Like a radio tune I swear I've heard before

I'm still in catch up mode!
This hasn't been helped by internet issues at home and a wave of redundancies at work causing some distraction and anxiety-G is safe just by the skin of his teeth! We should get a few more years out of this company, which should just be enough to get the renovations we want done, done.

Thank you for your interest in how we came to buy and pay off our house in 12 years!
I will try and get that little story written for my next post...hopefully it won't be dull!

This Mrs Slocombe inspired outfit is from just before I went to Australia, when the weather was still miraculously great!
You'll possibly be pleased to know that it is now very cold here, which hopefully means you lovelies in the Northern Hemisphere are now getting some much longed for sunshiney goodness!

Frock-70's, opshopped
Blouse-divoon 60s/70's pussybow, from the sweetest Squirrel
Shoes-a school fair
60's "So Obviously Rex" handbag-opshopped
60's clip on (OW!, I really must put posts on some of my clip ons) earrings-opshopped
Vintage Oroton sunglasses-from my darling sexacious Sarah

I rather like the severity/old biddyness of a Mrs Slocombe styled outfit.
I feel like ticking off naughty children and errant brings out the stroppy teacher in me, albeit with a high pitched faux posh English accent!
Spanky spanky, hands off my pussy!



Misfits Vintage said...


Misfits Vintage said...

YAY! I does not take much to excite me, as you well know, my love!

You are exquisite in this nod to divine Mrs Slocombe. I have so much to learn from you - when i wear brown I look like a miserable frumpy pile of poo.

Your hair is spectacular, as always and I love this colour combo on you. And the blouse is Fabularse!

The first day of winter here today and I'm yet to even step a foot out of bed - it's just too, too foul.

Hope your weekend is splendiferous! Love you more than BIG HAIR.

Sarah xxx

Brooke F said...

God how I love a pussybow! The colour combo of the greens and brown of your lovely Mrs Slocombe ensemble looks just fab on you. Please do share on how you paid off the house in so short a time as I need all the tips I can get!

Janice Tutone said...

You do look good in brown! But so far I haven't seen a color I don't like on you. Prim & proper, somehow you make look sexy! Love the outfit with the fishnets. Looking forward to your house story. XXX

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You are perfect. Because BROWN.
Becky :)

Trees said...

I know the feeling Helga - I feel so behind in EVERYTHING at the moment *sigh*. Love, love, love this outfit - you are perfection as ALWAYS! We are *hoping* to buy our first place next year so very interested in this tale of how you paid off your home in 12 years. Although in Wellys everything costs SO MUCH *le sigh* out vintage fun times weekend is coming up soon right? HURRAH!

Mariela said...

Looking fabulously my dear Helga! Love the print of the blouse and those tights are pretty cool too.

Helen Le Caplain said...

Looking fabulous as always! Loving that pussybow blouse, and paired with those shades and that dress? Miaow!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Fab! Love the green and brown!
And yes - finalally there is some heat and sunshine - and we throw our clothes of , not much time is spent inside , we are out enyoying the sun!

The Grande Dame said...

Green shoes! I'm green with envy... I like that your dress is rather plain and therefore easy to dress up!

freckleface said...

In any one else's hands that outfit could look old biddyish, but on you it just looks sexy! You are the best dressed Mrs Slocombe-alike in the known universe! I love the bright shining twinkle that is twinkling around your head in the last photo. The sign of a true star!

I wonder if you actually did any ticking off. I see a lot of errant adults out and about, I could do with you beside me to do the honours. Spanky, spanky :D

Ooh, redundancies, phew, thank goodness you both escaped for the time being. Looking forward to your story. I for one, loving anything to do with houses, will be gripped. Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend my lovely! xxxxxx

Fiona said...

You are SO Mrs Slocombe in that pinafore dress that I'm expecting to see Mr Humphries come mincing around the hedge enquiring about your pussy any minute now. Love the sunnies, earrings and shoes...oh and the picmonkey special effects.

Sara said...

