The car was cold, and we lay in it for days

So, on Saturday there was a little break in the weather, so we took ourselves out for a little walk down to the beach...


We spotted a wood pidgeon.

We actually took this way back, and ended up in a some mud and got a little lost, but all ended well!

But I'm a lady!

I wore:
Frock-50's, Small Earth Vintage
Cardi-thrifted in Utah
Jacket-60's, a gift from a neighbour
Headpiece-60's, my darling sistercousinwife Sarah
Orange beads-the sexacious Desiree
Necklace-a market
Sunglasses-Wasteland, San Francisco
Earrings-the lovely Sue


Red hot pokers!

A kowhai tree!

Love this house.

And this dear wee blue box!

No idea what the purpley thing is, but it's magnificent!

And then I had to have a nap.



Sue said...

I love everything about this post! You for a start that still stayed perfectly dressed for a walk! That fabulous blue shrub, I want one! The videos! Love G flying as he walks in the last one. What a perfect spot for a romantic wee get away, with the sweetest little cottages!!

Tamera Wolfe said...

What a gorgeous location!! so Romantic and such a wonderful backdrop for you in your fabulous orange dress!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Beautiful location and you make the colouring perfekt with your glourious outfit , the hubbie' is so cool!

Sandra said...

the videos are the best, I do like a marvellous entrance! - your frock is most spectacular, but I am very fond of all your frocks, the location is amazing and naps are very necessary after tromping about, great pic of G by the water too x x

Mariela said...

I just bought some shoes very similar to yours! You two always find the most beautiful places to travel to.

Brooke F said...

What a beautiful spot for a "dirty weekend"! That landscape is just magnificent and breathtaking! And you look perfectly fabulous in orange. (BTW- We have a shrub here that looks like the gorgeous bluey purple one. My family have always called it the "doodle tree". Its proper name surely can't be better than that!)XXX

Teresa said...

MOOOORE beautiful scenery! One day I'll get over that bit of sea and come and see some of NZ.

Beautiful frock and I admire your ability to hike/walk about in those shoes. ;)

Sarah said...

You guys are such a cute couple! Gorgeous sights and photos!

Krista Gassib said...

I love it when you show us your foliage! And boobage:). I wanna come for a visit so bad what a peaceful place I'd love to just escape life for a bit and that is exactly what I would want. The orange frock is gorgeous on ya!

Melanie said...

The only thing better than you in photos is you in movies. Yay!! You've got to love a town where there are no exits except into the water or up the mountainside. A perfect Stephen King setting. (What's wrong with my mind?)
Beautiful foliage and wildlife. I love your expression coming out of the men's room. And G is gawjus.
We need you to come here and give lessons on how to dress for hiking.

Val Sparkle said...

You look fabulous in orange! It's like the color was made just for you. Such a pretty dress, too.

I must get to New Zealand one day. That's really the only new place I want to see, and I want to see that very cove. If there's a way to get in.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little place to get away to for a day or few. You look utterly bright and beautiful the orange is wow, wow, wow. I could also see you styling that in the most glorious of ways for Halloween, only as Helga could.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Ahh love you and G having a little kiss, and that first photo of you looking so magnificent in orange against the green landscape, and the handwritten instructions to Luke's track, how thoughtful! What a beautiful place too, it looks so peaceful there. xx

Edie Pop said...

I love this adventure in such a beautiful natural environment, I'm always surprised at how those amazing places overwhelm me! And what a vision in orange among those exotic flowers and the gray rocks, you rock!
I'd like to write a poem in this comment but words are useless favourite photo is the kiss!
Love xxxxxxxx

Indigo Violet said...

The purple shrub is an echium - one of my favourites. I love your idea of a low heel Helga! I would probably break my ankle on even that.

Harrie Hattie said...

Wow! Peace and tranquility, looks a beautiful place Helga ;) stunning collection of colours xx

Kitty said...

red hot pokers!!! ACTUALLY.FUCKING. LAUGHING.OUT.LOUD. right now!!!!

Nothing like a spot of scenery, not to mention a spot of keen-ery my dear!! Looking amazefreakinballs as bloody always, and sheesh how green is it there?! Stunned!!!

Vix said...

Red hot pokers are my favourite foliage and you match them splendidly! If this post isn't enough to make us all decide to emigrate to sheep shagger land I don't know what is - glorious scenery and sexy locals...cor!!!
Love that's absolutely stunning on you! You superstar cover girl!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

oh my New Zealand is so green and beautiful! and you dont look too bad yourself! i love that orange frock youve got - it matches your hair well!

thorne garnet said...

the flowers are so pretty! Love the orange dress

pastcaring said...

Well, YOU are like a red hot poker, my darling Cover Queen! Look at that fabulous orange frock, you are enough to brighten up the gloomiest of days in that beauty.
Love the I'm a Lady shot, and of course I go a bit squidgey when I see you and G getting your snog on...
Stunning scenery, gorgeous photos, and you and G - doesn't get any better!
Love you! xxxxx

freckleface said...

I adore you in that red hot poker Mexican dress, I really do. I think I want an identical one and I'm going to dye my hair red so I can be your twin. Or apprentice, I'll take either position.

You and G are just the cutest couple. So happy and romantic and a bit saucy. Perfect really.

The NZ tourist board should employ you. If there is one thing which is better than shots of that gorgeous landscape, it's YOU. Especially in your 'I'm a lady' shot. Oh and those little cabins. I'm not surprised you needed a little nana nap, all that excitement darling! xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh look at you two lovely and G always look so very happy together.......just love it.
What a wonderful place to take some time out and the orange dress is gorgeous on you!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness I have just seen on FB the cover of Avenues.......about bloody time they had someone gorgeous and stunning to grace there so happy to see you in it........exciting.
Love v
Now I have to get a copy.

Renia said...

So beautiful pics! Amazing places! You look very pretty, I love this orange dress:)! Kisses x x x x x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Everything is sooooo GREEN! How gorgeous, and it is the perfect background for your redhotpoker dress. What a lovely place for a getaway. I would have broken my neck trying to navigate those rocks in heels so good on you!

Maureen said...

One of the many things I loved when I lived in New Zealand was that because the bush is evergreen, a sunny day in autumn, winter and spring seems like summer!

The flowers look lovely, agree about the purpley thing and I love the tree with the trumpet flowers.

Anonymous said...

Yo Helgs

I just wanted to thank you for your positive and kind words on my blog post :) I am totes in love with the orange gorge! <3

Please check out

Camelia Crinoline said...

Just saw you on the cover of Avenues magazine. You're famous! You look fabulous. I love all the orange. You're so colour coordinated.

Sacramento Amate said...

Such a dream, my dear Helga, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
your dress, the pics, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Take me there, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Love, love, love.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Ah, fantastico! The dress looks great on you, and all the photos are so beautiful!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Yup, a great outfit! And the purpley thing is Echium candicans, also known as Pride of Madeira - just in case anyone wants to plant one!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You're a tangerine dream in a lush green wonderland!!

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