And the sparkle in your eyes keeps me alive

This might be my "don't mess with me" look.
Or it might be my "I've got a carrot up my arse" look.
You decide!!!

Frock-60's, from a vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Cardigan, barely seen-opshopped
Coat-70's, opshopped
Scarf-the only thing I've ever "knitted"
Shoes-a trendy little shop in Ubud, Bali
Sunglasses-70's, a vintage shop on the NSW coast
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Pendant-somewhere between Ubud and Denpasar, Bali

I am wearing the "new" dangerously pointy bra, but I think G squashed it into submission, as there doesn't seem to be anything dangerous actually going on.
Must try again. And try to keep G's paws off!!!

It wasn't only opshopping I was starved of whilst we were away.
Naturally I started stalking Trade Me again when we got home, and I lucked out with this divoon 60's case...

...with hairdryer intact inside!!!
I might even give the dryer a go sometime!
I'll certainly use the case as a handbag; it's just too gorgeous to languish as storage for the dryer!



sister outlaws said...

SQUEE to the power of 99 I reckon Helga - that hair dryer case is super beautiful. Love how you co-ordinated the house trim with your outfit - did you make G paint it especially??

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ummm ... I'm going with the "don't mess with me" look cause I'm too polite to suggest anything else :0)
I love the hair dryer case ... definitely too gorgeous not to use as a bag :0)

Shawna McComber said...

How about "Don't mess with my carrot"? I want to now if G squashed the cone bra before or after you were in it.

Much to love here, in this outfit but I can see I must go to Bali as I am swooning over your shoes and necklace!

Vicky said...

I wish trade me sellers would sell to us poor ole people living in Oz, so many goodies LOL

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

My Mom had a dyer like that! I can remember as a kid hating to sit with it on my head. The case wasn't nearly as pretty though.

I hope I can see more points on that bra next time...I'm feeling rather cheated.


Sheila said...

Oh my god, my mom had a hair dryer like that too - not nearly as fabulous. I remember being scared to death of it when I was very young - I thought it was going to suck my brain out!

Love the song title - the Cult just played a festival here this last weekend!

Love your pointy bra! Rowr!

Goody said...

Cross Your Heart bras are the best (can't wear 'em anymore, too allergic to the latex in "Platex")and comfortable too if I remember correctly.

Oh, that dryer! Promise you'll do some sort of extreme roller-set.

I just love the whole outfit-bag, shoes, coat, YOU-all fab!

Jazzy Jack said...

Purple, green and tan...what a combination! You have the best collection of tights, among other things. That new bag could go well with this outfit too. Love the new pendant resting gorgeously on the new bra-ed breasts :-)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Just been catching up on your recent exploits.. Mmmm trip overseas sounds like a blimming good idea at this time of the year.. I hope you sampled some bloody fucking magic shrooms.. SO FUNNY!!

Love the new scores in the last posts - I have an identical hat box to this new one of yours. I got it about 20 years ago, and promptly hiffed out the dryer... I can't do appliances - but I kept the magnificent cap of course!!

much arohas. xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love your dress and those shoes are so good!!!! Super cool dryer case :)

Krista Gassib said...

You look delicious and I totally want to mess with you! Oh the colors in this frock and your coat and new bright shoes and tights, oh how I've missed you dear! Those sunnies are sexy as feck! That new case such a beauty, like you!
Love u!

kate steeper said...

how is it on the other side of the world youre wearing the exact winter coat that im looking for? such is

Sue said...

I would never mess with you and I don't think you would have a carrot up there. Those shoes are quite special, fabulous colour! I'm with Goody I want an extreme roller set. If anyone can do it, it is you!! Naughty G!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That hairdryer case is sublime! They were so stylish & inventive back then. That cord coat is super cool. And I'm gagging over those shoes, but I gag over anything green! Xx

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

love the tights-shoes-color-combo! xxx

Vix said...

I'm dying with envy over those shoes!!! I think I need a trip to Ubud. The dress feckin' rocks to,. the colours are stunning on you.
You know I've got a bit of a vintage hair-dryer fetish - I'd love that beauty in my collection.
Love you! xxxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

you rock purple like nobody else!!!
with this expression i would´t mess with you - you´r such a cool gal!!!!
but in the moment you don´t look i will steal this shoes!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Ahhh, The Cult - Sanctuary was my favourite song to dance too for a very long time!

Awesome colour mixing skills here. Apparently my "don't mess with me" expression looks very much like "I've got a carrot up my arse" one too.

thorne garnet said...

what Vix said about those shoes. I could even walk in them. And the dryer case!

pastcaring said...

You don't scare me - I'd totally mess with you, and that carrot up your arse!
Loving the colours, fabulous frockage, home-knitted scarf, snuggly coat, and of course the wonderful green shoes. I want them!
Message for G - leave Helga's points alone, at least until after the photo shoot. Thank you.
Hairdryer Case of Glory!! xxxxx

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

love it all! Looking fab!

peaches mcginty said...

I think you look spectacularly foxy! your skin is glowingly gorgeous, you are oozing fabulous all over us! love the outfit and the colours are just bee-yoo-tiful - the hairdryer is rather special, a nice cocktail and a blow dry would be rather restorative x x x

Beth Waltz said...

That softy luxurious coat was definitely snapped awake by the ultra violet color pops! Dear Helga, when winter arrives in my hemisphere, I shall review your electrifying ensembles for inspiration in coping with the G-R-A-Y-S (a state of mind, as well as a range in wardrobe).

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ooo, those hits of green just glow together with purples, blues, oranges. THOSE SHOES. No wonder you're making those excellent expressions! Love! xoxo

liz said...

This may be one of my favorite looks from you, all those colors working together yyyyyyyeah!

Louise McDonagh said...

I saw some sunglasses like those in the charity shop yesterday and now seeing how fab they look on you I regret not buying them. You look tremendous xx

Missy Vintage said...

I love your adoration for colour! So inspiring.That's a perfect lip colour on you too.x

freckleface said...

We all want to mess with you, not surprised G can't keep his paws off! I don't know which i love most: those amazing sunglasses, your luscious lips, the new shoes, the floral dress..the list goes on. Suffice it to say you look fabularse darling! Fancy there being such good shopping in Indonesia! Xxxxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

After a nasty explosive run in with a plug in Christmas candle from the 70s, I've been terrified to plug in vintage electronics and doo dads! The bulb popped in my hand and scared the poopie outta me. Anyway, you look tasty as always and those sunglasses are a dream.

Catherine said...

Love your look! And that is a great hand bag to be! Perhaps some lining on the sides so it doesn't flop down and drop all your stuff? Then it will be perfect for all your pink, red and orange outfit romps!

Anonymous said...

The look is chic....definitely not a carrot up your arse! Those glasses are it all. Storage is always a problem I use suitcases too- I'm jealous of the shelves to put them on though, mine are all just stacked up. xx Shauna