about 10 people all up.
No dog, which is surprising for the Coast, but we did have the drunken village idiot!

Time for us to whip the "crowd" into a frenzy!

I love the flare in this one!

It was a bloody good night, we had a ball and were happy with how we played!
I don't think it's the smallest crowd we've played to so far.........!!!

So there you have it, the conclusion of our West Coast trip.



Anonymous said...

That must have been fun! I can't believe G found that Lee suit in two different shops. They must have been separated at birth or something?

Camelia Crinoline said...

G's Lee pantsuit is great. Ha, no dog. Was anyone wearing white gumboots? I love your dress.

Vicky said...

Awesome, used to cruise through Barrytown when we were kids on christmas holidays LOL
You need to keep an eye out for a friend of mine who plays fiddle in some bands around the West Coast, he is based in Hokitika.

Carina Rosenholm said...

G's pantsuit is great! The couch , hm - well i love the shape! But some new fabric maybee.

seƱora Allnut said...

you look gorgeous and love that suit G. is wearing!, all the group rock!
I'm still laughing about the crumbling coach and the tumultuous audience!, my dear rock star lady, you're Fabulous!!!

delia hornbook said...

Your all doing something that you love that's all that counts :-) You all look fabulous. dee xx

Kylie said...

So where can I hear your music?
(I'd really like to)
I quite like the hall and I really like pic # 6.

Frocktasia said...

I remember getting really pissed off with one of my band mates once when we were playing a gig that only a handful of people rocked up to see, he said "we can just view it as a practice session"...HELL NO, even if there's only one paying punter in the audience you've got to give it your ALL and like you put it "whip the "crowd" into a frenzy" as if you were playing a freaking sold out stadium.
I'm sure you guys ROCKED and gave your audience a night to remember!
Lot's of love,

Vix said...

G's suit still makes me giddy with joy and I'm lusting after Nix's boots.
God, I remember some dreadful gigs back when Jon still did that kind of thing, dogs and all! At least your location was gorgeous.
As long as you had a great gig that's all that matters! Loads of love! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the adventurous life of a rockstar, it's quite similar to mine when I have my art shows in other cities, sometimes we 'play' for a little crowd, but we always do our best!!You are splendid and so your band!
Lots of love!!

Sissy said...

Chicken Shack Boogie baby, you guys look great - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I adore your frock and the ZEBRA boots-wow!!
We used to call suits like G's "Leisure Suits"-his is quite specatcular!!!
Looks like you had loads of fun!!

thorne garnet said...

I'm cracking up, because The Doctor had that same suit back in the 70's! He got it at a store in Sacramento called "The Fashionable Flea" What a hoot! Someone is wearing a t-shirt with a dog on it, does that count?

patricia burroughs said...

Have you posted any of your performances on youtube? I would love to hear as well as see you!

Love-love-love that outfit!

Mariela said...

You guys look like you a had a great time! You look lovely and the side boob shoot is nice. Too bad the sofa was in such bad shape. I bet it was wonderful at one point.

Krista Gassib said...

I would have so been right there in the front shaking my ass and grooving at the magic coming from you guys!!!! I remember seeing that suit it was so made for G star! I love the flyer for the gig too! I would have loved to have been there to show you guys some love!
Keep rocking beautiful lady!

pastcaring said...

Are the residents of Barrytown MAD? Didn't they realise they had rock stars in their midst? And Blogging Royalty to boot? If I had been in town, I would have been with Krista, right at the front having a shimmy and rushing the stage to grab you, darling!
G look such a cool dude,I love that he and Nix had a bit of a boogie, and you look magnifique!
Hurrah for live music, wherever it's played, and whoever is listening. xxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

You guys are total Rock stars! I love G's Lee suit, it's quite funky.
You and Nix have such awesome shoes.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That Lee suit is sweeeeet! Looks like a fun time!!! I wish I had some musical talent so I could be in a band!
Becky :)

freckleface said...

I love places like that, my teenage years in rural Somerset were spent in halls like that having the best time listening to my friend's band. Great dance floor, plenty of room to show off all those moves. Perfect!

G's suit. Cor blimey! What a find. It's like when you see those programmes about twins separated at birth and they find each other. Thank God, that's all I can say.

Keep rocking Queen Helga! xxxx

two squirrels said...

What fab posters!!!! Got to love a old school rural hall!!!!
You looked super gorgeous sweet and Mr G in "Lee", amazing.
Man I so want that couch, it's bloody cool.
Love V

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nix's Zebra boots are fabularsehole! (as Sarah would say) If I had of been there I would have been throwing myself around the dance floor with Nix and G (who is the cat's meow in his Lee suit).

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

How I love the poster, the pantsuit, the genuine vintage hall, zebra boots, and splendid you! I'd a boogied, surely. xo

Ofelia said...

It looks like a real bloody good time! I love all kinds of music and the feelings that they evoke on me.

Hannah said...

Ah I would of got a circle pit going for you with the crowd. Tell G that he is simply amazing to actually own a pantsuit let alone wear one! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ha! G-star's suit is amazing! How fab that you found it in two different op shops. He looks KILLER.

Love Nix's boots. And you, darling, look SPLENDID as always - I love that gorgeous frock and the birthday shoes and your splendidness... I would have been the town drunk idiot groupie chick dancing right up the front and trying to nick your set list!

SKYPE TOMORROW!!! Love you more than All The Music!

Sarah xxxxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I love the Lee pants suit!

When my husband's band used to play a little ski town in VT, there would always be the one very drunk guy who would show up and dance the night away.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I bet, despite the size of the audience it was a right laugh. You look like you had a ball in the tiny hall. you look stunning like you always do, love the blue pantsuit on G and your red rex is wonderful

owlinalarkworld said...

West Coast gigging. Love it. Am sure the sandflies did too!