I love all the details in this outfit: the patterned tights, your lipstick colour, the pattern on the blouse, the green shoes...all makes for a great outfit! I also love that twinkle. Oh, and boo to redundancies and worry about that - good to hear you are both safe! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

My sister is Margaret said...

I absolutely love this shoes!!
I like your dress too!!

Tnx for comment me!!

pastcaring said...

Oh yes, very Mrs Slocombe, with added sexiness! Please do feel free to admonish naughty folk wherever you go, the world needs more Helga-style spanky discipline!
Phew, glad the redundancies passed you and G by this time, it's such a worry. Feels the same here, no one's work is secure at the moment.
Love the colours on that blouse, and the awesome shoes, and those fab sunglasses. You are a Goddess, my darling! xxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Lovely colour combo, I really like that blouse under the frock. Very Mrs Slocombe-esque! Xx

Jane George said...

loving that green and brown...the tights and shoes are divine! go find some naughty children now and get the job done! x

Anonymous said...

This outfit is a masterpiece, I love the playful pattern of the shirt to contrast with the fetish allure of the austere teacher styled dress!
I love the shoes and the bag, you look amazing, please spank me!
Love xxxxxxx

Francesca Edesia said...

You look stunning in this outfit. I love the green shoes, they're gorgeous and really catch attention.

Krista Gassib said...

You are looking extra beautiful in this outfit complete with shining stars:). After hearing about how you and Vix both paid off your places I have made it our new goal:). We did a refi last year and are headed towards paying this house off in 7 more years:). Think of all the frocks I can buy with the money ill save :). Enjoy your weekend dear!

Renia said...

You look so beautidul! I love that kind of blouses! Great look! Kisses x x x x

Val Sparkle said...

Love the green shoes! And your haughtiness would be more than welcome here to quiet the yappy little dog that lives next door. Although I'm sure it's more fun to tell off yappy little children because you can probably make them cry.

You're looking amazing, as always!

Vix said...

Holy cow, you look seriously Slocombesque in that divine pussy bow and pinafore dress and your hair is splendid!
We have got some sunshine this weekend but I've been out prostituting myself and have missed it all. Off to Liz and Ade's now for tea in the garden and to make the most of it before sunset!
Love you! Speak soon?

Melanie said...

One can NEVER go wrong with an outfit inspired by Mrs. Slocombe, especially when that one is YOU, you gorgeous thang. The weather is cooling down for you so now you can break out all those luscious layers. Your earrings are divine - they remind me of lovely mini bowls of fruit. Huge sigh - I'm glad G is safe!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooooooooooooh I do like a green pussy-bow blouse with a bit of a puffy sleeve, yes I do! And dayyyyyyyyyyym woman, your hair is fecking perfection, you are really giving Mrs S a run for her money in the hair-do stakes!
I'm rubbing my hands with anticipation at hearing how you and G managed the almost impossible for so many people - I'm guessing some of it has to do with being an awesome vintage bitch?
Love ya baby!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoo

Emalina said...

Pussy bow deliciousness, hello sexy schoolmarm! Many men would line up to be punished by you Mrs Slocombe! Glad jobs are still safe and hope the home improvements are going great.

seƱora Allnut said...

lovely slocombesque outfit, specially lovely tights and shoes!, absolutely fabulous!
and this is the time of the year when we share same weather conditions, unpredictable!
besos & green shoes!

Penny-Rose said...

Sorry to read about the anxiety with the workplace - having been through that kind of thing I know how it can be very worrying. I think your attitude is just right - soldier on, and keep looking fabulous. You look very serious - but we all know what kind of gal you are really!! Wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

You are fabulously Pussylicious in your Mrs.Slocumbesque attire!!

I know how workplace anxiety like you're going through feels. We are getting ready to be furloughed one day per week with no pay for 11 weeks starting in july. UGH

Sending good thoughts your and G's way!!

two squirrels said...

Oh yay the blouse is fabulous on you sweet!!!!! I am pleased I sent it to you. It looks fabulous with the brown do suit all colours.
Oh my gosh it must have been so scary at work.....I am so happy G is ok.
Have a wonderful week.
Love V