Along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometime

Feck yeah!

And some welcome sunshine!
Spring is officially here!
It's a good feeling.
Everybody prance now!

Frock-a splendid square dance number, from Etsy
Jacket-from my sistercousinwife, altered by moi
Belt-either the 10c bin or the free bin at an opshop
Scarf-60's, opshopped
Handbag-60's, from the lovely Sue
Tights-from the splendid Vix 
Shoes-Trade Me
Sunglasses-retail, Melbourne
Flower-Ubud, Indonesia
Necklace-New Orleans

I've had some luck at my favourite opshops; the little West German vase made me squeal a bit, I got it, these shoes, and the 50's glasses case the week before last....

.....the little vase makes 12 or 13 for our West German pottery collection......I blame G......

Last week I scored a couple of cases, these sweet 70's jars, a modern but retro looking toiletries bag......

....and this enamel pot, coat hangers and the not my usual style but rather compelling tin tray!

G is getting better at using his crutches, and we've been able to get out a little bit.
Last Saturday we went out for a bit of nosh and a couple of drinks.
 I don't really like being drunk in charge of a cripple, though! Makes me nervous! 
It's bad enough that the cripple gets drunk!
We went to The Bog, a splendid Irish bar with awesome food.
I don't like Irish music though. Sorry.
(but I do love the Irish jiggy bit on a Kate Bush song, "Jig of Life" on the B side of Hounds of Love. Can't explain. I think it's the clappy sounding bodhran or stick bits that make it. Or is it "Waking the Witch"?! Arse. Anyway, it's Kate, she rarely goes wrong!)

Frock-50's, Etsy
Coat-70's, a theatre sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, thrifted in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Hat-60's, from the darling Leisa (whom I will be seeing this Friday!!!)
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Beads-60's, opshopped
Little diamante brooches-from my sistercousinwifey




Vix said...

Looking tremendously spring-like and frisky, my darling! Good to see the cripple out and about and almost running into the pub. Excellent stuff.
Those Irish pubs were all the rage here in the 1990s, the music used to drive me daft, too.
Those tights are still looking glorious and what op-shop luck you've had. I'm rubbing the screen hoping your good fortune transfers on me tomorrow.
Love you! xxxxxxx

seƱora Allnut said...

glad to see the cripple limping to the pub and managing his crutches nicely!
obviously, also happy to see you in your glorious colorful fabulousness!
love your floral tights and pink dress and cute bag! and also love that delightful green & blue color combo, such beautiful shoes!
besos & sunshine!

sister outlaws said...

You're a vision of Spring bringing sunshine to a wet morning in Melbourne. I'm with you on the diddly diddly Irish music - makes me anxious...mind you some uilleann pipes have been known to tug at my Irish dna and make me weep. Did you see that Kate Bush is doing concerts again??? Oh and I'm going as green as your tights with envy for the west german vases darling. Positively LIME green!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You look like a spring garden, bursting with colour. I do like a good Oirish pub, I even like a bit of diddly diddly music, sometimes breaking out into my Riverdance rendition! The boobs get a bit jiggly jiggly and the knees get a bit doddery for the next few days! Top 'o the marnin' to yer! Joe's going to be hobbling about like your G in a couple of weeks, he's in for a knee op, he'll be next to useless for weeks after! Sigh!! xx

Beth Waltz said...

The Bog should comp you for those delicious food photos. It's no easy task, getting out and about on crutches -- a decent sit-down meal is a worthy destination! It's good to see you and G looking sleekly groomed as usual. Hope his recovery moves quickly!

Sue said...

I shall have a prance in my garden later! Oh yeah Spring time, my favourite season, colourful bulbs bloomin themselves senseless and lambs! I want those blue shoes!! Glad to see darling G up and about.

Sheila said...

You look smashing! I love the floral tights, both pairs of shoes, and your overall awesomeness!

Curtise said...

You ARE a rose garden, my darling, and a beautiful one at that! Love both frocks, the sweet little flowers on the pink one are adorable, and I really like the print and square neckline on the green one. In fact, your green outfit is perfect for an Irish pub, even if there is diddly-diddly music going on in the background! I rather like it, actually - apparently Kate Bush's concerts include the whole of that wonderful second side of Hounds of Love, I cannot WAIT to see and hear her!
Good to see darling G out and about (I was going to make some pathetic joke about his crutch/crutches but I will refrain...)
Love yoooooou! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I have those exact 70's jars!


Brooke F said...

Geez, hobbling on crutches whilst inebriated would be bloody hard. And looking after someone like that would be even harder. Lucky you are looking so absolutely scrumptious. That green ensemble in particular is FAB and I love those shoes you scored at your op shop. XXX

Carol said...

