Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me

I just adore how Peepers prostrates herself before me....or behind me, as the case may be here!
She's such a little love!
We were just giggling over how tiny she was when we got her, and now she's a great big long legged soft thing!
She's bigger than Humpers, and used to boss him about...but he's butched up in the last year and now he tells her whats what.

Don't be fooled by the sunshine....yesterday was marred by the bitterest wind that threatened to create havoc with my hair!
Luckily I was going for a bit of a messy/dirty/needs a bloody wash but I'm too lazy look.

Frock-60's/70's, from the gloriarse Vix
Coat-70's, a theatre sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Earrings-60's, from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Handbag-60's vinyltastic, opshopped

I love love love the thick vinyl of this bag!

A vodka and tonic was just the ticket when I got home from a teensy opshop jaunt after work...

I was rather pleased to come home with a deep blue slip, a pale blue headpiece (I'm having a blue theme lately), a splendid tin, a tin bills/letters/misc thingy, and some divoon sheets!
I declare, the Retro Goddess was smiling upon me yesterday!

In other news....I made the cover of a local magazine!
Our awesome friend Jo, the wine writer, was contacted by the editor to be in  a feature they wanted to do on more unusual fashionistas....she asked if Jo knew of any other people...and Jo suggested me!
I in turn suggested our friend James Wilkinson (an amazing musician and uber styley gent) and it became fairly incestuous!
Anyway, here's some snapshots of it, I tried scanning, but it just didn't work out.

Jo and James!

The gentleman on the right is a well known property developer about town, and apparently a very nice man with a shoe collection that rivals mine!
No way!

Yes, I did get panicky over what to wear...but with G's assistance, decided on just something I would wear generally, not to overdo or overthink it....
The whole thing was a blast-the interviewer was lovely, the photographer and his assistant/wife were just wonderful...they all made me feel so comfortable and quite Goddess like!
Feck YEAH!
It's all very surreal and a little unnerving, as I am used to flying under the radar, so if I get recognised I may well freak out!

I wore:
Frock-made it myself with a curtain from darling Sue
Belt-thrifted in the States
Shoes-retail (this is rare!)
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Headpiece-60's, from my sistercousinwife
Earrings-a gift from my friend Nicole
Necklace-60's, opshopped. It's broken, so I've used ribbon to tie it on
Necklace-a  market
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief


The car was cold, and we lay in it for days

So, on Saturday there was a little break in the weather, so we took ourselves out for a little walk down to the beach...


We spotted a wood pidgeon.

We actually took this way back, and ended up in a some mud and got a little lost, but all ended well!

But I'm a lady!

I wore:
Frock-50's, Small Earth Vintage
Cardi-thrifted in Utah
Jacket-60's, a gift from a neighbour
Headpiece-60's, my darling sistercousinwife Sarah
Orange beads-the sexacious Desiree
Necklace-a market
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco
Earrings-the lovely Sue


Red hot pokers!

A kowhai tree!

Love this house.

And this dear wee blue box!

No idea what the purpley thing is, but it's magnificent!

And then I had to have a nap.


Honey wasn't it beautiful, the lovely time we spent together?

G has a birthday coming up shortly, and as we have a (Loafer) gig the weekend of said birthday, we took this weekend out for a romantic (ok, dirty) getaway to Little Akaloa, on Banks Peninsula.

We stopped in at the Hilltop Tavern, which whilst not quite on the way, is always worthwhile for the view over Akaroa Harbour and a drinkie...

I wore my splendid new-to-me Small Earth Vintage 50's frock, and 
Cardi-70's, opshopped in Reefton about 10 years ago; I just rediscovered it
Coat-50's, Two Squirrels
Vintage bow tie in hair and earrings-from the divoon Tamera
Necklace- a gift from G
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Handbag-60's, a vintage shop in Portland

And then off we toddled, arriving at our destination, Chichley Lodge...which sounds rather grand for a tiny one bedroom box with an outdoor toilet, doesn't it?!

But what about that view?!

The decor is fairly 80's, but who cares?!
We were cosy and comfy whilst watching the rain and stuffing our faces with all manner of treats and wine.....

Off with its cork!

Ha, I can't remember which little harbour we were at, one of the little ones at the top, towards the right...I think...

I had a wee panic pack on Thursday night, and threw in a pile of stuff......forgot most of my underwear, but hey, I had plenty of frocks!

Yeah, it's all about that view!

Here's a little video; we're trying to spot a wood pidgeon that had flown up into a tree nearby....