Got to give up life in this netherworld; gonna go up to where the air is stale

Yep, still doing the hair.
You'll likely get sick of it, but too bad!
(I'm pretty sure I will too, so a 3 week holiday in Indonesia next month will be a welcome break from the cold weather)

Square dance frock-Etsy
Jacket (altered by moi), wooden beads and beret-from my darling sistercousinwifey
Belt-free bin at opshop
60's vanity case-a market
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Earring-from the sexacious Desiree
Brooch-60's, Camberwell Markets

G snuck up on me whilst I was tackling a toile of a frock from a pattern darling Claire gave me.
I managed to lose a pattern piece, so I made up a new one, and then I realised that the back skirt pieces, being cut on the bias, ruined the lovely pattern of the sheet I'm using!
Despite it being a toile, or sample, I still expect to be able to wear it.
Waste not, want not, as they say.
(Just who the bloody hell are "they"?!)
I think I'll just do a gathered skirt and be done with it.
Another day. I also don't have an appropriate bloody zip.

Um, yeah, the chaos of my sewing/dressing room, aka The Boudoir.....crap for miles....

So I decided to make a new bodice pattern for another frock, with Peepers assistance.
(and a bit of rumpled newsprint)
She gets quite bitey and frisky when I'm fiddling about with paper and patterns!!
Hardest bit is keeping her away from the pins.
Bless her little paws and sharp teeth!!!


Look to the hills, now look at my face- do you notice my eyes, are they in the right place?

I loved all the colours and the setting for these pix, so have shoved the whole damned lot in.....suffer!
G and I were at The Pumphouse, looking for a piece of skirting board. It's a wonderfully rambly demolition yard with oodles of photographic opportunities!
We were last there early last year, this post has some more pix in and about the yard.

Darling Tania was right on the mark with her comment on this post that my attempts at doing my hair looked a bit 30's...that's exactly my inspiration!
I saw a fabularse pic of a little Romanian hottie in the 30's with a beret and hair pretty much like I've done I thought I'd give it a go, as I needed to make wearing a beret more alluring.
I've totally bumbled my way into it, but am quite pleased with the effect.
Just one earring seemed to set it off nicely!

Frock-early 60's nylontastic, from my darling sistercousinwifey
Coat-70's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Gloves-60's, possibly opshopped...
Beret-retail, I think
Bastard massive bag-not sure on date, but just what I've been dreaming about for years; I found it at Camberwell Markets during Helgastock 2014 and pounced! Sure, it's a little big for a handbag, but I fekcing love it and will do what I like!
Sunglasses-vintage Orotons, from my sistercousinwifey
Earring-one of a pair from the sweetest Squirrel
Necklace-made by a splendid artist in the early 90's called Violet Fagan. She ran a vintage shop in Dunedin  for many years, but I think it' closed now.

A peek inside my bag!
Love that plaid lining.


O, the rotting sun washes down.....the moonshine boys, the vultures drool

On Friday I hooned on out to Rangoon (aka Rangiora) to have a spot of lunch with my friend Gillian, who lives in the vicinity.
Rangoon is a farmers wives/ladies who lunch kind of town, and the cafe we went to was just slightly out of town and packed with just such ladies!
Gillian then very sweetly agreed to take outfit pix for me.
She has a pretty good eye, being a film and documentary director by trade.

Just look at that gloriarse sky!
One of those classic Wintery crisp and sunny days.

Frock-50's, Madame Butterfly's
Belt-70's tooled leather, opshopped
Coat-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Scarf-opshopped. Just the sort I want to learn to crochet so I can have one in every colour....
Handbag-a Rex, gift from G
Hat-a market
Necklace and vintage Oroton sunglasses-from my sistercousinwifey
Earrings-from a lovely friend, Louise
Gloves-60's, opshopped, I think.

After I left Gill, I checked out the local Salvation Army, and came away with just a few goodies; this sweet little plate and hat pin...

A JAJ Pyrex cutie...

..and a sweet piece of pottery.
Their other opshop was closed, and I notice they now have a Red Cross shop, but these aren't very exciting in New Zealand, and rarely have retro or vintage items, so I just couldn't be bothered.
Sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

In other news, I'm having a go at eradicating a verucca using apple cider vinegar on cotton wool and duct's very bloody tender!!!
Has anyone else had veruccas (plantar warts)? How did you deal with them?
I really don't want the dry ice into my tender little foot treatment....ugh...but I am enjoying looking at ghastly Google pictures of the things and how hideous they can get......


Fall in glistening showers such a tender descent

It was a raging case of hair experimentation.
Who knew dealing with hair was so damned difficult?!
My hair, frankly, irritates the shit out of me, but I would't dream of cutting it in a million years!
It was sweet of y'all to go into raptures the other week, when I wore it out, but you have NO FRIGGING IDEA how hard it was to get it not to look like a flat, straggly flannel thing on my head!
It's fine, knots easily, and itches my face.
I'm not above having a childish tanty, and I frequently do when I attempt to do anything other than shove it up into a beehive!!!
It's my signature look, anyways.

G went motorbike riding with his elder brother and a friend last...or was it the one before?!-Sunday, and I popped up to meet them at a pub on the outskirts of town for a gentle drinkie.
(I was driving, so it was tomato juice for me, as I am far too paranoid to have any alcohol in my system when I'm driving. Especially if I'm playing Siouxsie, or Rammstein, as it makes me feisty. Best not to tempt fate.)
G and his mate ride Norton's; G's is 1973 Commando 750, and Vaughn's is a '59 something-or-other.
They're terribly manly, and so cute when other blokes come and perve at their machinery!!!

I wore:
Frock-theatre sale
Coat-70's, opshopped
Belt-thrifted in New Mexico
Tights-retail, mesh ones off Trade Me (growler eaten, dammit)
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-50's/60's, a school fair for a whole dollar
Earrings-also thrifted in New Mexico, in Truth or Consequences, actually!
(Love that name, and such a great little town!)
Stole-Trade Me

Sexy man-scored him at work, over 22 years ago!

I do kinda like it, although I had to stab myself in the head forty times with bobby pins in order to have it look artless and ever so casual.


PS-I'm quite amazed at just how many of you have a garden out there! YAYS!

Ah just to sleep, without these thoughts...but the angels shout, resurrecting doubts

Frock-sheet couture! Made out of an opshopped sheet by moi, using a reproduction 40's pattern. I've made 3 frocks using this pattern now, all out of sheets. Feck yeah!
Jacket-70's, opshopped, cropped by moi
Stole-Trade me
Shoes and darling little old case-Trade Me
Earrings-60's, opshopped
Sunglasses-vintage Orotons, from my darling sistercousinwifey
Hairflower-New Mexico

How adorable is this case?!

G bought me a lemon tree.
It better bloody grow hard and fast and give me lots of lemons!
Yesterday I spent a good half hour weeding the vege garden behind me (to the right)......I was rather shocked at how exhausting that was.
I must remember in future to garden with a jug of some sort of delicious cocktail to make it easier.
Who else has a vege garden, and what are you growing?!
We have spinach, broccoli, leeks and dwarf beans currently, but slugs and snails are making a fine feast of them. A saucer of beer seems to help, but I think we need a bucket.