But just saying it could even make it happen

I managed to get myself laid out with a head cold!
Helgastock 2014 must have depleted my reserves and left me vulnerable.
All good now, and able to enjoy a glass of vino!
A spot of Autumnal sunshine helped.

Something I haven't mentioned is that our Humpers went missing last November.
We miss him terribly!
Little Peepers got whammied with  vestibular disease just after he vanished, which was really stressful, but she is all gorgeous and perky now!

Miniature toi toi!

Square dance frock-Etsy
Belt-thrifted in New Mexico
Tights-retail, and the whale nets were off Trade Me, I think
Shoes-Trade Me
Earrings-lovely Leisa
Necklace-70's blingtastic, opshopped
Brooch-60's, opshopped

I made this surprisingly great dip the other day!
It's just 2 cups of peas, 1/2 cup plain yoghurt and 1 cup of mint leaves, chuck it in the food processer, then  add salt and pepper to taste, plus one chopped spring onion!
With some quartered and toasted pita breads (sprinkled with a bit of sumac) it rocked our palates!

(Platter made by moi, bowl opshopped)


You're the wild that's in my mind, you're the one I need to know

O, hello!
Indeed, we are back from Helgastock 2014 and in recovery mode.
These are the best of what pix I took; for a truly splendid and comprehensive pictorial, keep your eyes peeled for the Misfits Vintage post coming soon........!!!