I'll be alone, dancing, you know it baby

It would appear that G and I are grown ups after all, or at least we can sort of play that game...
We are undertaking some renovations, starting with the bathroom, and on Saturday we went out looking at bathroom things.
Vanity units.
Heated towel rails.

It's too tedious for words, but I know I will enjoy it when it's all done.

And I do love that look of surprise when we go and perform these grown up duties, as we don't look like the kind of people who own their own home, let alone do renovations, I suppose.
In a certain mood I get a "fuck you, not only do I own my own home, I own it freehold, asshole" kind of attitude ........what, because I don't look or act like a grown up I couldn't possibly hold down a job long enough to do something sensible like buy a house?!
Kiss my ass, you and your preconceptions!
(If you would like to know the story of how we came to own and payoff our house in 12 years, I would be happy enough to tell it)
So there is a certain amount of pleasure despite the agonies of deciding which vanity, what kind of toilet, do we take out the existing window and put in a  smaller one, what about tiling ad nauseum.....

And once the bathroom is complete, we can then think about my dream kitchen!
And only then, dammit.
Due to our current house layout having the toilet off the laundry exactly where I want the kitchen to be, it has to be the bathroom first.

I tell you, being a grown up isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Is it?!

Frock-40's, a theatre sale
70's coat and 60's hat-Sarah the sublime
Tights-retail (in Melbourne!)
Boots-a market
30's handbag-some website
Earrings-opshopped in Victoria
Necklace-G and his Mama bought it for me in Singapore
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Belt-Vix the delicious
Brooch-Curtise the Bod


I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball....

I know you've all been longing to see what goodies I came back from Melbourne with!
Without further ado....

When I arrived, Sarah asked what I most wanted to find on our travels...
"Leopard...and sequins.......and all manner of gloriarse delights..." I cried!
Well, indeed, I found my dream leopard coat at Camberwell Markets!
It's minus buttons, but who fecking cares when it's a dream leopard coat?!

Sarah presented me with this deliciously revamped mid century lamp!
Doesn't it look fine on our revamped formica table (one of a nest of 3)?!

I picked up a fair amount of clothing, including this modern jacket and cardi....

....these divoon frocks and Mrs Slocombe-esque suit and blouse from Audrey Scarlett Vintage....

...and these incredible frocks from Fossil Vintage...

Also a nice selection of tin, from Camberwell Markets (Queenie!), an ice bucket for our collection, some little Pyrex dishes, a couple of melamine plates and some cake forks from various op and vintage shops...

More tin from the markets.. I think I'm a bit obsessed...

The purple maxi, left, fits like a dream, and was from Friperie, Sarah gave me the 70's coat/dress (which I am imagining was once part of a pantsuit...or maybe it had hotpants!) and the orange frock was from a gorgeous new friend, Andrea, of Enjoyit, whom we met at Camberwell markets!

Who could pass up a Frida drink bottle?!
Two opshopped scarves underneath

The green hearts I scored on Brunswick St, and the splendid red ones are from Catch a Thief.
Bow and earrings opshopped
The ballerina scarf ring was from  Grandma Funk's stall at Love Vintage.
It's an almost perfect match to a clip on earrings and brooch/pendant set I have!

I was rather thrilled to find this hat case at a vintage shop in Violent Town....I seem to recall having one in my Goth days, and G remembers it too, but no idea what happened to it!
This one is a sweetheart, and I managed to get it home as extra baggage with no damage!
In Violent Town we had the sweetest experience as we were about to drive up...a gent of the older variety came and tapped on the window, and asked if we were looking for opshops; we said, yes, but we've just raided the only one you have...he then directed us to do a "u bolt" and go to a vintage shop around the corner where I found this case and the ice bucket seen above!
Bless, you lovely gent!

These 70's sandals were opshopped in Bright with lucious Dee!

Fark, don't know about you, but I'm exhausted from all that linkage!
I'll sign off with this pic from whilst I was waiting for my cab to the airport...

And then you say hey, I bought you flowers

Just a few little snippets (there's laods more to come!) of Helgastock 2013....

Fark me, what a gloriarse bender it was, and I met some simply divoon peoples!

I'm still getting over it.....

....and then I'm gonna love you completely....


Lights are gonna find me shining like the sun

And here I am, home again after a tremendous Helgastock 2013!!!
I have loads of random pix to sort through, and pix to take of all the goodies I bought, so I can show them off!
In the meantime, here's some pix of what I wore to a dinner at our awesome friend Dave's the Saturday before I left for Helgastock....

Frock-ophopped at Helgastock 2011! 'Twas a maxi, but I'm much happier with it as a mini!
Headband-also opshopped at Helgastock 2011!
Sequin clutch-from the gorgeous Vix
Pink fishnet tights-retail (somewhere in the States)
Shoes-retail, Las Vegas
Earrings-from darling Leisa
Brooches-the top one is from my Sarah, the left one was thrifted in Truth or Consequences, and the other one was from a market
Cocktail rings-a mix from Sarah and Kitty

This pic was from the last Helgastock 2013 dinner in St Kilda, before going to Tenacious D........just what is that  giant dong doing stretched over our table?!

Sort of sums up Helgastock in all its smutty glory!


Just hours to go...

...until I hit the tarmac in Canberra tonight and Helgastock 2013 goes off with a bang!

I've been frantically packing, panicking, unpacking, packing.....so I'm rather behind on all your funnage out there, but I know y'all understand!
Feck only knows if I have all I need. 
Too bad if I don't!
I have time before my flights tomorrow to double check, and I'm certain-sure I'll find loads of goodies on our travels to compensate for anything I've forgotten or suddenly require!

See you in about 2 weeks, or you may see me before that if you keep up with our shenanigans over at Misfits Vintage!
I look forward to a good catch up when I get back!

All together now:



Now she's in purple, now she's the turtle

How lovely to prance about in the crunchy, golden Autumn leaves!
I'm sure I could wax lyrically, Nigella style, with loads of sensual pouting and deliciously raunchy metaphors........but I'd get too carried away!

I like to think I am the Queen of botched up frock adjustments, but whomever had this frock before I found it has outdone anything I could ever do.
I just can't quite work it out.
Never mind!
I've added some purple ribbon to the neckline to hide some messy stitching, and I have pressed the former pleated skirt since this wearing.
I like the colour, pattern and shape, so was happy to persevere in making it more comfortable to wear!
You last saw it here, more pastel themed, just after I scored it from a favourite opshop.

Coat-early 70's, opshopped
Scarf ring-60's, opshopped
Handbag-60's, opshopped
earrings-lovely Sue
50's crinoline underneath-Ecetera (a local vintage shop)
Gloves-not too sure...

O, yes, I'm going thataway, to Jane's Bar for a wee drinkie!