A silver tongue for the chosen one, heavy magnum in your side

Sometimes...ok, a lot......I am a dork, and forget about marvellarse things in my "wardrobe"........such as this splendid frock I got at the last Helgastock!
That was April.....and it's now August......doh!
Does this happen to you?!
I do it all the tiiiiiiiime......serves me right for having so much clothing that my "wardrobe" is actually a room.
O well. It's not like anything I own cost a small fortune.
The least expensive frock I own was 10c, and the most expensive was $85..which was a rare treat for me.
Same goes for shoes.... (and handbags, gloves, coats....you get the picture.....)
I rarely buy new (hate wearing in new shoes!), so 98% of my shoes are secondhand, and mostly cost under $20.
I do so love having lots to choose from, although I do get overwhelmed by the choice from time to time!
(That's when G comes in!)

Frock-50's, from darling Andrea of Enjoyit Clothing at Camberwell Markets
( a big thrust in your direction, lovely!)
Coat-70's orgasmic, opshopped
Tights and 60's sunglasses-from my sistercousinwifey ages ago!
Hat-a market
Handbag-70's tooled love, opshopped
Necklace-60's, opshopped
Shoes- from my friend Nix

I've put a bastard massive hole in these tights now.
Amazingly, despite how sheer they are, and the odd musky pinky colour, I have had oodles of wear out of them!
They've been a surprisingly useful colour, too, dammit.

Isn't that blue, blue sky delightful!
We're having a funny little warmish snap......it's just divoon....I have been gagging for some good gin weather.
Gin and tonic just doesn't feel  right when it's cold.



Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh I'd forgotten about that exquisite frock too! I bow down to your exquisite colour combination, darling... I just CANNOT get the hang of any shade of brown. I feel like a big, boring POO in it. HELP ME!

Love your magnificent arse, SS xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love how that splendid coat seems to go with everything. Gorgeous outfit. I so need an entire room dedicated to my frocks! Much love. Xx

freckleface said...

You really are a vision in dusky pink and molten honey. Elegantly elegant and exquisitely exquisite. With a fur hat on top. I've looked up $85 NZ and it is £43, which is perfectly reasonable, but I've decided I much prefer the 10c price point. I'd have a room full of frocks at that price. But even with a much smaller collection, I play a similar game. That new frock is so you, I think it might get more outings from now on. I've noticed you are wearing your hair down more. Delicious, you beauty. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

Lynette Russell said...

HAve you tried a Gin Toddy, that works in the cold weather.


Sue said...

Yes indeed that sky is blue and the most glorious shade of blue! Love those birds perched on the railing, photo bombers. The best thing about not buying new is our wardrobes can be gifricken-normous!! Oh yeah!! Hope Gs cast has been graffitied by you. :-)

Jazzy Jack said...

You're ALMOST wearing nude tights, or at least at first glance. Then I realised the gorgeous musky pink colour. No wonder they were useful. Boo hiss to holes!
Lovely walk along the river bank with blue skies and wind in the hair.
I love having a stuffed wardrobe because of the occasional discovery. Oh joy, I forgot about you! Like going shopping all over again without having to pay a cent! So I don't feel guilty about the massive amount of clothes. It's my playroom.
Golden molten honey coat looking great with salmon pink!

Beth Waltz said...

It is a delightfully blue, blue sky indeed! Even the gulls appear quite handsome, posing on the rustic bridge.

Isn't it gratifying to curate one's collection of clothing and so discover -- even years after an acquisition is made -- a perfect ensemble combo. That bag! With that coat!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Love you communing with the duckies and gulls in this beauty of a get-up! Everything is gorgeous on you, glad you rediscovered that frock! I lose things too, and grieve the demise of those excellent bits and pieces which were surprising in their go-to-ness. xoxo

FeltByRae said...

Looking fab as ever darling... since I broke my ankle I now to have to live my shoe addiction vicariously through you... and you never let me down! Those are too gorgeous for words (I'm coveting the dress as well!)

Louise McDonagh said...

