On her ship tied to the mast, to distant lands

So, I was out and about on Saturday, running a few errands...I popped on into Retropolitan (my favourite Christchurch vintage shop) on my way home, and Loretta, owner Diane's right hand, said that there was  vintage market on, and that Diane was running a stall for the first time there!
I pretty much did wheelies to get my arse over there, as I haven't made it to my friend Anissa's vintage market for ages........and I am so glad I did!
I couldn't find Diane (turned out I was way early), but I did find these gorgeous gals!
The divoon redhead, Daisy du Belle, follows my Facebook page, apparently!
As soon as I saw the hats on these chicks I knew it was sweet love.

I'm so glad I was dressed semi respectably for meeting hot babes!
Frock-made it myself using a curtain and a 50's pattern from gorgeous Vix
Jacket-70's, opshopped
Belt, tights, vintage Oroton sunglasses, pendant-my darling, darling Sarah
Handbag-it's a Rex! Gift from G, who got it at Retropolitan!
Flower-consignment shop in New Mexico
Beads-60's, opshopped

We've had phenomenally * great weather this weekend!
G has finished his painting, we've had a bit of a garage dungout, so the Kombi (Zombi) now fits in, and I've been cooking up a storm...

Ah, Autumn, you are treating us well!


* I checked the spelling, but it just looks plain weird!

And all the stars look just like little fish

We drove up to Kaikoura on Wednesday night, to spend a little time with good friends Dave and Jana.
It's only about 3 hours up the coast, and we don't get up there often enough!
Kaikoura is really quite beautiful, straddling the coastline, held in by the mountains.
There's loads to do there, but G and I like doing nothing best of all!
We went to the ANZAC parade, and had an afternoon cooking Indian, culminating in an Indian feast with great wine and a whole lot of yapping.
In between the parade and the laying of the wreath, G and I hung out on the pebbly beach.
Many beaches on the South Island are stoney, and frequently wildly windswept, but very beautiful!

My boots are very strange and ugly things I opshopped in Timaru last year, but feck, they're comfy!


Fridays Five


What a perfectly Spring like picture Clare makes!

Our Vix worked her ass off a vintage fairs all last weekend whilst looking completely divoon and quite unruffled!

Curtise had a purple frenzy...I am in LOVE with that maxi!

I am besotted by Carina in her gorgeous new frock from Kinky Melon!
It fits her like a dream, and I love this confident sun worshipping pose against the still snowy background!

I love the Senora, she has such a way with colour, and this is one of my favourite colour concoctions of hers!
And how sweet are the scallops on that bag?!

This is the last I'm doing of these, for various reasons!


PS: To listen to Loafer, go here, and you shall find a few bits and pieces to listen to!
Thank you for your interest!

Stars buried in the dark

As promised, here are some pix from our little gig at tiny Jane's Bar on Sunday night....
(My frock is from the sweetest Squirrel!)

This is Darren, friend and first act...

And Charlotte, second act...

This lot of pix are from Cousin Phil.