Been a long time I rock and rolled...

It's been quite a week!
Monday involved going out for dinner (Italian) and a dance performance with a friend from Auckland.
I pulled out this gorgeous Salon Celia coat thingy I picked up a couple of weeks was one of those ones, y'know, the ones you don't think you really need and you leave behind...and then can't stop thinking about...after nearly two weeks since seeing it in an opshop when out with darling Leisa, I couldn't stop myself from dropping back in to see if it was still there. 
It was, therefore I knew it was meant to be!

Frock-70's, opshopped
Headpiece-from lovely Lucy
Earrings-super Sue
Handbag-a Rex, gift from G
Necklaces-top, from Wasteland in San Francisco, bottom, from London in 1989

Wednesday was G's birthday, so we went out for a few drinkies after work and then on to dinner (Thai).....
I'd asked him what colour he would like me to wear for the day, and he said orange: his favourite colour.
The damned yellow shoes gave me blisters though.

Frock-the sweetest Squirrel
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-vinyltastic, opshopped
Earrings-gorgeous Ila
Necklace-60's, darling Tamera
Flower-New Mexico

Friday morning we popped into The Vintage Cupboard to pick up some scrummy red boots I'd spotted and then left behind in another vacant moment...G scored a splendid jacket too!

Frock-my sistercousinwife Sarah
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower-New Mexico
Necklace-beads strung by me and pendant from Oaxaca

Friday night Loafer had a gig out at Lincoln.

And my night was completed by carking out on Nix and Si's couch with Kyzer, a gorgeous little Schnauser they're baby sitting at the moment.

Frock-square dance joy from Etsy
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklaces-top, put together by moi from varied sources, bottom, from a market
Earrings-gift from my mate Nicole
Flower-made by my friend Claire

And Saturday involved a few errands about town.......

I am clutching a gin and tonic as I type, the sun is out and the birds are chirping in a most Springlike manner.
All we need is for somebody to mow their lawn.

Pussy bow blouse-from my sweet friend Brenda
Shoes-wonderful Rae
Brooch-"the bod" Curtise
Handbag-a weird vinyltastic thing, opshopped
60's clip on earrings-my sistercousinwife Sarah
Bow-made by moi



Vix said...

Oh my goodness, that nearly-didn't-get coat is amazing! Thank feck it was still there so you could snap it up. I love it!
The orange outfit is gorgeous, the blue dress you're shopping in makes me knees wobble and your square dancing frock is adorable and so are you.
I love that dress with the Geisha girls in the Vintage Cupboard and the wallpaper's pretty fab!
Have a bostin' weekend!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...


Amber/ Vudupink said...

Oh my god you are such a rad bitch ! I swear your posts are so fun,I mean a total treat!I cannot wait to see what you put together because it is always F-ing to die for.You have fans out here Missy...but I would steal the little asian print sundress right out our closet as soon as you turned your back.Ha!XO a million

Veshoevius said...

That red coat is amazing! love all your outfits! The tangerine shades look fab layered on top of one another and I love the lilac dress xx

Sandra said...

a flourish of the most gorgeous frocks! the square dancing one is awesome, I have been lusting after one for ages, you look gorgeous in it - the red dress and coat are so beautiful, you are a treat for the eyes.....oh to spend an hour in your closet ooh-err! x x

Carina Rosenholm said...

Once again - you are truly the Queen of colour!

thorne garnet said...

nice outfits all the way down the post.Look who's on the cover of that magazine placed right by the check out.

Jane George said...

oh that coat!!! so glad you went back for it! nobody alive could do it the justice you do it! deliriously gorgeous in every friggin outfit! xxxxx

Sue said...

So pleased you went back for that gorgeous coat! Cute little dog, obviously liked aunty helga!

Tatjana Dmitrović Drljan said...

Everything is so amazing on you.
Dresses are so gorgeous and I am so amazed with those tights and shoes!

daiseedeb said...

Love the many fashion personalities of Helga!

Penny-Rose said...

Jeepers there is so much to love in this post Helga, I almost don't know where to start! I need to visit CHCH and meet you and go to the Vintage Cupboard. First I need to save up some dosh. In the meanwhile I will just drool over your amazing clothes and accessories.

Indigo Violet said...

The Salon Celia coat is magnificent!

Kitty said...

With that many outings and costumes changes in one week, I'd be falling asleep too! A bex and a good lie down, even.And your skin is looking more amazing than ever!!! Love your work!!!

