The light just radiates

We skipped off to the West Coast on Friday; our drummer Jeff (Loafer) had hooked up a gig for us at the infamous Barrytown Hall for Saturday night, so G and I decided to make a weekend of it.
It's about 3 hours drive to Greymouth, part of which is through mountains and the stunning Otira Viaduct, where we stayed on Friday night.
Grey by name, pretty much grey by nature, there's not a lot happening in Greymouth!
It has a rich mining history, and there's a lot of logging in the area, but there doesn't appear to be much to keep people there. It seemed mostly populated by tourists.

We stayed at the charming Noah's Ark Backpackers, which was once a monastery!

I was rather excited at the potential of this Sallies, but was sorely disppointed.
Oddly, it was over run by a busload of backpackers, which freaked me out a bit!
Either they scored the good stuff, or there was simply nothing to be had!
Never mind, I was wearing my fabularse "new" paisley pussybow blouse from a wonderful reader, Brenda, and carrying my divoon "new" red Rex handbag!!!
It's the simple things that count.

Noah's Ark Backpackers, has, predictable, animal themed's our zebra themed room.............snigger!
It was comfy enough, though, and there was a gorgeous resident golden retriever dog to add to the ambiance.

The Queen herself (get well, darling!) once stayed here, whilst on a Royal Tour in the 50's.
We attempted to have ourselves a pub lunch here, but all kitchens about town close at 2pm.........we were a little late. We had been foiled by Jackson's Tavern being closed for refurbishment on our way over.
I was most disgruntled.
I should mention that the West Coast is a world of it's own.

A friends father painted this mural.

We spent the afternoon relaxing with a bottle of wine and reading.

With a small scenery change in search of sunshine....

We figured we'd be luckier for dinner, and trotted down to the Speight's Ale House for dinner and to watch some rugby, which proved to be tedious.
Dinner was perfectly pleasant, however, despite a waitress who knew shite about the wine list.

My coat is also from the lovely Brenda!

The next morning saw us having coffee on the verandah before we set off up to Punakaiki for a nosey and then back down to Barrytown......

But more about that next post!



Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You have such nice legs! You should wear nasty short skirts every day! I don't know whats the thing with you and the color, blue ... You combine blue better than anyone else!

Sheila said...

Looks like a lovely vacation! So pretty, both you and the scenery.

Max said...

god i love the shoes in the last pic, and your red rexy is sexy xxx

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

love the green tights on your legs,can´t wait to see more... xxx

Maureen said...

Look at you on the bed with no tights on!

Love the room though.

bonsaimum said...

Your dinner dress and coat are absolutely sublime. The backpacker hotel looks so comfy. :)

Franca said...

hmm, blogger ate my comment!

You look great!

Franca said...

what an fun trip, and you look ace of course!

Camelia Crinoline said...

The sallies in Greymouth is usually quite good. Must have been those bloody backpackers that stole all the good stuff. I love the your stripey dress and the blue coat.

Ivy Black said...

Superb post darlink! I love coming along on your trips, it looks fab. Much taken with the zebra themed room. Might nick that idea for my b&b I'm going to run when I retire!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so super jealous that you get to road trip across the country in a weekend. There are so many beautiful places just a few hours drive away in NZ. Greymouth is rather Grey by nature, but I kind of like it. I adore every outfit, but can you guess which one I like the best??? The green frock with the divoooon collar & bow. I LOVE it, I want to snatch it off your boobalicious body right now! I can't wait for the West Coast sequel! Xx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love the zebra room and your outfits but i Think i love the green most! Love the houses wich are very different from ours .

The Grande Dame said...

What a quaint place to stay! I love your funny zebra room! All your outfit changes are fantastic. The green number made me blink, so bright! I think your dining ensemble is my favourite with your little gorgeous gingham (?) hair bow! Too bad the op shops didn't work out but I'm sure you'll make up for it!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You are the SHIZZ in greymouth!!!
Animal themed rooms @ the backpackers PUH-lease!!!! WTF!! Funny but!

GReat close up of youse two fullas. Love the 2nd frock the best.. How disappointing re that sallies... tssk tssk. I have graced that very shop more than once before.. and twas good too..

much love


Frocktasia said...

Greymouth sounds a bit like the village were Mark grew up...Ballachulish was established around a now long defunct slate quarry, nothing really thrives there nowadays besides tourism and unless you want to work in a hotel you may as well forget it.
Quite a few of Mark's friends have actually emigrated to OZ & NZ, snapped up by a string of your delectable womenfolk that came across to work as waitresses in the local hotels :)
Noah's Ark looks perfectly delightful, I do so like a sunny verandah.
Your outfits are also delightful, your blue & green ensemble is a veritable fashion feast for the eyes, you look smashing darling!
Lot's of love,

Anonymous said...

Your weekend in Greymouth sounds relaxing and lovely, can't wait to see the gig photos!!
Everything you are wearing in this post should be the new black, I'm fond of the 60's minidress with the Maryjanes, the red bag and the blue coat with the floral maxi almost makes me choke (in a joyful way)!!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

Jeez, I love those lime tights and navy shoes Helga (not so much the decor in your zebra-themed hotel room.

Krista Gassib said...

