O, the rotting sun washes down.....the moonshine boys, the vultures drool

On Friday I hooned on out to Rangoon (aka Rangiora) to have a spot of lunch with my friend Gillian, who lives in the vicinity.
Rangoon is a farmers wives/ladies who lunch kind of town, and the cafe we went to was just slightly out of town and packed with just such ladies!
Gillian then very sweetly agreed to take outfit pix for me.
She has a pretty good eye, being a film and documentary director by trade.

Just look at that gloriarse sky!
One of those classic Wintery crisp and sunny days.

Frock-50's, Madame Butterfly's
Belt-70's tooled leather, opshopped
Coat-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Scarf-opshopped. Just the sort I want to learn to crochet so I can have one in every colour....
Handbag-a Rex, gift from G
Hat-a market
Necklace and vintage Oroton sunglasses-from my sistercousinwifey
Earrings-from a lovely friend, Louise
Gloves-60's, opshopped, I think.

After I left Gill, I checked out the local Salvation Army, and came away with just a few goodies; this sweet little plate and hat pin...

A JAJ Pyrex cutie...

..and a sweet piece of pottery.
Their other opshop was closed, and I notice they now have a Red Cross shop, but these aren't very exciting in New Zealand, and rarely have retro or vintage items, so I just couldn't be bothered.
Sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

In other news, I'm having a go at eradicating a verucca using apple cider vinegar on cotton wool and duct tape....it's very bloody tender!!!
Has anyone else had veruccas (plantar warts)? How did you deal with them?
I really don't want the dry ice into my tender little foot treatment....ugh...but I am enjoying looking at ghastly Google pictures of the things and how hideous they can get......



Sue said...

I bet you brightened up the countryside! Nice little haul of goodies.

Helen Le Caplain said...

You look lovely in red :D

Krista Gassib said...

I do love a bright sunny winter sky and you are beautiful surrounded by it. Warts...hmmmm my sis gets them and she uses this harsh chemical that burns them off.

Vix said...

Gillian did a great job, you are totally rocking the shit in red! Love that mohair coat and those sexilicious leopard tights.
That does look like a perfect Winter's day, the only type I can tolerate with sunshine and big blue skies. Fingers crossed it stays like that for months.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Autumn said...

You look lovely. I do adore a bit of a pattern clash, I'm feeling very boring shades of grey today.

I haven't had the verucca things, but I do have what I prefer to call "skin tags" (in polite company at least bwahaha) for which I have had success with salicyclic acid pads covered with a band-aid (bought at the dollar store). You just have to be careful do not overdo, or you're left with a hole where a bump used to be. TMI? :)

pastcaring said...

Ooh, you do look such a hottie in red! Love the coat and the fur hat, and the leopard print tights (which my iPad has just autocorrected to tits - should have left that in!) are divine. Well done to Gillian, the pics are great, and the blue sky looks beautiful as a backdrop.
You can be a Lady Who Lunches, of course you can! I'd love a nice boozy lunch with you, darling, wouldn't that be fun?
Never had a verucca myself, although Claudia had one which took AGES to go. We just used the stuff you dab on and kept filing the top off, and it eventually unplugged itself. Ugh. My friend swears by a sliver of garlic, covered over with a plaster to occlude it, but I think that's for warts... I'm not much help, am I?! But I do looooove you, so that's useful! xxxx

Radostin said...

I had verrucas when I was about nine (ie about 26 years ago), presumably acquired during school swimming lessons (uggh!). The stuff that's supposed to burn them off just burned all around them, eventually my mum consulted a homeopath and whatever she prescribed got rid of them super fast. So maybe go to a homeopath?

Sheila said...

I love your fuzzy hat!

Goody said...

You win the Internet's Best Coats contest. The competition is now closed, but there was never really anyone that could compete. That must make winter more tolerable, having so many breathtaking coats to select from.

Mr. ETB uses the stuff to freeze them off with no harm done. I keep encouraging him to save our money and just use vodka and a razor blade, but he's kind of middle class.

Carol said...

I have a little wart on my nose! Ack! I'm growing my Crone look.

Adore the outfit, and loving that hat and the cardi. That Pyrex is super cool.


Renia said...

You look so amazing! I love your dress and red accessories! Beautiful set! Kisses x x x x

sister outlaws said...

You look amazing in that red - and you've made the sky like an accessory to your outfit!

Beth Waltz said...

Leopard tights are such a good idea for a sunny winter day!

About the verucca: get thee to a Chinese apothecary for an oil containing essence of hot peppers.
(or perhaps Vix has a Ayurvedic connection?) Beware those nasty OTC acid drops!

Angels have Red Hair said...

My Mum used to swear by radium weed for warts. I know it sounds ridiculous … but you pick it and squeeze the milky sappy stuff inside the stem onto the wart. Now I'm cynical by nature ... but she did this to a plantar wart of mine when I was a kid … and it was gone in days.

peaches mcginty said...

Other than ice blast the sucker off I have no wisdom in the gentle removal of verruca's.
I adore that frock! it was the dress you wore when I found your blog! I'm all squishy happy! and of course you are still fecking gorgeous and magnificent x x x

señora Allnut said...

so gorgeous on the sunny landscape wearing your pretty red coat and fabulous hat and sunnies!, and sassy leopard tights!
dear lady, don't be afraid of that dry ice treatment, it's efficient and quick, any professional would tell you!!
besos & happy feet

Shawna McComber said...

You look ravishing! Red really suits you and this outfit is a masterpiece. Your friend Gillian took some fantastic photos which I insist you consider framing. Whose idea was it to use that location? The complimentary red of your outfit and green of the fields behind is stunning!

Warty thoughts- I think I personally would just grit my teeth and get it frozen off, but I have noticed here that we have some sort of over the counter thing at the drug store where you apply some sort of potion and then cover it with a wee bandage.
Good luck with that!

Tatjana Dmitrović Drljan said...

Oh dear you look so lovely as always.
You look amazing in red and love your dress and accessories too.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh you glourious creature .... i wish that i had your skills to dress like a queen ..

freckleface said...

I'd happily go to Rangoon or Rangiora, especially if there was the promise of lunch with you, my lovely. We could eat something delicious and get slowly sozzled. You look so cozy in your mohair coat and furry hat but your leopard print tights and high heels tell a different story. Meaow! And woof! Oh lord, a verruca, what a pesky little bugger that sounds. Out, dam-ned spot! I do seem to have all sorts of lumps and bumps but not that flavour. Thankfully the others sound like they've given good advice. Hope your poor poorly foot is better soon! Xxxxxxx

Trees said...

These are very spectacular photos Helga! I am in love with that hat. I know I have a hippy friend that says apple cider vinegar will pretty much cure whatever ails you - hopefully it works xoxo

Catherine said...

ooh i bet you gave those ladies of leisure a shock in their panties! a bit of excitement in their staid days. Love the red outfit, you look very cozy in this coat!