Fingers like a fountain of needles shiver along my spine

It's out with the big coat guns; we've skipped Autumn and hurtled face first into Winter!
It always takes a while to adjust to the need for extra warmth, and to re-accustom myself with the challenge of doing it glamorously.
I have already whinged rather a lot about having to wear a hat to all and sundry about me, so I will spare you the grumble and groan..........because I am thoughtful and considerate.....!!!

G said that I had to open my coat so you could see my frock.....

....but preferably not like a flasher.
That reminds me of an amusing joke; 3 nuns are nun walking in a park when they come across a flasher. Two had a stroke, but the third couldn't reach......
My Mother always said I was a (t)wit.

Frock and coat-both 50's, Two Squirrels
Cardi-60's, opshopped, deep blue buttons added by moi
Petticoat, just seen-50's, Ecetera Vintage
Tights and shoes-retail (shock horror!)
Handbag-60's, $1 at a school fair
Hat-50's, opshopped
Hat hair-o, said I wouldn't whine...sorry...
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Brooch-60's? Opshopped
Necklace-Northern Thailand



Sue said...

Spunk! I am still just layering summer clothes as we haven't quite reached cold yet. Yes you must be careful when you flash in a park, small children and the elderly are easily entertained!!

Fiona said...

Oh no, have you tired of Mrs.Slocombe? Your new-look blog is tres minimalist,... mine's seriously overdue for an update. Rocking the side ponytail there, when I wear my hair like that 14yr old niece gives me side eye, probably thinks her 51yr old auntie is too old for such styles but wtf. Love the coat and fur collar, just the ticket for the cold weather although your autumn looks like our summer! xx

pastcaring said...

Yes, the blog is looking all clean and bright and swanky, darling. Just like you - well, apart from the clean bit!
I think you just have to embrace the season, and decide you are going to rock the fuck out of your coats and hats - and of course you will! You already do - look at you, flashing in that rather enigmatic fashion! Gorgeous frockage, all shades of blue suit you so damn well, and the coat and hat are fabulous. $1 for that bag? Insane!
You can flash me any time you like, my darling, phoooaaar! xxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

That coat is gorgeous.. here on the other side of tbe world we finally has spring !

Helen Le Caplain said...

Corr you look mighty hot for someone who's nippy round the edges!

Love the blue and the new bloggy layout, though must admit I didn't know where I was at first! ;)


Shawna McComber said...

That blue coat is so gorgeous and looks so good on you! I love the colours in your dress too and how well they play with the coat. LOVE the shoes! WANT the shoes!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You look lovely in your winter blues.

Konad-licious said...

Those shoes! Retail?? Where from?? We have skipped Autumn too, it's most annoying.
YOu look divine! xx

Lucy In The Sky said...

Winter has hit us hard here too. Despite the cold and having to layer up you do it so fabulously that you still look as glamorous as you always do. Love that coat!

Goody said...

The only thing better than matching shoes and handbag is matching shoes, handbag, and hat. PERFECTION.

You'd be safe from children at our playground-it is always empty as unattended children are not permitted to play there. So they complain about inactive kids, but won't let them out without an adult. Personally, I think some of these sheltered kids would do well to get an eye full of Helga posing for photos in full fabulous vintage.
"Mummy, Mummy, there's a well-dressed woman at the park, whatever shall I do?"

Carol said...

I always eagerly await your posts.
Hahaha, that nun joke!
Lovely to see you in your autumn/winter outfit. Keep warm, my sweet!

Sheila said...

Lol, great joke! I love the collar on that coat - it looks so rich.

Vix said...

Gawd, winter has arrived all of a bastard sudden in sheep shagger land, hasn't it? Thank goodness for a collection of spectacularly gorgeous coats and the best selection of tights in Blogland to keep the chill at bay!
Your hair still looks pretty fab to me.
Not too long till you can escape for some sunshine, arrack and skinny dipping.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

trés chic!
the studded belt is the cherry on the cake :-)
you´r doing winter wear very glam!!!!!!

two squirrels said...

Oh hello gorgeous always look so very stunning in that fabulous dress and coat.......I think you so so pretty in blue. (Thank you for the link to sweet.xxxxx)
Love the new look blog......pussy love to Peepers.
Winter had come to town here to.....chilly chilly day to day....I was all vintage coated too!!!!!
Sending much love to you.....miss you!!!!!
Love v

Renia said...

Bardzo mi się podoba Twój płaszcz i jak zwykle podziwiam Twoje dodatki:))))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous as always....what's wrong? Why are you having to wear a t looks fab but the way you're talking about it sounds negative, has something happened tom your beautiful hair?

I'mm struggly with this /winter snap too. I was still in mellow Autumn mode and no that';s all gone up the poop and I'm not ready for it either! xx Shauna

peaches mcginty said...

I love the joke now I must try and remember it! my brain is like dust - winter may have arrived in an instant but you look delectable, gorgeous, gorgeous coat and hat, I think both look bloody wonderful on you, and I always love a cheeky bit of petticoat, which reminds me I need one asap, I'm so over flashing everyone when it's windy, it's time for a little modesty in my life x x x

Ivy Black said...

Swanky and new indeed. I like it.
I also like your outfit...when I say like I mean lurve. What a way to grab the season by it's nads. You look delicious. Those shoes are divine. Where did you find them , love?
Ah, the old ones are the best. I like the flasher jokes. Much like the going for a tramp in the woods joke. And we must not forget the where's the soap nun joke.
Much love.

Krista Gassib said...

By all means open that coat:). That dress is super cute and I like the spiked white belt too! I'll keep you warm this winter just like you brought us the sizzle while we all froze our asses off this winter.

Anonymous said...

Gawgeous! I love eccentric outfits within tight color schemes.

I see your joke and raise you another: Two nuns are biking down an alley. One says, "I've never come this way before." "Must be the cobblestones," says the other.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm rather enjoying the new streamlined version of your blog - all the more to focus on you! Loving all the blues in this outfit, even though it's layering for warmth more than for style. We are slowly inching our way into Spring, but if we have another cold day you and I will both be layered up, but for two opposite seasons ;)

House in Tillford said...

Great coat! So retro glam and, i'm guessing, very cosy!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I am practically salivating at the thought of your cold days. How I would love to have to wear headwear to stay warm!!! You make winter dressing look so stylish. No puffer jackets for you! This entire combo is so pretty from head to toe. Xx

tubby3pug said...

really cute outfit! I have a nearly identical coat

retro rover

señora Allnut said...

fabulousness in a blue coat!!!, so pretty frock, and so pretty matchy bag and shoes and cute sunnies and hat!!
you're gorgeous, dear lady!!

freckleface said...

Oh darling, what a nightmare. I hate the onslaught of winter, and if it comes suddenly, i feel very miffed. You can moan any time! Of course you look a total babe in all your layers and with your gorgeous flame-coloured locks on display. I'm not quite sure why G specified not like a flasher? Is he suffering from depression? What's this about skinny dipping?! Xxxxx

Trees said...

Yes - autumn has decided not to grace us with her presence this year it seems! Although today we DID have a beautiful clear day in general it has been freezing. I am trying to resist wearing a hat to work, but I fear I may have to cave in...Helga you do look wonderful despite the weather. Blue is your colour, but actually I think EVERY colour may be your colour xoxo

Catherine said...

ooh Helga! what a chuckle you gave me! All this bloddy cold weather makes it hard to get dressed in the morning! Gah, bring back summer when i only needed 1 layer not 5!
you look loverly m'lady - not like a flasher at all!

Tatjana Dmitrović Drljan said...

I am in love with everything on you :)
Loving all the blues in this look!!