I got a brand new pair of roller skates,you got a brand new key

Actually, I got a brand "new" frock.
It's the most awesome print!
I keep thinking Toulouse Lautrec, but it might be one of, or some of, his contemporaries.
I am a little uncertain about the little cowl neckline, but am willing to go with it for now!

Frock-70's, Trade Me
Jacket-60's, opshopped (would have had a frock with it originally, I reckon)
Belt-a garage sale
Crinoline-50's, Ecetera (a local vintage shop)
Bow-a 70's velvet tuxedo bow, opshopped

I had been wearing these divoon earrings from the especially lovely Sue, but sometimes my right ear gets a little irritated, so I took them off.

Anyways, these pix are actually from last week, a Friday, in fact, and I remembered for a change to take my camera out with me whilst I was running about.
This marvellous building is one of the few earthquake survivors!
It used to house Alice in Videoland in the front for many years, only the best, most diverse dvd rental in town. Now it is housing C4, a cafe, and Alice's has moved around to the left there, and has also opened an arthouse cinema!

We saw the Angel's Share there not long ago. 
I don't think they were actually showing Skyfall, though.
Not too sure!

The building has been a bit of an oasis amongst a lot of rubble, such as this building directly opposite.
This used to be McKenzie and Willis, a rather flash furniture shop.

My mission, this particular day, was some food and opshopping...I stopped first at the Mediterranean Warehouse for some necessities...
(We're obsessed with that Maldon salt!)

I picked up some books at the  first opshop I went to.
I feel quite nerdily excited about finding a copy of North and South. I kept patting it.

Some more cookbooks!
Authentic Thai?!
I'll be the judge of that!

A vast pile of fabric I really don't need!

A sweet little Pyrex dish and a wooden bowl.

A new set of scales, right.
The ones on the left were G's Mama's, and the tray part is completely knackered (a turn in the garden didn't help).
They will be for display now, and the "new" ones, now cleaned, will be my regular.

And that, as they say, was that!



Ivy Black said...

What a fabularse print! It's gorgeous and those boots...bloody hell.
That's a beautiful building and it's as well it survived. What a civilised place to go and see a film.
You can never have too much fabric...or Pyrex or Helga!
You are lush.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

We decide that it is the lovely Toulouse Lautrec, and with Toulouse Lautrec you can wear any neckline whatsoever.

Fiona said...

I am also loving the print on your frock and what amazing CFM boots! Haven't yet read North & South but watched it on the telly, (does that count) and enjoyed it, especially Richard Armitage! Great Pyrex and scales and looking forward to seeing what you knock up with the fabric.

pastcaring said...

What an interesting print! And how beautiful you look in your new dress, like a naughty saloon girl with your ruffley petticoat, amazing boots, and jaunty thigh-displaying pose!
I like seeing your pics when you are out and about in Christchurch. I'm glad that beautiful building survived the earthquakes. Ooh, shopping - books and porcini mushrooms and bowls and scales and gorgeous fabric and cookery books, mmmmmm! Haven't read North and South since I was doing my English Lit degree, nearly 30 years ago, eek... Time to re-read, I think.
Love you! xxx

Sue said...

Purple and Red, two of my fav colours, and together. HEAVEN!!!

Helen Le Caplain said...

Love that song and that frankly fabularse outfit (those boots!!)

Your cinema looks amazing too - loving the art deck xxx


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I have been gagging for a photographic-print ANYTHING since about 1974!!!!!! And it's Lautrec darling! Lautrec!!! BOOTS. I'm dead with envy (I'm sure one can DIE from envy!!) The frock, the boots, the HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR, jacket - GAH!!!! Oh and SWOOOOOOOON over all your juicy bargains! Yesterday I found myself stroking books on a bargain table - I understand the emotional turn you had at making your discoveries. xooxxoxoxooxxoxoxooxox

Charlene Barker said...

I have this bizarre image you ripping off that purple dress (without ruining it of course) and you having a superwoman outfit on underneath...i dont know if its that amazing red boots or the combination of your red and blue accessories for your new dress but either way its all good, your my hero!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I'm excited about all that fabric.

And that frock is the shizzy mate!!! Love it. Cowl neck and all.

Styled magnificently to within an inch of it's life.
Bloody marvellous. x

jasmine t said...