Trees said...

This is ALMOST too much fabulousity for one post - its hard to say which outfit I like the best...but I think the G birthday special is a winner :D

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look absolutely glowing in these pics Helga, and I'm happy that coat was still there for you, it's stunning and obviously meant for you! So much gorgeousness here to look at, that Geisha girl dress and the sheer one next to it are both beautiful too. xx

Catherine said...

i love the blue dress in the last pictures - but really, such a fab collection of outfits! I really like the orange and yellow one - your like tweety bird meets an orange! i love it!

Fiona said...

Gawd! What a splendid array of outfits. Love the Salon Celia coat what a fantastic name, it sounds so snooty. The geisha girl dress is wonderful too and so are you dear, positively radiant I'd say.
Just about to get my mower out!

Hannah Spanner said...

Happy belated birthday to G! You look like a gorgeous rainbow each day of the week. That vintage cupboard shop looks amazing, and love the gingham dress on you! xxx

Melanie said...

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you went punting after brunch. No wonder you carked out after Loafer in Lincoln. All amazing gorgeousness. The long jacket thingy makes me sing off key it's so wonderful. Happy B-day G!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

If color combination would be an Olympic race, you would win.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love the photo of you passed out in your square-dancing dress along with the Schauzer! So many fabulous colours, you were a regular rainbow this week. I'm glad the coat was still there - that is a stunner!

I'm very taken with that sundress at the Vintage cupboard that looks like it has a pattern of Geisha Girls on it - how adorable!!! It's probably size small :(

Sheila said...

So many great outfits and good times. Happy Birthday to G, my fellow Libra!

Tamera Wolfe said...

It's a good thing you went back for that coat because it was MADE for you!! FABULOUS!!

You've had a wonderful busy week--and looked fantastic!! I'm glad the orange necklace got to celebrate G's birthday!

Krista Gassib said...

I love that you asked G what color he'd like you to wear, if I asked Chris he would say black:). It looks like it was a busy but totally fun week. You look killer in all these outfits but I do live me some sweet lil square dance dresses and this one is super sweet on you!

I can see you with that gin and tonic and almost hear those birds enjoy spring for me and I will get my cuddles on for you in the winter.
I love you sweetheart! Spank G again for me, come on I bet he likes it:)))))))))))

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so glad you went back for that gloriarse coat. It looks amazing on you. I love love love the birthday outfit, & I felt a little heart-sick seeing pics of the Vintage Cupboard. I really really want a square dance dress. You & Sarah have me absolutely converted. Love you more then twirly skirts & gingham. Xx

freckleface said...

Where do I start? Gingham lilac dress, love. Geisha dress, love. Orange outfit, delicious. Isn't it comforting when something you have thought about is still there. It's a sign it is meant to be.
Have I ever told you I have cardigan envy relating to you? You seem to have them in every colour. I love that yellow hand knitted/crocheted one on you. It is perfection! xxxxxxx

bonsaimum said...

Such gorgeous colours.

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody hell, my love, you must have had a STROKE when you went back and that AMAZING TREASURE was still there waiting for you! You look absolutely exquisite in every outfit.

The red maxi with the new coat is just incredible - pleeeeeeease bring it to Helgastock14. You are so beautiful.

The orange floral square dancing number is fabularse - shame about the bastard blisters. Bring that one too.

FUCK A DUCK! You make that blue and orange floral number positively divine!

The gingham square dancing frock is awful. Send it over and I'll get rid of it for you. Promise.

And the Mrs Slocombe blue number is classic Helga - so SO perfect on you, my love!

Love you more than cuddly, snuggly dogs!

Me xxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

You are positively scrumptious in that orange outfit. Those shoes are fantastic! I just wish they were kinder on your toes!

pastcaring said...

Err, excuse me - WHERE has this post been hiding, I seem to have missed it, and it can't POSSIBLY be my fault...
Anyhoo - better late than never, I say. So so so glad you went back for Salon Celia, she's a beauty, and you look quite magnifique.
Aren't you a good girlfriend, dressing up in orange for G? Though I'm guessing it wasn't much of a chore - orange is fabularse! Glorious frock, but damn those shoes - how can they look so good and hurt so bad?
Ooh, the Vintage Cupboard looks wonderful, and the square dance frock is a lilac gingham delight. Then you come over all Betty Slocombe and I am drooling a little over your gorgeous legs... Ewwww.
I must have had one of your vacant moments - so sorry to be late, darling! xxxx

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