Three outfits in one post dude you just made my Monday! I am loving both of these mini dresses so much the green is just banging on you! I love that no matter where you and G go, you will make the best of it. I'd love to sitting on that porch with you two having a bit of wine and reading in the sunshine. Can't wait to see part two, you friggin rock star goddess you!
Love you lots sweetieXxxxxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

I love all the different outfits. For a moment i was transported to what I thought Australia would be like, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
According to Dylan Moran, Australians are the only happy people left on earth.
Much love dear friend.

Radostin said...

What I great post, I feel like I've been on a mini vacay myself. You look wonderful, the green is particularly stunning and agree with what somebody else said, you are so good at combining blues. And at wearing red white and blue without looking daft. Also, it is almost unbelievable howcomppletely different you look with pale (or is it no?) lipstick.

Mariela said...

Oh what great fun! I would love to stay in a themed room. There is a hotel in Tahoe that has themed suites and room. It seems pretty cool. I LOVE every single outfit! You look so wonderful and classy.

Bella Q said...

You look good in every outfit and make it look so natural and easy. I agree with Ulla, your legs are a thing of wonder.

Anonymous said...

Our St. Helga in a monastary.......snigger!!!!!

All of your frocks are just Fantabulous!! The maxi with the Helga-Blue and orange is just amazing!!

Trees said...

Awww..... you South Island bloggers always leave me wondering why I remain in the north with posts like these. I want to live there!!! Fabulous outfits lovely, I'm especially loving those green tights!

daiseedeb said...

Lime green tights and fantastic frockiness!

Renia said...

I love those pics!
Amazing tights! Kisses x x x x

pastcaring said...

So much to enjoy, darling, not least your fabulous legs!
Love seeing you sprawling in such a deliciously enticing way on the zebra bed, and looking all demure, sipping your wine and reading in the sunshine!
LOVE the print on that maxi, it's amazing, and the chevron frock with the green tights is fabularse!
Can't wait to see what happened next - and what you wore! xxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Nice place for backpackers. You guys look lovely sitting on the verandah.

tanaya said...

What a beautiful photo diary, you look radiant and more costume changes than a bollywood song heroine are soo fun :D Thank you so much for your comment on the parade post, it was lovely to be surrounded by such colourful people celebrating equal rights...And they've painted Oxford st in front of tailor square rainbow...which is cool but cost about 110,000 and is going to come off in a couple weeks!!!
I want to be in the parade next year, come with??? xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Too bad about the Sally Ann, but you looked smashing with your blue shoes and "new" red bag!

You are so dear shoeless on the porch in the sunshine, what a glorious way to pass the aft, and gorgeously hilarious with your green toes in zebra-land. That cobalt coat and maxi rock, and your pale lips and hair flower are absolutely perfect finishing touches to your finale ensemble. Adore that final photo!!! xoxoxo

Val Sparkle said...

OMG, you should do a capsule wardrobe challenge! It would be psychedelic!!! So lovely that you got to use your new handbag, and I just love your dinner outfit. Then the big surprise of the lime green tights!

I'm having a flashback :~o

Ofelia said...

Great way to spend a weekend with those colorful and lovely outfits, some reading in the sun, a bit of local flavors and history.
Looking forward for the next post.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look so cute barefoot on the porch! Love the orange and red floral maxi, so brilliant!! G looks good rockin' the Ramones tee, too!! Am I weird for liking the zebra curtains?? This actually made me sad because I used to have my uncles old furry faux zebra circle chair and matching chaise from the 70s that I literally abandoned in an apartment that I fleed out of in my sort of completely hectic 20s... {sigh}
You two are so cute---no matter where you are it always looks delightful
Becky :)

Vix said...

Three outfits to die for! You look gorgeous in all of them but the red and blue maxi and coat rock my world, you are spectacular in red, white and blue!
Greymouth sounds like it's going to be some dull, industrial port not the lovely place it looks. that hotel is utterly charming, I'd have been tempted to nick something. Us backpackers are such scratchers!
Love that picture of you at peace with your wine.
Loads of love! Vix

Lucy Nation said...

"Here comes the sun in the form of a girl" Aaaaaah, such happy memories of this pretty song! Such a colourful and happy post. I love all your colourful outfits and you have the best collection of tights ever. I love the pic with you drinking wine out of those fabulous red spotty tumblers. You do matchy matchy like no other Ms VT! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

these sleepy places are all very nice when you can actually get a meal - grr. But nevermid, you had a great time, I love the Zebra themed room! And I love love your green dress with the tights. Red rex is stunning and I love your posing outside the disappointing salvos. you always look amazing whatever the occasion! xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Zebra room!!!
I <3 it *Eaaak*
I am currently wearing a zebra shirt.... last week I bought a zebra broom. *haha*
Your outfits are all glorious Helga. Barrytown looks like a nice place. I will send my Dad there. His name is Barry!

Anonymous said...

Everything you wear is so distinctive, and personal, and fun, and just the bee's knees. I love your style because it's yours and no one else's, and you always look so freaking cool. Now I'm going to be looking for those bright green tights.


The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Seriously, you have the most fabulous legs.

Devil made in Heaven said...

That room is wonderfull! It must be a real pleasure to spent the night overthere. Next time I will come with you. :)
Your maxi dress is gorgeous. The colors are so sweet.