Here we are stranded, somehow it seems the same

Apparently I was frocked up rather spectacularly for our last day of work for the year...although I thought I was looking fairly casual?!
I am frequently over dressed, true....maybe it was the flashy gold trim and speckles in the fabric (that the pix don't show, sadly) of this scrummy square dance frock that tipped it into a more festive affair...
Who knows, it was nice to end the working year with a pile of compliments.

Frock and sunglasses-Etsy
Shoes-Trade Me (I'm quite besotted with the berry colour)
Earrings-from darling Leisa
Gold beads-60's, opshopped
Handbag-vinyltastic, opshopped in Australia

I've re-organised my shoe crates, as they were bloody annoying to get into!
Front left is a divoon ensemble my lucious sistercousinwife Sarah sent me!
It's silver and white, and kind of faux (FAUX!!) lacey, not that you can really tell.......
A long time friend of G's popped his head in here the other day and pronounced that I am out of control!
What is he talking about?!

G and I had a date night-we went to see The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug in was my first experience with 3 D, and frankly, I didn't think it was especially interesting. If anything, it gave the film a bit of a cheap sitcom look.
Yes, we are Lord of the Rings fans, and we're thrilled to bits about The Hobbit films!
Especially as Richard Armitage is fecking delicious, and that mighty fine Lee Pace has turned up in the this one as the Elf King!!!
Double drool!
I wouldn't mind being the meat in their sandwich!
Just add the voice of Smaug (OMG, Benedict Cumberpatch!) and I might just explode!


Frock-square dance! Retropolitan
Boots-retail nearly 20 years ago!
Handbag-a Rex, opshopped
Beads-from my sistercousinwife
Pendant-70's glam, opshopped
Hairflower-an amalgamation of two opshopped flowers

This house, just up the road from us, has the sled up all year round.
We've been waiting for them to put a Santa up, but they've just shoved a pile of other stuff up instead, including an enormous wreath.
If they had a Santa, I would be tempted to see if they'd let me climb up and perform acts of heathen depravity with him for your viewing pleasure.

It's all a bit mental!
And there's lights!
I'm not convinced. 
It's (supposed to be) Summer (it's actually been quite chilly on and off!), what has snow, reindeer and a sled got to do with the season?!
I think there is a good argument for moving the Christmas thing to June in the Southern Hemisphere.
I might actually enjoy it and embrace it in the middle of Winter!



Sue said...

Yay for last day of work and of course looking fabularse! There are numerous over the top decorated houses up here in the Tron. I would hate to live opposite a xmas light show!! Love the selfie of you and your gorgeous G!

pastcaring said...

Well, of COURSE you got a ton of compliments, just look at how wonderful you are, darling! You are rocking the square dancing frocks at the moment, and those fuchsia shoes are perfect, and so very high!
Out of control? I'd say your dressing room look extremely well-organised to me. Delicious frockage, shoes and vanity cases as far as the eye can see, how lovely!
Gorgeous colours for your date with G and the Hobbit hotties - we're going after Christmas. I don't know about 3D, but G looks 3 sheets to the wind in his 3D glasses!
It's probably just as well your neighbour doesn't have a Santa on his roof; after you traumatised poor Humpty, I can well believe that you would dry hump the bejeezus out of Mr Claus...
Have a fabularse Christmas, you glorious creature you! xxxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

I adore that shade of flamingo pink and those cats eye sunnies are just the best. I can't wait to see the new Hobbit film. We saw the first one last year in 3D and it was great, although we did treat ourselves to the gallery experience in plush leather seats with free drinks and nachos and the odd cocktail. Nothing like pushing the boat out. Your closet space looks like a really fun vintage shop xxx

PepperReed said...

Divoon, indeed!! Love the Blue Look and lookit G, Pimpin' ...*swoon! Love your cute house and garden (yucca and red-hot poker); we've a monster ice storm here the past few... lost lots of tree limbs, so I'm QUITE jealous of your beautiful blue sky.

Kelly Jackson said...

And did you say, "This old thing?" to your colleagues? Always wanted to say that. I'm envious of your dressing up self as I have become increasingly casz - if I wore heels these days I'm sure I'd topple on my arse.

I'm besotted with your closet/accessory area.

