Can't touch this

It's Helgatime!

I declare, there's a little stick in my hair!

My boss commented that I looked exceedingly ladylike with my gloves this morning, and like I was going to a high tea.....
Whereupon I snorted and felt like being quite rambunctious, as I may be inclined to a ladylike look quite often, but I am actually anything but.

The thought of high tea makes me want to heave, really.
I don't mind a cup of tea on occasion, like when I'm cold or am upset.....but as a social occasion?!
I don't think so.
And cakes and pretty sandwiches, biscuits or pastries just aren't my bag.
A jug of some sort of delicious cocktail, like a rude cosmopolitan, and some spicey snacks is far more up my alley, and far more conducive to my idea of a fun social occasion.
I'm just not a sweet milk and cookies kind of girl.
I'm a lot more interesting with a few drinkies in me.


Ugh, something's been chewing at my tights.

Pix by my fabularse friend and work colleague, Stacey! Thanks, blossom!

60's frock, sunglasses and darling wrist length (!) 60's gloves-from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Jacket-early 60's, opshopped about 10 or more years ago. I suspect there would have been an awesome frock to go with it
Shoes- a school fair
Velvet tuxedo bow in hair-opshopped
Beads, 60's, opshopped
Earrings-from the lovely Sue

Right, I'm off to drink gin with a heavenly friend I haven't seen in about 4 years!
We've got some catching up to do.



Melanie said...

Oops, I thought you said something's been chewing at your thighs!? How non-genteel of me to misread in such a way, especially after all that talk of high tea and heaving.
I love your V-pose. You are a delight always. Stacey has framed you fabulously.

Misfits Vintage said...

Stacey! Stacey! Come sit on my facey!

Well, you look frickin gorgeous, my love. The purple frock is a DELIGHT on your rambunctious fabulousness and every detail is exquisite, as always. The hair bow! The tights and shoes combo!

STOP! It's ALWAYS Helgatime in my world!

Love you more than YOU!

Sistercousinwife xxx

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous as always! Love the blue and green together! x

Brooke F said...

Damn I love Helga-time! I imagine there is a pretty awesome dance that goes with Helga-time too. Love the very lady-like ensemble - just perfect! I quite like a high tea, but then I am addicted to tea and sweet pastries and cakes make me drool. On the other hand I am also addicted to cheeky cocktails and nibbles. Ah, it's good to have the best of both worlds. XXX

Sue said...

You are interesting even without drink in you!! Helga-time should be videoed, I can only imagine the dance moves you would rock out with and no baggy crutch to the knee pants in sight.

Teresa said...

So fabulous! I love your frock and yellow sunglasses.

Janice Tutone said...

I want your bun! It always looks so perfect! XXX

thorne garnet said...

Green freaking shoes? Damn, I sick of brown and black ones.

Sheila said...

I am so not surprised - I do enjoy a few drinkies myself on occasion, although I also drink herbal teas.

I think your tights rubbed on some boots - I've had mine do that too.

Anonymous said...

The colour of those gloves is perfection!

Vix said...

Too right! I can't understand why people wet their knickers over tea and sandwiches when you can get them at home. Give me a jug of Wetherspoons two for one cocktails and bag of nuts any day of the week.
Stacey's photos are gorgeous, what a divine lady you are frolicking in your gloves, cat eyed glasses and purple frock.
Wish I could join you for gin!
Love you!" xxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh delightful ladylike you, in magnificent purple, blue and green! Helgatime is my favourite time of day, especially when accompanied by cocktails and something salty... Ooh err. Now I don't mind sandwiches and pastries and cake. And I love a mug of strong builders tea. But if I had to choose? A pint and some crisps, please. Or a gin and tonic. Or a Bloody Mary. Or wine. Sensing the theme...?
Gorgeous outfit, wonderful photos (nice one, Stacey), and gin with a long-lost friend - perfection, darling!
Loving YOUUUUUU! xxxxx

Sandra said...

it's Friday, it's Helga-time, life is goooooood! yes you do look most ladylike and gorgeous (I lust over all your outfits), but thankfully you are a foxy minx! being a greedy bugger, I would have tea, cake, and a gin - I lack self-discipline and sophistication! x x

Sacramento Amate said...

There is not a better time than Helga time where warmth lives and all the colours are happy together, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
happy weekend, my diva.

Edie Pop said...

