The power of pussy....

Happy Helgaween!


Helga as The Lost Virgin
M.Weasles as Mr Lurky
Photos by G. Perve Seagrave

Swallowing diamonds, a cutting throat, your teeth when you grin reflecting beams on tombstones

We've been on a splendid long weekend driving about the South Island....totally gloriarse, except for a nasty cold wind that followed us about like a bad smell!
Above is a pic from Waimate, where we spent yesterday afternoon and last night...isn't this building incredible?!

Below are the goodies we managed picked up....

The two frocks are from Two Squirrels gorgeous little shop in Milton!


Described you clearly, but the sky began to fall

I'm having quite the case of fizzy brain this week.
This occurs when I am obsessing over things........such as knowing I need to get organised and pack for a few days away, wanting to buy 14 squillion square dance frocks (my current passion) and trying to rein myself in, getting down with a Mexican cooking frenzy followed by watching Rick Stein in Asia and then needing to have a Thai cooking frenzy as well, but worried about what might happen if the two should accidentally meet on the plate .......and also when I am stressed over a ridiculous work issue, fretting about whether or not the neighbours are going to have yet another mid week party and wondering why the feck is Miss Peepers meeping at me?!

My brain, it fizzles.
Really it does!

I'm sure it will all sort itself out; it's usually the way!

Thank goodness for my happy lush place in the interim!

I am interested to see that whilst most of you feel tricksy about dining at posh restaurants, some of you actively enjoy it!
I'm not sure that I ever could really feel comfortable in such places, especially considering that I am a cheap tart, but I'm willing to give it a another try!

Frock and cardi-opshopped
Belt-thrifted in New Mexico
Vanity case as handbag-60's, opshopped
60's necklace and earrings-opshopped
Bow-Japantown, San Francisco
Sunglasses-a vintage shop in Portland
Shoes-70's, a gift
Slip of indeterminate vintage, barely seen-from the sexacious Desiree


A couple of the sounds that I really like are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike

We did something unusual for us on Thursday night....we went out for dinner to a rather poncey flash restaurant called King of poncey flash, we weren't even sure they'd let us in!!!
I'm not especially comfortable at fancy, fashionable places.They tend to view drunken rolling about on the floor antics with distaste. 
We usually prefer small, reasonably priced suburban restaurants, our current favourite being Hammersley's Thai around the corner; despite the weird name, it currently serves what we think is the best Thai in town!
An old friend was in town, and another friend had arranged the dinner in her honour, so I threw on my new optical delusional frock and flounced on into the city!
Feck me, the place was chocka (that means full, or packed in Kiwi lingo!) with noisy punters, all of whom, it seemed, had to have a good gawk as we walked in....I was duly admired, therefore I deemed the place worthy of my presence...........!!!
It took frigging ages to get drinks, so frigging long I only managed two all night...and the meals also took forever to arrive......... but the friendly staff and the incredible meals we finally received made up for it!

Frock-50's, Lulaverse (truly the sweetest seller, and one of few I am happy to promote!)
Jacket-my friend Brenda (hello blossom! I love lurid lurex!)
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Lacey headpiece-my friend Claire makes wedding frocks for a living, this is an offcut that I hot glued a hairclip to. Sparkle!
Earrings-the lovely Sue
Diamante necklace-sweetheart Louise
Other necklace-a market
Sunglasses-my sistercousinwife Sarah

When did you last dine out somewhere ridiculously flash?!


And you won't get me in a hole to rot-with your hemlock on the rocks

So, 3 years since the first of our earthquakes, we are finally feeling comfortable and safe enough to start putting things back on our walls!
Can't remember the last time I felt an aftershock.
So after a little gentle nagging (!), G fished out some boxes from the garage and we got busy on this bit of wall with some of our travel treasures, mostly from Mexico.
I am rather looking forward to getting some more things up, especially over the cocktail cabinet!

The skull was from a friends garden, I intend to paint it sometime and hot glue those faux flowers on... eventually.

Frock-from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Headpiece-from the sexacious Desiree
Earrings-put together by moi from some opshopped bits
Necklaces-top: Wasteland, San Francisco last year, middle: 70's, opshopped, bottom: London 1989
Toes-Barry M "neon green", from sexy arse Vix
Booboids-courtesy of my late Mama

We have a trunk (G's Mama's hope chest, actually!) load of genie bottles, 3 of which you see above left, that we have a plan for when we renovate the kitchen/dining area.

The two tea light holders were from Turkey, and the little head was off Trade Me.
The Frida heart at the bottom was a gift from the heavenly Shelley.

This is Peepers classic "poo face".
She's quite expressive, especially when she is displeased, and she is frequently displeased with me shoving the camera in her face!
Humpers, on the other hand, is only too happy to oblige.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who likes to take billions of pictures of my pets?!


Can't touch this

It's Helgatime!

I declare, there's a little stick in my hair!

My boss commented that I looked exceedingly ladylike with my gloves this morning, and like I was going to a high tea.....
Whereupon I snorted and felt like being quite rambunctious, as I may be inclined to a ladylike look quite often, but I am actually anything but.

The thought of high tea makes me want to heave, really.
I don't mind a cup of tea on occasion, like when I'm cold or am upset.....but as a social occasion?!
I don't think so.
And cakes and pretty sandwiches, biscuits or pastries just aren't my bag.
A jug of some sort of delicious cocktail, like a rude cosmopolitan, and some spicey snacks is far more up my alley, and far more conducive to my idea of a fun social occasion.
I'm just not a sweet milk and cookies kind of girl.
I'm a lot more interesting with a few drinkies in me.


Ugh, something's been chewing at my tights.

Pix by my fabularse friend and work colleague, Stacey! Thanks, blossom!

60's frock, sunglasses and darling wrist length (!) 60's gloves-from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Jacket-early 60's, opshopped about 10 or more years ago. I suspect there would have been an awesome frock to go with it
Shoes- a school fair
Velvet tuxedo bow in hair-opshopped
Beads, 60's, opshopped
Earrings-from the lovely Sue

Right, I'm off to drink gin with a heavenly friend I haven't seen in about 4 years!
We've got some catching up to do.