My best friend moved to Florida from Canada and I think she misses the snowy winters. I'm rather intrigued with the sleigh on the roof, though. What do the other decorations look like in the region? Is Santa decked out for the beach?

Happy happy holidays to you and yours. Xoxo

Ivy Black said...

You looks so divine I could have a little weep. Perfect leg work going on there and sandals to die for.
Yummmmm. Messers Armitage and Pace. My faves. How's about getting in between?
Look at that weather an' all. Pissing down here with gale force winds.
Have a splendid Christmas.xxxxxxxx

Brooke F said...

A day not dressing up is a day wasted. You looked berry-licious in your pink accessories on your last day of work (Hurrah for that by the way!)Gawd, I am soooooooo envious of your dressing room. Have just had a "discussion" with my husband about how I really need somewhere bigger and grander for my clothes. Can't wait to see the new Hobbit. Not in 3D - it gives me a headache. XXX

Indigo Violet said...

Both those outfits are gorgeous, but I especially love that blue dress. You also have exquisite taste in men, i.e. Richard Armitage. I'm not champing at the bit for the second Hobbit movie though, as I found the first one quite tedious in parts. (Will I get tried for sedition for saying that?) The weather here in Otago is quite wintry - unusually for midsummer.

Miss Magpie said...

So good of you to sort out the room so when I do decide to come over and steal most of it, it will now be easy to find!

For me the Hobbit was all about the ELVES *swoon* Though now I think on there was Aidan Turner and Luke Evans too......

Tamera Wolfe said...

Helga and heathen depravity with Santa on a roof??? Let it be so!!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh we've been hanging out for 12 months for the next instalment of The Hobbit ... why must they spread these things out for so long?? It's cruelty ... and at Christmas too.
I love both your dresses and am impressed ... highly impressed ... by the neatness and organisational perfection of your wardrobe/dressing room.
So you missed out on Santa ... just wait for the Easter Bunny ... I'm sure he'll be up for it ... if the stories I've heard are true ;0)

thorne garnet said...

your dressing room is amazeballs! Right now that room in my house is full of living room stuff(make room for the tree) empty storage boxes and all sorts of random items. I'll tidy up after New Years. The Christmas house doesn't look too bad, do they play Christmas music?

freckleface said...

If I ever made it over to NZ, I'd put the south island on hold, the beach where they made the Piano could wait: it would be your dressing room that I would want to be heading straight to. It looks like a room to lose hours in. And look what a vision you are when you come out of it. Forget Elf yourself, I would want to be Helgafied. I love these square dance frocks you seem to have dozens of, and you look amazing in them. So sexy and gorgeous and svelte. I can just imagine you performing acts of heathen depravity on Santa! In his absence, I guess you will just have to do unspeakable things to G instead ;) xxxxxxx

Trees said...

Yah! Last day of work is the best!! You do have the best collection of square dancing frocks :-)

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Incredibly organized, strategic, and put together for someone out of control! What IS he talking about, indeed. :D Your accessories alone make me fall right over - good thing I'm not climbing on to any roofs for nefarious purposes today! But I'd totally egg you on such an adventure. xoxoxo

Melanie said...

But can you not perform acts of ultra heathen depravity with the reindeer?
How can one be out of control in the closet when you keep your shoes paired so well in crates? And look at that incredible handbag collection!
Yes, you were destined to be sprinkled with compliments at work in this amazing pink and berry outfit. Loving the blues with G too. Have a great holiday.

Tilda said...

That is hilarious that your neighbors just piled on a bunch of other stuff! They make you look at the sled all year long?

We've got some people who leave their Halloween stuff up and then add the Christmas stuff to it and kind of make a "Nightmare Before Christmas" display. I approve heartily :)

Catherine said...

omg i totally agree! having all the festive things + summer all at one time, means that winter is boring and nothing happens! We should just start celebrating winter solstice and make that a thing! and what is with that house? maybe on christmas eve, the owner is going to dress up as santa and sit there all night?

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

This is one of few days when I don't envy the climate where you live (love Christmas and I live among spruce and pine) but I envy your look, style and wardrobe exactly every day.

Sandra said...

