Myriad lights- they said I'd be impressed

I flounced off to dinner with G the other night in this sweet little fifties frock from Lulaverse !
We stuffed our faces with Thai...o, bless the Thai's for such deliciousness!

Jacket-70's, from a  co-worker
Shoes-Trade Me
Bow-made it myself with a scrap of old lemony velvet
Necklace-G bought it for me in Laos many years ago!
Handbag-60's, from a Wellington friend
Petticoat, barely seen-opshopped

O, goodness!
Here's my arse in my spunky birthday knickers from my favourite Indian Princess, Vix!
Get a squeeze of it, will ya love?!

Having a good snort. Not sure why.
Probably just excited about the Thai to come....not to mention the red wine I had already been imbibing.....

G doing his best saucy look in his antique military jacket from The Vintage Cupboard and New York Dolls tee from Cousin Phil, I think!



Sue said...

Nice arse!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

LOL … love your knickers.

Melanie said...

Thou hast the complexion of a goddess and beauteous arseness. Thy divine self was birthed from the verdant foliage behind thee. Thy bow is no longer a scrap but an angel's hug around thine head. (Oops, I think I got my head stuck in mine arse.) Love it all, Helga. I'm impressed.

freckleface said...

ARSE! Look at the knickers on that! Don't mind if i DO give it a bit of a squeeze actually. Of course, the arse has almost upstaged the dress, which you have perfectly accessorised with those neon tights. I think i need me a bit of bright tight action. Ooh look at G! Thai-i ni-ights at their primitive best! Love the snorting, Helga!! Xxxxx

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

no one can wear coloured tights and a yellow velvet bow as you can ... and like G, I love the NYD too! xxx

Ivy Black said...

Sweet Jesus and all the Saints. No one wears colured tights like you one. That is an outfit of such fabulousness, I've had to have a sit down.
Arse tastic! I could just give it a bite! Oooh G...he is The Man is he not?

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow- what an magnificent arse ! Lol !
love G's jacket and t shirt .

Beth Waltz said...

Glamour: thy name is Helga, assembling a lovely ensemble of colors, textures and co-ordinated knickers!

Know that those of us who must labor in uniforms find your tights and knickers inspiring.
"Wearing my Helgas...*snort*"

Delia Ryder said...

You both look fabulous i would love to have a look in your wardrobe and please dress up for a few hours :-) I adore you dress today, dee xx

Sandra said...

You have a magnificent bottom! and owner of lovely knickers too, lookin' gorgeous and G is looking fab - the military jacket is awesome x x x

thorne garnet said...

Lovely knickers, my dear!

I miss Thai food, every time you talk about it I want to hop in the car and go find some.

Sheila said...

Ha, you saucy minx, showing your knickers on the internet! We have the most fabulous Thai food here - 3 restaurants within 4 blocks of home. So good!

pastcaring said...

Oh you delicious daisy you! Flouncing in your gorgeous frock, AND flashing your knickers, you spoil us! Consider that fine arse squeezed, OK?
The yellow tights and faux fur jacket rock, and I'm quite sure G said something particularly saucy to make you snort! He's looking mighty fine, that man of yours. While I'm at it, I'll give his wee arse a slap too. I'm generous like that.
Love you even more than wine and Thai food! xxxxx

Vix said...

I'd love to be able to pinch that arse in real life - one day! At least I touched those big pants!!!
Love those delicious tights and your saucy grin.
What a fab co-worker to donate that stupendous jacket!
Love you!!! xxx

two squirrels said...

Super cute floral dress sweet........kind of matching knickers perfect. Yummy a meal out!!!!
Mr G looking amazing in that jacket.
Hope to see you next week.......the return of Miss Leopard coat.
Love v

Renia said...

Śliczne futerko:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

Forest City Fashionista said...

My, that is a very perky and squeeze-able butt you have there, and its beauty is only enhanced by the blue-flowered knickers. Consider it squeezed!

G is looking might fine in the funky jacket and cool T - you are a most adorable couple ;)

señora Allnut said...

wouuu, yellow tights and pretty blue knickers under a floral dress!! fabulousness!!
You're gorgeous, dear lady, and your G. is über cool!! that jacket!!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

Love your birthday knickers, hahhahaha, and everything about you and what you wear.
Love and sunshine, my dear friend

Harrie Hattie said...

I say lady! Matching knickers too, looking gorg as always Xx

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

You look very nice in your attire.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Catherine said...

you have the best shoes on the internet! really! Love the outfit darling, so summery, though by the looks of that fluffy coat, its more autumn than winter in NZ already!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

G's jacket is INSANE! I want it.

I'm inspired by your colour choices.


Trees said...

Super glam! Love that super bright tights and also look at G's jacket!!! So amazing. You guys are quite the pair!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Is/are (?) your home like some kind of shoe heaven?