If you don't want my peaches, you'd better stop shaking my tree

G and I have a bit of a thing about Sundays.......we like 'em quiet and we like them to ourselves....
We've had a run of busy Sundays, all family related (G's family, not mine; what little I have live elsewhere), and frankly, it's getting on my TIT!
I like to spend my Sundays lolling about with G, pottering about the house and maybe the garden, culminating in G putting on a Sunday roast, which he always does to the strains of Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt and their ilk.....
In fact, whenever G cooks, this is the music he likes to play.
I don't have signature cooking music, dammit!
I need to rectify that situation.

Anyway, we stopped at a park on the way to G's eldest brother, who was having a birthday, and found this sweet little rotunda, the existence of which we were quite unaware of!
Perfect for a pose off!

Twirling?! Or flying?!
You decide!

Frock-from my sistercousinwife Sarah. It's rather large, but I can't be arsed taking it in right now!
Coat-gift from my friend/bandmate Nix
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, a vintage shop
Sunglasses-a vintage shop in Portland
Hairflower-a shop in New Mexico
Necklaces-amber and tigers eye chips strung by moi, pendant made from bass strings by an amazing artist and vintage shop owner by the name of  Violet Fagan

This dear wee rotunda is about the right size for our back yard, I'm sure...!
It could be painted up and draped and decorated with all manner of comfortable things and have a little bar installed....

See to it!!!


I've got the 21st century breathing down my neck

O, hello Spring!
Actually, these pix are a little old....ah, the glory of being able to take one's coat off, albeit briefly....

I'm wearing:
Frock-made it myself using a splendid curtain from lovely Sue
Belt-80's, madness, opshopped
Hat-60's, Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me
Earrings-darling Edie
Necklace-60's heaven, sweetheart Tamera
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Handbag-a Rex, from G
Coat-Camberwell Markets

I am dreaming of barbeques, picnics, cats frolicking, lying about in the grass (on something, as I am allergic) with a good book and a bottle of wine....
Some leaves on the trees would also be lovely!

O, look!
A few bonus pix from our recording session (Flange) yesterday!
'Twas another gloriarse Spring day, seemed a shame to spend it indoors....couldn't be helped!


Tasty like a raindrop

I was luck, luck, lucky enough to spend a day opshopping with the rather gorgeous Daisy du Belle, a delicious Irish born burlesque minx about town!!!
We hooned about Christchurch, checking out as many opshops as we had energy for, plus we stopped in to Buchan St Retro for a good nosey and a wee photoshoot.
( I was quite thrilled that Daisy didn't know about this place, it made for a little surprise)

I admired this coffee pot, but didn't fancy the price!

This picnic set is sooo sweet!


Just look at that formidable bosom nearly putting Daisy's eyes out!
Crikey, must learn to rein those girls in!

I do love a wall of mirrors!

And a bit of shag pile to roll about on!
Actually, I think it was sheepskin....

I wore:
Frock-early 60's, I think, from Trade Me a couple of years back. It has a matching coat; some of you may remember that I was very uncertain about the colour initially, but I have gotten comfortable with it! 
Coat-50's, opshopped
Beret-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Earrings-thrifted in the States
Necklace-70's blingtastic, opshopped

I scored:
A vivid purple frock that was from a costume hire, shoes and some red ribbed tights, a Queenie Silver Jubilee mug (score of the YEAR!), an odd Jeanne D'Arc badge and faux sort of heraldic necklace and a sweetly labelled white cardigan!

I had such an awesome time, picking up a few things was a bonus, really!
Can't wait to do it again!


Edit: Just looked up the faux heraldic pendant thingy, it had Summit Entertainment on the back...and much to my shame it is a Twilight tie in!!!
No offence if you're into it, but frankly, I'm appalled!

It is a fun pendant though, and I will enjoy it.....

Through the driving rain, colours run in veins

Despite the greyness, Spring is most certainly just around the corner!
It's getting a little lighter, it's been warmer, bulbs are popping out and I am getting the urge to eat Mexican food and quaff margaritas in vast quantities!
(I can't bear not having avocados in Winter, so I don't eat as much Mexican food as I would like...it's just not quite right without avocado, is it?!)
Bring it on!

Necklace-from darling Kristalicious
Brooch-from sweetheart Bella

There'll be quacklets zipping around before you know it!
We have, in fact, seen some very early ones peeping about on the river!
We've also seen paradise ducks pairing up; we love watching their quacks grow. They crap all over the paths by the river and generally act adorably.

Frock-made it myself with fabric from Mexico
Coat-Camberwell Markets, Melbourne
Shoes-Trade Me
Vanity case-60's, a market
Earrings-from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Gloves-60's, opshopped...or were they a gift?! Hmmmmmmm...

I get terribly lazy with my hair when I'm shoving a hat on my head everyday! Not even sure I brushed it....

Is it moi you're looking for?!


A clenched fist to your heart, coal dust on your lungs

Big hair, big skirt...what more could a gal ask for?!
( Although it was naughty to go out without a hat...but no repercussions! Hurrah! )
I'm more than a little inspired by Swedish blogger Elsa Billgren with this frock.
I have quite a crush on her and her amazing square dance frock collection!
Can't understand a word, but who cares, when the pictures are so lovely and her frocks so divoon?!

We had a great gig on Saturday night, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and played pretty well, we think!
We certainly seemed to go down well with the punters.
I do love compliments!
I wore this:

Frock-a 60's square dance number, Etsy
Coat-70's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-early 60's Rex, G's Mama got it for her 21st
Black beads-gift
White beads-opshopped
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco