This limbo is no place to be a digit in another space

We've got a new front door!
Our old toilet glass French doors were getting rather rickety, so G picked up a quite modern, large front door with double glazed windows either side off Trade Me for a song, and a couple of friends helped install it.
Once it's all painted up, and the framing is on it's going to look splendid!
It's ever so grown up to do things to one's house.
G has also almost finished putting in this new timber porch!
I do love it when he does manly things, with manly tools.
I think we're on a bit of a binge; last weekend I helped him unscrew our outdoor chairs and paint them red, the table will be done this weekend, and he also painted up a little glass topped wrought iron table we picked up in Oamaru. There's more things to go up on the wall in the lounge, and we've got a pile of fairy lights for the back deck.......YAY!
We're finally getting some decorative mojo back after the post earthquake wasteland!
There's even a bit of a building boom going on in the city!
Rock the hell on, I say.
(without the rolling, if you don't mind!)

Frock-70's, I reckon it was once a maxi, opshopped
Tights-opshopped (amazingly!)
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, G found it in a 10c bin at an opshop with a broken strap!
Hairbow and vintage Oroton sunglasses-from my sistercousinwife
Gold beads-opshopped


Lost in the glare, all of us stare

And here are the final pix form our road trip!
I managed to drag that out quite a bit, didn't I?!

Before we left Oamaru we had to stop in at this second hand shop, of course. Picked up a little wrought iron glass topped table, and then moved on....the mission of the day was to get to Waimate, a dear wee little town inland between  Oamaru and Timaru, known mostly for it's wallabies......
We've always wanted to spend a little time there, but never had.....

Waimate boasts 3 op shops, a couple of secondhand shops and a classy vintage shop, which was a surprise!

This to me is the piece de resistance....we were told that it was the first arcade built  in New Zealand.
There is a special society dedicated to the restoration of it.
I'd SO love to see inside, but it is fairly derelict as they haven't been able to raise enough funds yet to start the restoration.
(see here for history)

It's just gloriarse!

We stayed the night in this funny little hotel which hasn't been decorated since the early 80's.......

Each year they have street racing-which we missed by a day!
They were still cleaning up.

This is the carpet in our hotel room....

We popped out for a few drinkies and some dinner, and to catch the evening light at the was even more divoon in the late, low sun!
What a palatial residence it would make!
A gal can dream.........



Just snap your fingers and I'm walking...

I felt pretty fecking frocktacular in this heavenly little square dance number I scored off Etsy for a song....and perhaps I should dance?!
I wore it for drinkies one Thursday after work with my luscious friend've met her before, here...

G and I stopped in Hagley Park so I could prance about in my tights with sandals glory....
Poop, my "seams" are twisted!!!!
They were more than twisted after a several red wines and a good gossip with gorgeous Daisy, I can tell you.

Do I look like a woman who gives a shit about dressing age appropriate?!
I should think not!
But doesn't that pink blush give me a youthful glow?!
(later it was the wine...)

Jacket-70's, opshopped
Belt-70's, opshopped
Tights-from my Indian Princess, Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Sunglasses-vintage Orotons from my sistercousinwife Sarah
Bow-from friend and bandmate Nix
Earrings-from darling Louise
Necklace-pendant from Oaxaca, strung by moi


There's only so much you can miss, before we both collide

Um, yes, here's some more pix from our little road trip.....

After visiting the Squirrels, we headed through Dunedin and up to Moeraki, with the intention of spending the night there....but alas, Moeraki was seething with loads of people, so we went on up to Oamaru instead, and spotted this teensy little shop by the side of the road.....or did we spot this before we came to Moeraki?!
Hmmmm, not so sure now!
Anyways, it was a sweet little shop, and I bought a darling 60's scarf ring there.

We got ourselves a cabin at the campground in Oamaru, nestled against a picturesque little hill and just a 10 minute walk from town, which happens to be through, or along the edge of, their botanical gardens....

O, I dealt with Humpty here, so figured we could give him a wide berth this time....


It was bloody chilly!

We were fascinated with these awesome steam punky sculpture at a car sales yard.

Oamaru's Victorian Precinct is one of  our favourite places to be.

We always have to have a drinkie here, at The Criterion.
Every year they have a week of Victorian Heritage Celebrations, which we've never managed to attend!
One of these days we simply must!