I can't explain just how much I love 'heathen depravity' and with Santa too - he would have LOVED it! your dressing area is just fabulous, oh to have a space to think about what gorgeous-ness should be worn! it's bloody fantastic! I would have gushed compliments all over you too, but then I would every day! x x x x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh yes lets move Christmas to winter. I'm sure I would be less bah humbug about the whole thing if it wasn't so stifling. Gloriarse look so slender & summery in the first one. Your dress up room looks like a vintage paradise. I must come for a play there next visit! What peculiar decorations on that house...all a bit hodge podge! Merry Christmas to you & G-star. Can't wait to see you again in 2014! Xx

Kylie said...

Hi Helga,
I think you're out of control too, but in a perfectly wonderful way (oops I actually typed wonderfu* and had to delete it, because you know I don't swear!? As I type this I think it's a pretty good word...don't you agree?)
Merry Christmas, you crazy girl you!

Krista Gassib said...

I can only imagine the joy you bring to the office my god look at you! The square dance frock is made even sweeter with all that pink but hot dam those shoes, sexy as fuck! I love that you throw up some goat horns! Btw I don't think I mentioned how cool it is you guys are playing on New Years, now that's a party I wanna go to! I love to get all drunk dance dance dance say some dumb shit hug everyone and rock out to you!

Fairy lights and glitter are my favorite Xmas decoration. I am also now giggling at the thought of you and a blow up Santa ? Have a naughty Christmas honey. Sending you both tons of love for the new year!

Forest City Fashionista said...

People tell me that I'm out of control with regard to my whole apartment - I think your room looks very organized! Of course you got compliments - you always are wearing an outfit, instead of just items of clothing. I can't get over how fab the pink tights look with the berry shoes. Not a colour combo I would have thought of.

Cool shot of G strolling down the sidewalk, locks flowing in the wind. He needs a soundtrack!

I don't like 3D films either and the glasses bug me (as a glasses wearer). I hope to see some flicks over the holidays, may see that one.
Merry, Merry Christmas doll!

daiseedeb said...

You look like a voluptuous spring flower in your dancing dress and pinkalicious accessories! And look at that tiny waist!
White, pristine and oh so cozy here in the mountains of Idaho. A Christmas fairy tale.
Worth a trip, for sure!

Vix said...

Well, no wonder they were admiring you, you are a work of art! Those shoes are a glorious colour, I'm salivating over them right now.
Your dressing room looks like the best kind of vintage shop, I'd happily lose myself in there for hours, just keep my glass topped up and a plentiful supply f nibbles.
I'd be tempted to climb up on the roof and pierce the bastard thing with a knife....Gawd, i HATE those Santa inflatables. One year I stayed at some god awful hotel for Xmas and some British chav brought one with him and erected the thing on the balcony. Strangely someone burst the thing in the night...but I'm not admitting to a thing.
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Lolzzzz at that house!!!
I cannot wait to see that movie ugh jealous!! You and G look hot as evahhhhh!

Renia said...

W obydwu sukienkach wyglądasz ślicznie:)))bardzo podobają mi się torebki:))takiej garderoby tylko pozazdrościć:)))dom pięknie wystrojony:)Pozdrawiam i miłego świętowania życzę:)))

Penny-Rose said...

Hope you have an awesome Christmas and happy Holidays. xx

two squirrels said...

Hello sweet......hope you and Mr G had the most fantastic looking forward to my hug and squeeze when we see you next week......yay yay happy dance.
Love and kisses to you both you gorgeous things.
Love V&W

Ariane Lasalle said...

You should be showered with compllitments every day of the week! My man never said i was out of control, but he sometimes looks at my walk in with funny eyes!
Your closet is in perfect order!
D is worried about me downsizing a bit when will be moving, but i don't, there is always a way!

Yes we will be moving like you guys sometime in the near future, maybe this year - We want to selll the big house and move downtown where the action is!

Have Joyous Holidays!



The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

You look wonderful! Please send some of that sunshine here. We are up to our bottoms in snow, ice, and cold.

I need to do a reorganizing and cleaning this weekend. I am not looking forward to it.

Hannah Spanner said...

You look wonderful in that white dress! Aha I am not a fan of 3D either, we watched 47 ronin last night, it was zzzzzZZZ


Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love the first outfit SO FRICKIN MUCH! The pink tights and AMAZING berry suede wedges are EXQUISITE! I can't wait to come and play in your wardrobe. And holy arsebiscuit, I LOVE the last pic - you guys are so adorable.

Love you more than campervans!

SS xxxxx