Super as always! Love the Lautrec print! Love the Pyrex - it has been creeping into my life lately!
The purple tights and red boots make me swoon! As someone said above ..super hero colours! Ooh yes Super Helga- to the rescue !

Louise Mc said...

I love the dress. The colour is so pretty, and those boots are bloody fantastic. What fabularse finds too xx

Brooke F said...

I am literally having palpitations over those boots. Whew!! And I love the concept of wearing bow ties in your hair. Why haven't I thought of that? Looks look you had a very fruitful day on the Friday - there is nothing like a good op shopping haul to get the blood pumping!

Vix said...

Ahhh, that print is fabulous, I'd have wet myself if I'd found something that gorgeous. Loving those red boots and that delicious dark lippie on you, you sexy minx.
The cinema is utterly wonderful. So good that it's still standing.
You scored bastard massively - that fabric? Yum! Of course you need it!
I'd have bought The Gobbler, too,. Can't resist a naughty title!
Love you!

lucy joy said...

I too am obsessed withthat salt - it's like all other salt is cubic zirconia and this is the DIAMOND shit.

The print is fantatric. The dress is fantastic, cowl necklines irritate the hell out of me because I have a terribly short neck. The BOOTS though - I need another cupof tea after seeing those stunners, and maybe I need more red footwear. Defimitely do.

I'd love dinner at yours one night. I can but dream...

Happyb cooking and reading.

Lucy x

Carina Rosenholm said...

The boots Helga! The boots!!

Veshoevius said...

The print on that dress is amazing! Love the boots too!

Kitty said...

maldon salt? Cowl necks? Authentic Thai? BRING ME THE WHOLE FUCKING LOT YOU BODACIOUS WENCH!!!! if not I'll quietly (NOT) come for a secret visit one of these days!!!

Mrs. D said...

Those boots are outrageous. I'm paralyzed by their outrageousness and unable to comment on anything else. Fabularse indeed!

joyatri said...

I remember singing that song in Music class in 4th grade.
Killer boots and I love a art-history related print.
I just read The Razor's Edge for a book club. You'll enjoy it.
One can never have too many fabrics and those look like beauties.

Sara said...

Ah, that frock print is INCREDIBLE! How fabulously awesome! Love your makeup w/ this ensemble. You gorgeous love!

What a cool cinema! Beautiful finds; I spy some super fun fabric! YAY! XO!

Lucy Nation said...

Oh yes please. What a delicious post. My mum used to have that Indian Cooking book. I love Adrian Edmondson, I'll always love Vyvyan! Never read that book though. The fabric is sumptious too. As for your outfit - the purple tights with the orange boots is a fabulous contrast and I love the hardness of the dark purple lipstick and heathery eyeshadow. Great stuff! xxx

thorne garnet said...

You find the best fabric at the op shop! And cookbooks, I have way too many, yet I keep buying them.

Love how the boots and jacket match the door and door jam.

Tilda said...

Your outfit in front of that door---genius!

Mariela said...

You look marvelous! Love the print and those boots only you could pull off.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The dress looks great on you! I'm fine with cowl neck lines, my only problem is I hate not wearing necklaces and it's hard to incorporate the two!
Great shiny red boots!!!
That salt looks so yummy!! I am salt crazy.
Becky :)

Emalina said...

Looking gorgeous in that beaut of a frock but it's those INCREDIBLE KINKY BOOTS that have really got me going, they're amazing!

Lucys Lounge said...

helga , you know what i am going to say, yes i love your dress. i love the fabric. those boots, i would steal them if you lived near me. its so sad about the buildings , you hear the news about the earthquake but it never hits home till you see how it effects peoples lives you know. i hope everything things get better soon. love lucyxx

freckleface said...

I have really enjoyed this tour of Christchurch and the detail of your everydat life. It's the closest we get to going out for the day with you and I love it! Your food shopping has got me rather excited. It all looks so tasty. I'd love to have some tips about what to do with porcini mushrooms.

Your vast pile of fabric contains some pieces which make me rather covetous. That bright floral fabric looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with them all.

But how could I forget? I am mesmerised by those shiny orange boots and blue velvet bow. Can't believe you got those boots in the opshop. They are a show stopper. Know what I'm going to do? SQUEEEEE!!!! :D xxxx

Renia said...

