I didn't know if you were legal tender,but I spent you just the same

G is a very busy boy at work, but is about to get even busier, so we had a little Friday lunch date in town!
We cruised on through the city on our bicycles, stopping in Cathedral Square for a nosey-that cathedral is still lying about in ruins since the earthquake (3 years ago now!), and I believe there is some kerfuffle about what to do with it; rebuild or demolish. They've built a nasty ugly temporary one a few blocks away, I think they should blow that one up, and keep this one as ruins, maybe dress it up a bit.
Whatever; I don't actually have any say in it, and I'm not all that interested, really.
People say it represents Christchurch, but as a secular city, I can't really see how that is so. It was a pretty building, and I'm sad it's in bits, but that's about it for me.
It's a very contentious subject, however!
I prefer to stay out of such discussions, generally.

I'm wearing;
Frock-it was a birthday present from the sweetest Squirrel! Fit for a hoedown!
Belt-a garage sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-a Rex, gift from G
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Necklace-made it myself
Earrings-from the sexacious Desiree
Bow-Japantown, San Francisco

I took a few pix as we meandered our way across to see if our friend Malcolm was at work at The Auricle....

He wasn't, so we tootled on over to Mexicanos for some tacos and drinkies!

G smacking his lips over his Dos Equis!

I had sparkling sangria.

It was all very pleasant, and we had to have a nap when we got home!
Tacos and booze makes for sleepy bo-bos!



Sue said...

I really want to come to Christchurch, even with its battle wounds it still looks like a lovely city. And you are there!! Shame about the cathedril but if it aint safe it has to come down. You certainly brightened up the corner! Nice lunch date!

Carina Rosenholm said...

The town looks really nice a worth a visit , tacos and drinks - yummie !

Miss Magpie said...

I love your outfit, especially the sunnies.

The roof on the cathedral is so pretty, what a shame if they have to pull it down.

The Grande Dame said...

A nap after a hard day's lunching! You poor old dears. That IS a cute dress, I love cornflower blue. And in answer to your question from yonks ago, I am not on Goodreads - keeping up with blogging and Facebook is enough for me!

mondoagogo said...

I suppose even if it is a secular town, with a name like Christchurch people want to see a big church representing it -- and the cathedral roof *is* pretty

I like the embroidery on your dress, but where are your promised brooches, woman? :)

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

this dress is supersweet, you look like a juicy bonbon! xxx

pastcaring said...

It is a shame about the cathedral; I am completely secular myself but I do appreciate a good church, and it's sad to see one in ruins. But I can imagine it will be horrifically expensive to rebuild it...
You, however, need no rebuilding, my darling, you are looking as magnificent as always! What a fab frock from those dear Squirrels, and all the flashes and splashes of red are gorgeous.
Mmm, tacos and a cerveza or two, yes please! Look at G's luscious locks, are they longer than yours now?
Sleepy bo-bos indeed; and I thought you were rock'n'roll!
Looooove yooou! xxxxx

Renia said...

Czerwone dodatki są piękne:)Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That Mexican food has me smacking my lips.

Your town looks lovely, despite the earthquake damage.

That light blue gingham with the red really pops. Especially with your hair.


thorne garnet said...

as much as I love old buildings, that one looks like after a couple of good shakes the rest of it will fall down on it's own.

Now I'm hungry! Well it is lunch time! Hmm......I could make tacos

Sandra said...

We have a church in the City Centre we call the 'bombed out church' original! it does have access and is safe but it was never pulled down (from the war)it is beautifully lit and looks amazing, ruins can be a good thing anyhoo I'm in love with your frock! love them square dancing frocks and a fab afternoon! I have to bo-bo too if I have drinkies in the afternoon! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Christchurch looks like such an interesting place ... I'd love to have a wander.
You're looking as gorgeous as usual.

freckleface said...

Look at you looking all delicious with your bright lipstick on! Gorgeous girl! It never ceases to amaze me that you get up at the crack of dawn and then look that amazing just to go to work. You look the bees knees in that country girl frock from the Squirrels and those specs and sandals, just lovely. I can almost hear G smacking his lips over that beer. He sounds like a man who deserves a bottle or two. I love your little foody jaunts out but most of all that you went home for a snooze afterwards! You could be my little sleepy twin! Well, the beauty sleep obviously works in your case! Xxxxxxx

Vix said...

You Mexicana goddess! Loving that gingham frock and those red accessories and G's hair is looking particularly lush.
Nah, out and out atheist, too, but it is a shame to see a fine old building going to wrack and ruin. Can't believe its been 3 years...crazy! We met a guy from Christchurch when we were in India, he did a fine job selling it to us, if we didn't need any help already!
Love you - speak soooooooooon. xxx

sister outlaws said...

Haven't heard the term "sleepy bo-bos" since watching the Goodies as a kid! THat hand stitched smocking is just perfect for a little Mexicali jaunt!

Sheila said...

Mmm, what a pleasant interlude! I love that you live your life with such relish.

Ivy Black said...

Absolutely fabularse as ever, darlink! What a gorgeous city too, what a place to enjoy despite the damage. It wears it well.
G's barnet!!Talk about flowing locks. O my god...I could run around in that all day, but you''ll have to do it instead. Phwoarrr.

Krista Gassib said...

I love it when you remind us that yes you do ride a bike looking this cute, I would die if I saw you and G riding along :) I love the color of his Chucks and his eyes, G is so adorable you are so hot! Hug me now!

What a lovely lil stroll around town, shops beautiful greenery and tacos and BEER, hi I wanna spend this kinda day with you both! Your heels are mandarin bits of heaven!

Oranges and Apples said...

I can't believe the earthquake has been three years! I think it would be a shame to knock down such a nice building - plus, churches make great bars/gig venues/climbing centres! Also, i love your spring-y outfit. i know it's not really spring for you, but it seems springlike to me!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Christchurch looks rather pretty despite the damage it sustained. I prefer to stay out of conversations involving churches, unless it consists of "oooh, look how pretty that stained glass window is!"

You are wearing what has become the iconographic Helga outfit - sunnies, hair bow, platforms and a swingy-skirted dress. Love the blue with red accents and the colour of G's Cons!

Tatjana Dmitrović Drljan said...

Oh how lovely and of course i like your hair, you look wonderful and I adore off the shoulder dresses so much.
Beautiful pics <3

Van said...

Love the whole outfit, too cute ;D

Van said...
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Van said...
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bonsaimum said...

Great outfit. Mexican food--yum!

señora Allnut said...

your town looks like a pleasant place, green and manageable, so it's sad to see still so many ruins!!
And you look really Gorgeous, love that little pretty summery dress with all that red accents, particularly your Bag and Fabulous Pendant!!!
besos & colores

Catherine said...

Oh Helga! so fab as always - heck even you can make that sad pile of religious rumble look amazing!

Its funny you should mention the temporary church - i think its quite clever what with the cardboard and so on. It might not be pretty (at all) but cardboard reminds me of my TAFE days - building furniture models and interior models with the stuff and my over enthusiastic teacher who was a proper architect, always showing us some clever public works thingy made from recycled bits or cardboard or whatever. When this went up I thought of him doing back flips!

Im not a religious person, so they can all be turned into something more practical to the community as far as im concerned. but just be glad that architects all over the world loosing their nut for your cardboard church.

Trees said...

aww...such a sweet date post. I want to come and eat tacos with your guys! I love your square dancing frock and yes the cathedral does get people rather hot under the collar, outside of Chch as well. I rather like the look of ruined buildings myself, perhaps just turn it into a big central city garden? But then, what do I know right ;)

wardrobeexperience said...

looove the dress! ... i want mexican food. right now!