But let's not talk about fare-thee-wells now

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending the day with darling Susan of Indigo Violet!
(I know! Two Fridays in a  row of blogger meetup heaven!!! SQUEE!)
We had a fabularse day driving all about town raiding opshops...well, raiding in my case, not in Susan's!
I had some excellent luck for a change, but Susan must have passed her luck onto me!
Our day culminated in a late lunch and a teensy photoshoot.
As you do!

I wore:
Frock-50's, Bess Georgette
Cardi-Trade Me
Coat-70's, theatre sale
Socks-gift from G's Mama
Shoes-Trade Me
Crinoline-ETC Vintage
Vanity case-Trade Me
Headpiece-Wildfell Hall
Brooch-from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Chain necklace and faux fringe-from lucious Vix
Fragonard necklace-put together by moi 
Other necklace-a market

Susan wore the sweetest 40's frock she opshopped  years ago!

Here's a close up of Susan's frock.
Isn't the print heavenly?!

And just what did I score?!
A 60's navy blue vinyl bag (gawd I love vinyl!), a Waltzing Matilda silk scarf, a glass jar, a 70's tea towel, 70's salt and pepper shakers (spotted by Susan), a few vintage hangers, some gorgeous old doilies, a set of multi purpose sewing needles and some thread, a belt for G, a silver spoon and pate knife (I have a teensy collection), 2 70's metal bowls, a 60's pale blue scarf , a 3 metre piece of turquoise blue gingham fabric, 2 pairs of 60's gloves (a pair of elbow length gloves in pale blue and a wrist length pair of gloves in navy-I am obsessed with wrist length gloves), and...

...this delicious chocolate brown faux fur 70's coat, also spotted by Susan's eagle eye!!!
It's been years since I've come home with that much loot!

We had a splendid day, and most certainly will do it all again in the future, perhaps when I'm in Susan's neck of the woods!



The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

You are a vision in blue and green! Great haul :)

Tamera Wolfe said...

OMG--the print on her dress is AMAZING!!!

You look divine as always in your blues and greens!!!

You definitely made a nice haul--the new fur coat is spectacular!!!

Sue said...

All this took place in glorious sunshine! You of course looked your most fablous best in green and blue, love that colour combination. Note someone must be a little too busy to be first to post a comment today! Well done cupid of the south, I am sure you will have been involved some how!

pastcaring said...

...the night is a starry dome, darling! Gawd, I love that song. And I love you, despite being hideously envious of your op shopping luck! You did WELL, you lucky bugger. That coat is amazingly pimp-tastic, and your haul of gorgeousness is fab, especially those salt and pepper pots.
Don't you look glorious in the sunshine, delicious frock and coat, love the colours. And that faux fringe is so beautiful on you!
How lovely to meet up with Susan (I didn't know that was her name so thanks for introducing us!) and yes, the print on her dress is divine indeed.
Look at those huge cotton reels you're posing with in the last pic - from a giant's sewing box!
Love yooooouuuu - oh you're a mean old daddy but you're outta sight! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You are such gloriousness I love you outfit and mostly that green coat and the green socks playing off the rest of your ensemble and the blue. The brooch is beautiful, what a lovely gift from Sarah.

The print on Susan's dress is amazing and your op shop jacket score is awesome, well done. X

My sister is Margaret said...

THIS green coat is so amazing!!
You are such spectacular!!
Love color combo too!!
Bag <3

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

what a delicious headpice! love the watercolour dress xxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

You are truly the Queen of colour!

Brooke F said...

What a haul! That chocolate jacket is divine! Am also loving your faux fringe and blue headpiece combo. Just gorgeous! XXX

Krista Gassib said...

I am loving this weird back drop in the last shot of you gorgeous gal. That turquoise bag is delicious as are you ALWAYS!!!! I will agree and jump for joy for you were truly blessed, that coat is magnificent and will keep you warm next winter! I do love a blogger shopping day come back I'm getting so much better:) Susan's dress is all kinds of cute and your color combination blows my mind!

Teresa said...

Looking fabulous (as always) dear lady and I'm so stoked to see this dress on you. Adore!

And that's such a great score! Love the 70s coat.


thorne garnet said...

sweet coat. All the other stuff is pretty great, too.

Konad-licious said...

Argh, your glasses! I NEED!! So jealous on the coat score, FAB day Op shopping.....can I pls have some of your Op shop fairies? My luck has stunk lately. xx

his_girl_friday said...

That coat! So good!

