Look at the sunrise, I look at it burn.... I look into your eyes, don't know where to turn

Indeed, lets have some more pix from our little road trip....
I've only got a dozen or so posts worth of pix, so I shall pepper y'all with them until you beg for mercy!

A little posing by a barn on the way out of Alexandra

We quite liked Roxburgh. The only opshop was closed though.
I don't think that's quite good enough.

Loved this Mary grotto by the Catholic church

I could while away a few hours sipping cocktails on that balcony!

We stopped by a river for a quick brunch on the way to Lawrence

And then it rained like a bitch!
Lawrence was wet and soggy and fecking cold!
How rude!

Such a pretty mural!
I'm rather fond of lemons.

As we were leaving Lawrence, we saw a sign by the side of the road with 2nd and a hand on it, and an arrow pointing to the right....G thoughtfully hauled up and we went up a steep little road looking for what turned out to be an elusive second hand shop!
We were about to give up when we suddenly saw it down a side street!
Sadly, there was nothing of interest to reward our efforts.

And then we came to Milton.....and quietly snuck up on those lovely Squirrels!




Sue said...

First I love your shoes! Secondly grottos are the best and it got me to wondering old Hugh Hefmeista has a virgin mary in his grotto. How cool is the Lemon mural, that would be fab on the side of our garage. Lovin your road trip snaps! PS, I think I may be first! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Indigo Violet said...

That opshop in Roxburgh is always bloody closed!

bonsaimum said...

I love those shoes. What a lovely colour. The towns look great, I especially love the old bank.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love your outfit darling....that jacket/coat thing is fab. We adore traveling through Rox. We talk about having a pie from Jimmy's for months in advance, & then scoff it it seconds by the Clutha. The Captain always goes a bit mountain man crazy when he sees that river. I can't keep him away from it! I wish the good Rox op shop hadn't closed down. How dare they spoil my fun!!! Drag out your posts for as long as possible, you know I'm enjoying each & every beautiful pic. Xx

Vix said...

Keep those trip photos coming! I love the style of those wooden (?) buildings, it looks like you're on the set of a wild West film!
Those stone grottos are really popular at Catholic churches in india, odd aren't they?
Looking divine tucking into your picnic and surprising the Squirrels. That frock is a beaut and the green shoes are gorgeous!
How rude that the op shop was closed and it rained.
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

two squirrels said...

Tee hee I know what happens next..........SQUEALS of pure excitement........yay yay.......love love love it.
What a wonderful adventure you and G were on......I am just loving it.....more pics please......love v

Carina Rosenholm said...

What great Photos!
Love your shoes- they are kind of - perfect!

Sandra said...

love these pics! cocktails on a balcony would be excellent! and lemon murals are fab, I am very fond of all of your intro 'backdrop' photos and I covet all your frocks, the shoes are beauties - I agree with everyone, more pics please x x x

Edie Pop said...

I love every single fekin'photo of your trip! It's a pleasure to see the differences and the similarities between Italy and New Zealand! The first photo of the abandoned wooden house is one of my favourites and I'm in awe of the beautiful overwhelming nature that surrounds Roxburgh!You look gorgeous more than ever in your floral frock and because of your style you deserve a grotto of your own self, now I'm off to talk to The Pope!!!
Love xxxxxxx

Brooke F said...

I have loved your travel pix and I yearn to visit in real life one day. Bloody cheek of closed op shops and rain though. Do adore that denim jacket of yours - very versatile I reckon. Bring on more pix!XXX

freckleface said...

I love everything about this post from that derelict barn to the Mary grotto with flowers, to your shoes (perfect heel height and colour) to your impromptu picnic where you deal with that tomato in quite a decisive fashion! It felt like we were going on a Wild West adventure together. Wouldn't that be marvelous! Those buildings, just fabulous. I could take any number of these photos and still not be begging for mercy. Insatiable, that's me. Lots of love to you my dear xxxxxx

seƱora Allnut said...

lovely landscapes and buildings, that balcony and the lemons mural are fabulous!!
and such a delightful brunch by the river!!
and you're looking gorgeous, love your floral dress and pretty denim coat!!, always so awesome!!

pastcaring said...

You show us as many photos from your road trip as you like, my darling!
Stupendous frock, love the print and that fabulous denim coat-dress-doodah, and the shoes are perfection.
Love seeing the towns you visited, they look so different from the UK - the lemon mural and the grotto are delightful.
Hurray for picnics and posing, boo to closed op shops and rain, and a huge cheer for sneaking up on those delicious Squirrels! xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

How rude indeed! Dam rain! Not took bad though you squeezed in that lil picnic by the river's edge. I do like see New Zealand through your colorful hilarious eyes. Look out Vanessa and Warren you are about to get pounced on!

Tamera Wolfe said...

I so love your travel pix--a view of such a lovely country!!

Teresa said...

You always woo me with your fabulous location shots and beautiful frocks lady! Gorgeous! Oh… and I agree. There is nothing worse then coming to a town and the op shop being closed.


Delia Ryder said...

aawwww I am so smiling right now at your last photo cant wait to see you with the adorable squirrels :-) dee xx

Shawsy said...

Helga! I love your name and style and haircut! haha you're great women!
Follow each other?
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Hannah Spanner said...

Looks idyllic, I would have been tempted to nick that Mary statue but that would be blasphemous. Those buildings are just so dreamy and you still manage to look glam beehive and all whilst having a picnic, skills! xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

great pics! And you look superb as usual!

Catherine said...

ahh New Zealand is so pretty! and that lemon tree mural is fantastic! cant wait to see the nest installment!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Tks for the tour Helga, i love this!
I adore road trips to no where!
Plus if you could fin a good second hand shop, that's great, too bad this one was closed -



Trees said...

When it comes to being just adorable, small towns in the South Island WIN! That picnic brunch looks fun and I love that last photo in Milton :D