And now I'm ready to feel your hand

I've been...

Prancing about in a divoon maxi that gorgeous birthday girl Curtise sent me earlier in the year...
(it didn't fit originally, but now it does-HUZZAH!)

Working on wearing out my favourite shoes....

Getting my fur out in a frock from the wonderful Bella whilst bathed in the scent of wintersweet....

Pleased with these sweet lemony tins I scored off Trade Me for a song....

Getting my groove on in a splendiferous maxi I got in Melbourne on Wednesday night when Flange crashed an open mic night...

Enjoying some Winter sun today...!

O, and fucking with my blog layout; if I found it was getting boring, you must have found it even more so!


Disappointment at the vicarage...

We popped out in the rain on Saturday to collect some cedar French doors we'd won on Trade Me-they will eventually be installed at the back of the house, where they will lead off my dream kitchen to the deck.
We'll be terribly flash with 2 sets of French doors!
We got them from a very nice man who has a two storied house of the same era as our house (1920's), which has sadly been written off due to the earthquakes. The foundation is broken to all hell, and the whole house sagged and bowed. We had a quick little tour of the ground floor; it had all the original wood panelling and the original kitchen! They were getting ready to renovate and restore when the February quake hit.
So sad, the amount of beautiful old houses lost forever.

It was rather bitter out there, so I had to rug up nice and cosy-like!

Spot anything different?!
I actually had a go at curling my hair!
Wonders will never cease.
I was having a trial for my big, boofy curly hair vision I was blithering about last post.

Frock-made by moi using a sheet and a 50's pattern Vix sent me ages ago
Coat-50's, opshopped for a tenner a few years back-it's super warm!
Beret-60's, opshopped
Pink cardi and yellow belt-from my gorgeous Sarah
Burgundy cardi, barely seen, and scarf-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me. Had 'em for ever!
Earrings-darling Louise
Handbag-60's, opshopped

I've been a very spoiled girl and have received two Prcels of Joy recently!
This one was from Curtise the Bod...that hideousTASTIC jacket is gonna get some new buttons, and isn't the red, white and blue frock just perfect for me?!
Some clip on earrings and a brillant frock catalogue....

These two are my faves!
Why, hello, I suspect Orla Kiely has the same catalogue for inspiration!

This card made me giggle.....

And this Parcel of Joy was from the scrumptious Sarah!
A Mrs Slocombe style suit, a lurid lurex frock, a funky collar and a Frida brooch!

This card also made me giggle!

How very fitting!

Thank you, my lucious wenches!!!
I just want to take you out into the wet fields and make sweet lurve to you both!


Knowing my fate is to be with you...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I am frightfully good at being a dutiful blogger and taking loads of coherent pictures....and other times I am not.
The rest of what I have to offer from our little jaunt to Wellington is decidedly random...
Such as this pic G took as we were walking off the plane.......yes, on the tarmac!!!
It was just a little plane, as is usually the case for internal flights here.

Then I caught G when we got off the bus and were about to walk up Cuba St to our hotel.

With an all important stop at Wasabi Sushi for a poke at their sushi train delights on the way!

A little lie down was required, before we went up to Karori to see our friend Justine!

When we were walking down to the bus I realised I had forgotten to bring her birthday pressie...G ran back for it, and I mused myself by taking pix of two of my fave Wellington shops...

Miss Rose, Justine's daughter, is now 3 years old!
She's enjoying a book we delivered for her Papa.
Typically, I forgot to take any pix of Justine.........doh!

A few shots before we went out the next day...

And a couple before we went out that night....

Here I am at the infamous bucket fountain.....

Trying not to get splashed!

Here's a slightly better shot of the 70's does 30's frock I scored at Vintage Orama...I envisage myself wearing this with big, boofy, curly hair for some reason...I think I have a Biba image in mind?!
And some splendid red, white-ish and blue beads!

G spotted these darling little Nally cannisters at a market on the way to Vintage Orama.......just four, and I'm certain there would have been five....

...and when I had a quick look on the net to see if I could find what colour the fifth one would be, lo and behold, I found a set that Kitty had posted a few years ago! 
I thought the fifth one would be an exciting colour like pink, or something bright at least, but it's beige. Mind you, the letters are on different colours to mine, my N is orange....
If anyone can help with the fifth baby cannister, do let me know!
I simply can't stand to have an even number.......!!!

Lastly, a quick pic of me checking out the snow at work yesterda (Friday) morning....feck me, it was bitterly cold!
Didn't settle, thankfully.
It's been pissing down rain for days, but I am all cosied up at home and am going to put on  big pot of comforting soup.....we're having a Flange practice tonight; I love to feed the troops!
I think our Nix is going to come on over too, and take some photos for us.


The sky up above-zing, BOOM!

So I will have a few more, rather random Wellington pix for you next post, but in the interim, thought I might get these old (May!) outfit pix out into the world, as I love this frock I got from Sarah last year!
I wasn't too happy with my photo editing, so had chucked them aside to try and do better later....but, really, there's sometimes no helping indoor shots when it's a grey day!
So, tough titty!

I am also rather besotted with these shoes I treated myself to last birthday, and they're the reason why I'm wearing so much blue this year!

Frock-70's, from the scrumptiously jumpsuit obsessed Sarah
Cardi-60's, opshopped
Hat-60's, Two Squirrels
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Scarf-likely 60's, opshopped
Scarf ring-60's, opshopped

And as a bonus....

Here's G's warped outfit for our friends Amber and Bela's Horrorathon (horror movies, back to back) a couple of weeks ago!
He totally gave me the creeps all night with this simple and rather fruity costume....
I went as a Goth, naturally, and that was the inspiration for my appearance in the June issue of  Vogoff !


Promise to love me for ever more

G and I just had a hell of a  fabularse weekend in Wellington!
Amongst other things, we spent Saturday in some mighty fine company, having brunch, checking out a rummage sale, and going to Vintage-Orama!
From left: Ria, G, my friend Brenda, moi and Trees!

Naturally, I started my Saturday with a Bloody Mary.
Doesn't everyone?!

Then we all got excited about our splendid brunch choices!

There were slim pickings at the rummage sale.

I met Aimee, the organiser of Vintage-Orama outside the venue, which happened to be Wellington High School!
No spotty schoolboys in sight, however.
Just as well.
At my age....

I wore:
Frock-vintage Osti, opshopped
Coat-60's, opshopped
Hat-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's Rex, from my G 
Earrings-the sexacious Desiree
White beads-opshopped
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief

Aimee is a pretty damned foxy chick, so I schmoozed right on up to her...

Now, this is a smuggins face-G scored himself a Girl Guide badge...

Sweetheart Christine of The Vintage Cupboard had come up from Christchurch for the day!

Doing my best Queenly tea drinking pose...I was starting to flag about now, all the excitement just wore me out! 
If there'd been booze I suspect I would have lasted longer!

I bought this 70's does 30's styled maxi!

There were some sexacious wenches doing a bit of a show.... G in front, inspecting their moves!

We ladies were far more discreet...

I think G enjoyed the show!

And then I had to go and have a lie down to recover.
It seems darling Claire has the same reaction to lots of excitement and schmoozing!

It was all jolly super, and I'm gagging for another bash at all Wellington has to offer!
Next time I might just need to take along a hipflask!