Silver moonbeams dance in fountains below shining citadels

Is that sunshine I see?!
Good heavens, it is!!!

Everybody prance!

Frock-80's tastic, from Fossil Vintage
Petticoat-50's, Etc Vintage
Cardi, scarf-opshopped
Flower-conignment store in New Mexico
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklace-made by the gorgeous Kristalicious
Earrings-gift from a friend

O, look, a visitor in the shape of our darling beloved Cousin Phil!!!
He's going to be moving to fairer climes soon, and O, how we shall miss him!


Come, come, come into my world

Although my sewing/dressing room, aka The Boudoir, isn't fully finished, I thought I might show you a few glimpses...
Above is most of my shoes...the draws hold boots, the boxes hold quite a few pairs of shoes...recently colour co-ordinated as much as possible!
Aside from those strewn in front, there are a few boots under the clothes as well...I do love my footwear!
And as I buy 99% of it secondhand, I can afford to have heaps of shoes!
I just need better storage for them, which will happen one of these days!
Left are two newish frocks, the 80's blue one was from Fossil Vintage in Melbourne and the 50's orange patio frock (with ric rac!) is from Small Earth Vintage. Both need teeny adjustments before wearing...

These drawers, which are screaming for a decorative overhaul, hold my tights...all except the bottom two...there are two more boxes of shoes, some of my basket collection, my scarves and on the right is my laundry bag, which I got in Oaxaca!

I had been rummaging in these 60's formica draws looking for a suitable hat, but decided on a flower from the open case, which holds all my hair decorations!
The majority of my coats are here, the cape on the left was made by my sisters mother-in-law in the 70's/80's ((I've just added that fur collar, and am yet to wear it), and stretchy belts are in that splendid rubbish tin!
The basket holds a few odd things, like my hairdryer....

A messy corner of slips, some bags, hats.
On the chair, centre, are garments for alteration and some fabric for future projects.
Ha, that's a picture of Richard from Rammstein under my sewing machine.
I quite fancy him, he has a really nice arse!

There is to be another shelf added here, and both will need painting.
(this used to be where our chimney was, before the earthquakes!)
The baskets hold soft bags.

A wall of frocks!
Mostly 50's.
More bags, my jewellery nook, left, and a wee black velvet 30's cape is hanging on the hot water cylinder cupboard knob.
I've had that cape since 1987; I bought it in Sydney when I was heavily into Goth!

I am feeling much, much better thank you!
Due in part to your well wishes....and to passing it on to my poor G!


C'mon baby, gimme the keys

We went on a little road trip down to Ashburton (known as AshVegas in the local vernacular) for a 50th birthday party on Saturday.
During said party I came down with a head cold and am currently in bed, stuffed up and feeling grumpy and sorry for myself.
O, woe is ME.

We spotted this pimp mobile in the street when we stopped to pick up Si and Nix, so naturally, I had to pose with it.

I wore:
Coat-vintage leopard love from Camberwell Market
Frock-a  modern square dance frock from a consignment shop in New Mexico, which I have shortened considerably!
Blue cardi-Lampang, thailand
Beige cardi, barely seen-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-70's tooled leather lustworthy, a gift from G
Beret and divoon 60's brooch-sex kitten Sarah
Earrings-60's, converted to studs, from darling Tamera
Beads-from clever pants Vix

It hurts to read and type, but I am suffering in the name of blogging because I love you.


With ornaments of gold to warm my soul from the growing cold

Just an ordinary Wintery Friday' s been a mildish sort of day, so I didn't have to rug up too heavily, which is a good thing!
There's something to be said about cosy layering, but it also makes me feel huge as a house when I've got 4-5 layers on!
The sun came out as I was taking these pix-hurrah!

That prompted Peepers to come out and have a rub on the cacti, which is a type of aloe vera, if you are interested.
It was about the size of a shoe when we put it in, and now it's huge!

I made this necklace years ago, out of a modelling clay type of thing that's called "fimo", and some beads and stuff....the Ganesh pendant was from the most amazing place ever, in Thailand.
(Some one is bound to have a gripe about my appropriating a cultural reference; go ahead)

I had a little score at my favorite opshop, a sweet early 70's frock in a limey/chartreuse green and an awesome print, and some white beads.
I've only got 2 or 3 strings of white beads, so I clearly needed another.

Frock-90's delight, from my soul sistah Sarah
Cardi-thrifted in Utah
Coat-60's hairiness, opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-70's tooled leather, opshopped
Sunglasses-vintage shop in Portland
Beret-Madame Butterfly's, a local vintage shop


There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand

Crikey, our Friday night plan got ever so slightly waylaid, but ended up being rather fabularse!
We were expecting our friend Amy over, plus two of her friends for dinner and a jam, and then we were going to trot on down to Pomeroy's for a few drinks with Amber and co....then our awesome Kaikoura mate Dave (whom we call Daveina, have done for years.......) turned up unexpectedly.....that got me really excited and I broke out some bubbly for a few of my new favourite classic champagne cocktails....