It should be always Helgatime!! I need a partner in crime for sharing a cup of gin, insted of tea!! I enjoy to read your post and I learn one or two new words, so you are always very educational for me!!! I love the purple frock, the green gloves and the shoes are fabulous and I'm totally in love with those awesome yellow cat eyes sunglasses!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Lots of love xxxxx

Jane George said...

green blue purple yellow tan may just be my new favourite colour combo! Goddess status as always! I'm with you on the high tea....and i'm English! That makes me a traitorous rebel! xxxxxx

seƱora Allnut said...

hurrah for your rambunctious fabulousness (and hurrah for that amazing word I've never heard before: Rambunctious, how I ever lived without you?)
Love your pretty frock and all those blue and purple shades and matching shoes and gloves!!
Actually you look gorgeously matchy and you're just my kind of lady!. As a huge fan of screwdriver, red wine and aperitifs, I would love to share some tasty hot tapas with you, dear lady!!
besos & cocktails

two squirrels said...

Oh I am going to have that song stuck in my head for days now.........look at fabulous you!........amazing as always......very much in love with the print on that pretty frock.
Chewing on your tights........I had on a pair the other day the bloody 'muff moths' had been at, if you know what I meant....snigger.......
Hope you have a splendid weekend.....bottoms up sweet....enjoy the to you & G.....v

Fiona said...

I think most of us are a lot more interesting with some alcohol inside us, I know I am. But I am rather partial to a strong cuppa too and I also like sarnies (doorsteps - not poncy no-crust ones) and cakes...but not cupcakes....ugh! In fact I am not fussy at all.
You are a vision in mauve, green and blue.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think that "HelgaTime" should replace "Happy Hour"; I know I would be much more inclined to participate! I can't drink tea except for the wussy herbal kind and I have been told that I am rather entertaining after a cocktail or two (no more, or I just get sleepy).

Love the green shoes and the pretty frock. Have a lovely weekend, you sassy vixen!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Helga Time should be madatory everywhere!! Dress in a fabulous frock and be SASSY!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Looking good as usual! Drink a gin for me...

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Helga!

I'm not the high tea type as well
I prefer a glass of red wine, french bread dipped in olive oil and Balsamic vinegar !

Your gloves are awesome!

Ariane xo

Mariela said...

You look fab like always. I love gloves but always feel a bit odd wearing them.

Amber/ Vudupink said...

Tea is best in lingerie with a ciggie hanging out of your mouth. You know, really class it up! Oh,but you are a delightfully naughty creature...XO

Catherine said...

oooh i love those shoes! ive been looking for a good green pair for ages!
And yes - i love tea and sometimes get all fancy with my selection, but high teas has become a bit old hat, both from the Victorian era and the recent re-do

daiseedeb said...

THe fabric in that dress really rings my bell! So lovely! And the greens with it make me swoon. Your sense of color is just so divine, Miss Helga.

Val Sparkle said...

Helga Time must be that time of day when colors are so bright sunglasses are needed, the sound of laughter carries on the breeze, and very close by is the pop of a cork. If only it could always be Helga Time!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Looking ladylike and behaving decidedly unladylike is fun. One of the weird things about wearing vintage is that people seem to expect you to be ever so sweet. The colours are gorgeous. I love the gloves and frock.

Anonymous said...

So divinely dressed. Maybe we need to einvent the high tea - loads of cocktails served with indian food!

Hannah Spanner said...

I'm not a tea drinker either so I shall join you in the spicy snacks department. Oh this look reminds me of Pan Am one of the gals had the most divine gloves on, I need to wear gloves more xxx

daiseedeb said...

I just realized..I HAVE those gloves! And, a lower version of those shoes! Am I a Helga wannabe???
; )

his_girl_friday said...

I love Helga-time! It's filled with vibrant colors.

Trees said...

I love Helgatime! The colour of those tights is amaze. Also there's a place in Petone where you can do high tea with booze instead of tea if you're ever tempted to give high tea a try;)

Kitty said...

ooh I'm late as usual!! Couldn't agree with you more, tea is for illness only- nothing more boring in life I reckon!! Give me alcohol and real food any day!

Krista Gassib said...

Being ladylike is highly overrated and hard for me to pull off, ever! Have you heard that song by Storm Large?Sometimes I try like when I'm around super old people but then something happens and I'm back to not giving two shits about what comes out of my mouth:) You are an honest crazy lovely lady! Add booze and just multiply the fun:)

The purple frock needs to be at the front of the closet paired with the yellow sunnies and your brights ass red hair make me hungry for spice!!! HOTTIE PATOTTIE! You are my favorite color!

Emalina said...

You're a rhapsody in blue, and yellow, and green! It's always the most demure looking ladies who really know how to partay and you with your prim and proper (lovely) gloves, my dear, are one of the best of them!

liz said...

Fantastic yellow sunglasses, and those green shoes and gloves...! You make my eyeballs happy. :)