Catherine said...

what a great hoard! that reminds me to post my own finds from the weeked.

I love your green coat too! Looking fab as always!

Anonymous said...

The weather there just looks glorious--the green coat and socks!! And that's quite a haul.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That's some loot right there!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that coat is amazing!Too many wonderful photos! x

Indigo Violet said...

The weather was amazing, the company even better (folks, Helga is even more witty and intelligent in real life than on her blog!). I can't wait until you fly south to see us in lil' old Dunedin.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Grey, green, blue and violet ... and you manage perfect!

Vix said...

Scores galore! I'm lusting after that gorgeous fake fur and hoping you won't need to wear it for at least 6 months and that that glorious sunshine stays above!
I adore that frock and you totally rock that fringe (mine made me look like a serial killer!)
Susan's frock is splendid. Blogger meets are the best - I can't wait till mine!
Love you! xxxxx

Trees said...

YAH!! Blogger meet up fun times! You had some incredible scores THAT COAT!! The fabric of Susan's frock is just incredible. So much fun - I love it :)

Sandra said...

your bow hat, I looked at you and your bow hat, with a veil, seriously fabulous hat, and your frock, you are most gorgeous, Susan's dress also made me quite giddy, it is heavenly - I feel a little over-stimulated with all the glory, and I'm happy with that! x x x

Camelia Crinoline said...

Wow, you really lucked out that day. I love the faux fur coat. The print on Susan's dress is making me swoon. So is your fabulous headpiece.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this post!I love all your finds, especially that sumptuous chocolate coat! I also ADORE your green and blue outfit, the frock is stunning and it's perfect with the socks and the lovely bag! The last photo is my favourite you always choose the perfect locations! Susan's frock has one of the most precious prints I've ever seen!
Love xxxxxx

The Grande Dame said...

Oo-er, what an amazing haul! I'm very impressed and envious. That coat really is fantastic!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Ahh another sweet blogger date! How I wish I was there. The oppies must have gotten some new stock in? You lucky duck! I'm panting over the navy bag! Just as well I didn't buy up big on the South, as I went a bit nuts in Auckland. An extra suitcase was required after all. I LURVE your outfit, blues & greens. And that coat....one of my faves. You must leave it to me in your will! Much love beautiful....we miss you! Xx

señora Allnut said...

lovely green and aqua colors in a fabulous color combo, your matching coat and socks, your pretty vanity-bag make me smile in delight!
and your sunnies are fabulous!
besos & blogs

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those sunglasses are the Cat's Meow! Blogger meetups are such fun, especially when there is thrifting involved. You scored big time with that Fecktastic coat. Too bad you will have to wait until next winter to wear it ;)

freckleface said...

I noticed the sewing reels too, but opposite to Curtise, I thought you might have eaten some Alice in Wonderland cake and shrunk. Or maybe you are a little green and blue coloured borrower? You're cute enough to be with that fringe.

Your friend's dress print is a-ma-zing. And as for your stash of loot. What on earth? Luck was a lady! Love your vintage hangers and your printed bits and bobs and that gingham is such a lovely colour too. All very good. xxxxx

Emalina said...

Incredible sunglasses, divine fringe, and one helluva sexy elegant outfit in those greens and blues. So glad you're painting the town in bright bright colour with your fun blogger meetups!

liz said...

How many people could pull off neon socks with grey heels? LOVE IT. The color of the green coat is perfect, too.

Hannah Spanner said...

You're so lucky you live near fellow bloggers! Gorgeous ensemble, I think I need to get me a faux fringe? That coat is insane, you need to pair it with gogo boots! xxxx

Ellinor Forje said...

I like that blue cardigan, and all the green, and the red! Cute outfit. Thanks for posting the spread and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

two squirrels said...

Oh oh I am so behind in blogland!!!! Look at you two lovely ladies.......yay for a get together and op-shop.
Miss Helga that coat is amazing and I am liking the the little socks. Susan's frock pattern is just gorgeous.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet.
Love V

BellaBean Vintage said...

What a luscious load of loot!! You two look divine!

Penny-Rose said...

What a great blogger meet-up!!! I am loving your blue dress and the green coat. Susan's dress is so amazing. The backgrounds in your photos are fascinating - rebuild from eq? - loving the industrial iron work and those giant cotton reels (forget the real name).

bonsaimum said...

That coat is to die for!!!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You lucky ducky! I wish I could meet up with bloggers, but alas everyone is sooooo far away from me! You two look as scrumptious as pie!