And it got a little bit messy....I did manage to make a divoon feta and artichoke quiche ( no pix, bummer), plus a salad and roast potatoes, Amy contributed an amazing pizza she'd made and we scoffed like champions.
We followed dinner with a drunken jam and then I'm really not too sure....
Turns out I was put to bed whilst the rest of them gamely went around the corner to a soundscape party.
I have had a sore head today.
A gal needs to learn her limitations!

I love Daveina to bits!
He stayed the night and after breakfast this morning went to pick up his gorgeous wife and kids from the airport; they've been in the Czech Republic for six weeks visiting family.
Never seen a man so happy to be reuniting with his family!
It was really lovely.
Daveina is a rare man who only ever wanted to meet an awesome babe, hook up and have kids.
Seeing  his dreams come true has been an enormous pleasure.

My most recent pleasure has been this rubber pirates ring I got for $2.
It makes me want to do all those piratey noises and be more than a little bit annoying.

I wore, on a wee jaunt up the road for a couple of crucial supplies:
Frock-60's, opshopped
Coat-Camberwell Market
Hat-a market in Wellington
Tights-retail (Melbourne)
Boots-retail, had 'em for nearly 20 years
Handbag-60's, a vintage shop in New Orleans
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco

Tonight is going to be a quiet night with my G-tomorrow we have our wonderful Jo and her fiance Malcolm coming over for lunch!
We're cooking Thai, and I'm rather looking forward to it!


Your bone's got a little machine

Y'all know I have an odd thing for the British Monarchy; a passion for Queenie in particular, so you can imagine my delight when I received this splendid souvenir apron with a young and rather gormless looking Prince Charles on it from our Vix!
Even better, Charles' face is strategically situated right over my giney!*
Of course, I am not saving this superb item for the kitchen, PAH!-I'm fecking wearing this bastard!

I must admit to being slightly disappointed that no one commented upon my divoon apron appendage when I was out and about.
No doubt my devoted public were dazzled speechless.

And just check out this gloriARSE necklace delicious candy girl Krista made for me!!
Could it be anymore perfect?!
I've been very spoilt this week, with Parcels of Joy from Vix, Sarah and Krista!
Bloody SQUEE!
These three girls have been consistent since my early days of blogging and I love 'em!

A little of the gratuitious is good, yes?!

I received a lovely compliment from a lass I haven't seen in years at a party last night-she said I was like Dorian Grey, that I hadn't aged a bit!
I gracefully accepted her  compliment and continued dancing (or was that prancing?!) to a favourite 80's Goth song; the extended version of Sister of Mercy's "Temple of Love"
Yes, I am loving myself just a teensy little bit.
So bite me!
One of these days it'll all catch up on me, so I may as well make the most of  my youthful good looks now!

Frock-made it myself, with fabric from BellaBean Vintage, I think
Souvenir apron-from festival hopping Vix
Singlet top, barely seen-opshopped
Coat-60's/70's, a theatre sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-a Rex, opshopped
Fuck Off bow-made it myself, with a cutoff from sexy biatch Sarah
Rings-right hand, from my friend Nicole, left hand, plastic heart from who knows where and plastic rainbow ring from the always lovely Sue
Earrings-also from Sarah
Sunglasses-retail, Melbourne 


* Abbreviation of vagina, naturally.

The world spins so fast, that I might fly off!

How surprisingly sparkley these pix look!
We've been blessed with a surprising week of mild temperatures; very suspicious for this time of year!
( I am quite sure we'll be slam dunked with some hideous snow or something ghastly as retribution!)
And what are you going to do, but get out and enjoy it?!
Of course, I managed to give myself a fecking headcold; will I ever learn?!

I have a slightly different set of these pix here, taken from a different angle, with direct light!
Amazing what a difference it makes!
(I love the new Flickr layout, incidentally!)

I am wearing:
Frock-it's for square dancing! Haven't done that since I was about 12! Got it via Etsy! Had to alter the neckline quite a bit, though.
Cardi-opshopped, or Trade Me, can't remember which
Coat-opshopped, would have been part of a 60's/70's pants suit, I reckon
Tights-opshopped last week, I'm rather into the pattern
Shoes-Trade Me
Scarf (in hair)-opshopped
60's vanity case-opshopped
Chain necklace-from my gorgeous Vix
Necklace-created by moi
Hoop earrings-retail

Gawd I miss the warmth!
Am planning on some Summery picnics this coming season!
I do hope you lovelies are planning on some picnics NOW, so I can live vicariously through you!

O, we went to see The Great Gatsby, and it was lovely!
I really can't bear Leonardo di Caprio, nor Toby MacGuire, but it was splendid besides, and I love that Carey Mulligan, and Baz Luhrmann gives me the horn!