Those shoes are amazing! I rarely find anything so cool second hand because of my whopping feet. The whole outfit is truly lovely xx

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous blue sky, and you looking fabulous in molten honey and dusky pink, how lovely! So pleased you rediscovered the frock (and how good to know I am not the only one who completely forgets about items of clothing...) It's a bugger about the tights, they are a great colour and perfect with the dress too. And look, that coat is getting a ton of wear, what an excellent find! You look wistful and romantic and beautiful - now pour yourself a G&T, never mind the weather!
Loooove ya! xxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

gold and pale pink! helga you are a genius!!!!!
have to "bookmark" this for autumn!
love that pointy pumps, trés chic

thorne garnet said...

Sometimes I'm happy I'm a 'PLUS SIZE".....As I would need to turn half the house into my closet. As for second hand shoes, lucky you! I never find anything in my size. Even with a smallish closet, I still loose tings, but it's fun to find them. Like getting clothes

Sheila said...

Lordy, what a gorgeous dress! I love the shoes too - so awesome. I have a big closet, but my favourite thing is when I do my seasonal swap-over and unpack all the fall/winter things I forgot I had for 6 months. That is the best!

Goody said...

In cold weather my mother just went for straight gin, but always in a glass, and never before noon (otherwise it wouldn't be ladylike!).

Today I am obsessing over those shoes, which are wonderful. You must be graceful because your heels always look so nice. Mine look like a giant has been skipping rope in them.

I don't trust Jonathan Livingston Seagull and his buddies over there-you'd better keep an eye out I think they're after your beautiful hat.

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

necklace and shoes are just great! xxx23

Krista Gassib said...

So many frocks so little time, such is life darling! I swear it helps when you have a massive closet if once a week you just jump on in and pull out like ten frocks to choose from for that week. Separate them the rest. This really has helped me rotate what I have.
Now onto to you gorgeous, this is a beautiful outfit indeed and I am so jealous that G helps you choose, I can't imagine that kind of attention. Delicious indeed. I can feel the cool crisp air under that lapis sky! You being the prettiest gem of all!
Love you!

Vix said...

What a delightful combo! I love discovering unworn treasures that have fallen off the hangers in my wardrobe, its like shopping for free.
That coat is a stunner and that fluffy hat is too cute for words.
I hate wearing in new shoes, I've only bought one pair in five years. New doesn't feel right, does it?
Nah, gin's for hot weather - rum and coke's much cosier.
Love you! xxxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Gah no!! Gin is great ANYtime!! HA!!

señora Allnut said...

you look gorgeous in those golden-orange warm shades on the sunshine!,and love that touch of dusky pink!, and your shoes are adorable!
Obviously, You're right: Gin and tonic just doesn't feel right when it's cold!. Wish you a good gin weather, lady!

peaches mcginty said...

Oh yes please, I could do with a gin and tonic right now - it should be accessible at all times during the summer holidays - you are flaming gorgeous, love your outfit and your treasure of a dress, what a treat to discover it, I would love a room wardrobe, love it! but my paltry collection is regular sized, pah! I hope the Gin weather continues if not, have a bit of a whiskey warmer! x x x

Catherine said...

Absolutely swonderful as always! Your colour pairings are so spot on! Every now and then I I find the most random things in my cupboards that I bought for the opposing season and then forget that it had them! But now I just hang them on the back of the door so I'm constantly looking at them in bed and can't forget them! Bugger about the tights too. I had a great cinnamon colour for years and they got a hole and the original shop unfortunately decided to end that colour!

Lally said...

So fabulous! That coat is wondrous. How annoying about the tights! I'm constantly getting holes in mine, it always seems to be in my favourite pairs too. XX

Trees said...

That frock is WONDERFUL! I don't often forget about how many frocks I have but accessories and fabric and patterns ALL THE TIME. Maybe its time to reel it in and use what I have up first? But when I see an adorable pattern at an oppie in my size for fifty cents how can I say no? I LOVE the colour of those tights!! Isn't it weird how the strangest colours end up getting the most use. I had grey tights once, I was kind of like - grey how bland. Then I wore them like a million times!!

Shawna McComber said...

That's such a great colour combination and I am sooo envious of that coat! I really like the new and nearly forgotten frock; both the colour and style really suit you! And that hat! That hat is absolutely so amazing on you I could almost forget how good you look in a beret.

Hannah Spanner said...

You look gorgeous in mustard with that red mane, Aha I am the same with clothes I have to tell people how cheap something is if they give me a compliment, its an issue I have xxx