I love your shoes! amazing! Lovely jacket! Kisses x x x x

Anonymous said...

ok you get better and better! love the frock and that great clash of colours. those earrings are orgasmic! hehe im sure you could find a need for those gorge fabrics :) XOXO

WendyB said...

Those boots! I'm in love.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh yes yes yes - you are Wonderwoman in that glorious outfit, my love! THE BOOTS! THE BOOTS! THE BOOTS! The frock is super gorgeous - I like the cowl neckline on you but I do struggle a bit with them myself. The velvet hair bow is MAGNIFICENT.

I love that gorgeous old building too - I'm so glad there is the odd survivor. The scales are goooorgeous and oooh that fabularse floral fabric is diviiiine.


Love you more than the boots!!!

Sarah xxx

Ofelia said...

I see the Toulouse Lautrec reference and I love the post title because Brand New Key by Melanie is one of my all times favorites!

tanaya said...

The print is awesome but the shoes are what made me go squeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaal! You op-shop finds are beyond great...Love the new and old scales xxx

Maria said...

the boots are going to be with me for a long time, they are barbarella on fire excellence - love your haul x

seƱora Allnut said...

looove that Lautrec print, your new dress is gorgeous!, and love how your outfit matches perfectly with the background!, you're a superStar!!
And that little bow and fabulously sexy boots just stole my heart away!
besos & red boots

two squirrels said...

So in love with the little velvet bow in your hair!!!! Too cute......the print is amazing on the dress....hmmmm I am never sure about a cowl neck either????? Oh my goodness as I think everyone has said......THE FRICKIN BOOTS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!
On a scale of one to ten......As always gorgeous you are a eleven!!!!!!!
love V

Camelia Crinoline said...

That print is great. I can't believe you op shopped those fabulous red boots. You better do some sewing with all that fabric.

Krista Gassib said...

That print is friggin awesome, I love fabric with faces! You are looking foxy in those patent red boots, meow mama! I love seeing shots of the city and it makes me happy to see you guys rebuilding.
Stay beautiful honey!

Delia Ryder said...

Wow those boots are amazing and I loving your dress I love the way you team your tights up to match you look gorgeous. Great fabric finds and those scales have seen a lot of love. Just to say that I have started up a new blog be lovely to see you there, dee xx

liz said...

Love the purple dress and stockings!

Vintage Coconut said...

Killer boots!
And those earrings are spectacular as is your dress. You look quite Splendid Helga.

Anonymous said...

nice boots!

Kelly Roy said...

I so can imazine you in this particular outfit doing the kind of shopping you did.Both totally unpredictable but oh!so charming and inspiring.

Hannah said...

The dress is gorge on you and those boots are killer. Wonderful finds, I love a good second hand book. The foody bits look delightful, posh looking sea salt xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those are some damn fine boots there, sister! That dress reminds me of shirts I used to wear to high school (that would have been the 70's). It's plummy perfect!

Two friends of mine just moved to New Zealand - he got a job at a university there and his wife is going to be working at the Canadian Embassy. I think they are in Wellington?

Miss Simmonds Says said...

squuuuueeeeeee - look at that print!! Wow! I want a closer inspection. It's bloody gorgeous and you can always snip snip the neckline if you don't like it. You got so much stuff - so jealous of your mediterranean warehouse. And Love all the books, especially want to read the Du Maurier! xxx
sory, this is lame, but I'm a sickling...... love love it all HUGS XXXXXXXXX

bonsaimum said...

Great outfit. I would run you over to get my hands on those boots!!!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Wowza I have never seen a print like that before very cool!! Those boots totally steal the show. xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm in heaven or probabily is just the stendhal syndrome!
What a fabulous print and what great colours! I love Toulouse Lautrec , I'm quite sure that he painted that and I'm sure that he would have probabily painted you as one of his French girls!!!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxx

50 and counting said...

Love the orange boots! That'll brighten up any day.

good find with the pyrex bowl.

I buy any Nevil Shute books I can find over here. Not always easy fo find.

Hows the Thai recipes?

My sister is Margaret said...

How beautiful you look in your new dress!!
Love the orange boots a lot!!
Purple and Red, two of my favorite colors.

Tnx for comment me!!

Lucys Lounge said...

helga, i would love that ostrich, iwouldn't be able to have any self control in a place like that. great autumn outfit. love lucy