I had to giggle thinking of you trying to take care of G when you both were loopy!

Those jars! You know I would zoom in on those, didn't you?

Glad spring is sprung-ing! Here, we're heading towards autumn.

Gorgeous you - have a lovely week!

Delia Ryder said...

Ha ha ha sorry im still chuckling at the drunk in charge of a drunk cripple comment :-) I can just imagine the pair of you messing about :-) super finds and I love your green outfit you look stunning. dee xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You and G look fantastic! I live the blue and green dress from Etsy and the vase collection :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you had me daffodils I love them. But I love your fabulousness just as much. You look most lovely in you pink frock. You know when it comes to your second frock I'm mad for green and I'm smitten with those blue shoes. Sorry it's been a wee while between visits and popping in to say hi I hope you are well as always. X

ArgentGal said...

Those tights are spring all of their own! And I think the green and blue outfit might have made me swoon a little. That's a great mid-century pottery collection. I collected mid-century glass for a while; colors, shapes, textures galore!

freckleface said...

Daffodils! Fantastic. Spring seems to have come out of nowhere down under. I'm so glad for you. What a marvellous way to deal with adversity, speed-crutching (?) to the pub. And goodness don't you look wonderful! That picture of you in your green frock, third from the bottom, is just the most divine and happy portrait of you two lovebirds. You should be painted. I must confess that I was a bit the same about Irish music, but having been in a pub in Ireland where they all played, it was lovely. I guess context is everything. Right, I'll have the pink raffia bag and the enamel pan please! Xxxxxxxx

Goody said...

I sort of like the idea of you both drunk and sharing the crutches to get home.

Green and blue is my favourite colour combination, and that coat is killer.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nice to see you and the hobbled one having a night out on the town! You are the personification of Spring in the lovely green and blue outfit (love those shoes!), and your flowered tights. I'm not crazy about the Irish drinking tunes either, but I do remember liking that part of the Kate Bush song. I still have most of her records, on vinyl, no less.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You've added a gorgeous splash of flowery spring magic to my day :0)

Jazzy Jack said...

Things that stand out: I thought you had a MASSIVE bowl of chips in the second last pic because I thought the tray was a table top! Those blue shoes with pom-poms!! Your hair up again with amazing flower and turban. Your pretty tights, G's hair! And daffodils :-) xo JJ

beate grigutsch said...

perfect spring look!
sadly my miserable internet connection let me see only half of the pics :-(
but luckily i can read your fun text!!! hope you got G home without to much trouble :-)

Miss Magpie said...

Just for a moment there the daffs confused me, it's not difficult lets face it.

Looking gorgeous and spring like yourself lady. x x

peaches mcginty said...

Good to see G out and about, they are some damn fine crutches (only the most fabulous for G though!)my Aunties took my Mum on a booze cruise when she had a broken arm, she can't swim either, I digress I will swoon forever over your gorgeousness, your square dancing dress is spectacular and your green dress is just beautiful (and their corresponding outfits!) I'm hungry now x x x

Krista Gassib said...

and now I'm drooling:) You are looking like a springplosion in that first cute ass frock! With those tights its candy! I am happy to see G out and only he could look sexy on crutches but he does so much so. That second color combo of green and blue is really gorgeous honey and I love the shot of you both snuggling up. Pom poms on your shoes.....look out Vix just might :) I wanna squeeze ya both!

Ivy Black said...

Gawjuss! I always think of you when we start going in to autumn and you start skipping in to spring. I love a bit of Irish jiggery. I love that track...Jig of Life...listening to the album this morning so I was.
Look at G. Superfecking cool on crutches and you just look fab.xxxxx

Hannah Spanner said...

Oh my poor G I have some catching up to do it seems! You look fricking gorgeous especially of that snap and you and G together heavenly and that food xxx

Catherine said...

Yay! Spring I finally here for us! And your looking wonderfully colourful and spring-like! Marvellous vase collection! I wish I could find. More. Like them, but I want the yellow coloured ones, and they always seem to too expensive as opposed to the orange ones. Fiddlesticks! I love that green cost of yours too!

Shawna McComber said...

You are the brightest and most spectacular spring flower of all! I love the bright blue and green pairing and it really pops on you. G is the most dapper man on crutches I've ever seen and the pic of you two together in the pub is a great one! I love how happy you both look. Food looks damn good too!

Trees said...

Yah!! SPRING!! I can't wait for this freaking miserable weather to go away!! You look wonderful as ever and that photo of you and G is wonderful. Glad he is able to get our and about more now.