And that ain't what you want to hear, but that's what I'll do

This was last Friday, G's first day driving in 8 weeks!
He can stand on his hind legs now, but isn't walking without the aid of crutches yet.
He's been yearning to cycle under the blossoms, as we love to every Spring, but hasn't been able to, so we drove on by and popped inside the gate for some pix.
We just had a sudden cold and windy squall which has blown most of the blossoms away, so I'm thrilled we went in when we did!

Frock-70's, Trade Me
Coat-early 70's, opshopped
Tights-opshopped (really!)
Shoes and 60' s vanity case-Trade Me
Earrings and 50's sunglasses-from the lovely Sue
Necklaces-the chain mail one was from Kensington Market in London in 1989, nd the other I cobbled up from various bits and bobs from all over the place
Bow-made it myself

O, and the brooch was opshopped, in Melbourne, I think!

Love those gnarly branches!



Misfits Vintage said...

Glorious! So glad to hear that G's back leg is getting better. The blossoms are absolutely beautiful... I love Spring! You are magnificent. Love your perfect colour combo, as always, and the darling vanity-as-handbag is fab. Love you more than Spring! Xxx

beate grigutsch said...

can totally understand the itch to cycle in that blossoming alley! standing alone after 8 weeks is good - i needed almost half a year after my knee surch.
your color blocking here is fantastic, the turquoise bag is genius!
wish you both a wonderful spring! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

The way your tights are almost identical to the grass makes you look a bit like you're floating and legless. But as G has proved, being legless isn't as fun as it sounds!

I still miss Kenny Market. I remember a friend of mine bought a pair of sexy leather Levis from there once, I never found anything as good but I loved browsing.

And can we please please see a close-up of the dress fabric? That pattern looks amazing!

Lucy in the Sky said...

What beautiful blossom trees, so pretty. I love your purple and green ensemble, those colours just look great together. And I always love seeing those big beautiful coats of yours, I only dream of having a fancy coat collection like yours one day!

Sue said...

So pleased dear G is on the mend! I at first read that he wanted to cycle in your bosom! Bosom, blossom so close!! But you in Purple and Green, well yumo!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Aren't you a lovely blossom!!! Good-healing thoughts towards bipedalism for G. xoxoxoxoxo

Bobbi said...

You look gorgeous in that outfit - and I love the colors you've put together.
I'm glad to hear that your honey is moving around better.

Curtise said...

Glorious in purple and green under all that gorgeous blossom, darling! Fab print on your frock, and that vanity case is a delicious colour.
So good to hear that G is recuperating, hopefully it won't be long before he's walking without needing crutches and cycling again.
Love those walking away shots, but I'm pleased you turned around to say goodbye! xxxxx

Carol said...

Hurrah for G getting better!
And I'm so nostalgic for springtime now that we're in Autumn now.
Beautiful, darling you, just beautiful.

Vix said...

Hooray for G healing and for the Spring! Check out that blossom, not that it stands a chance in the looks department with you amongst it!
Gorgeous colour combo. Those tights are the dog's Bs!
Love you! xxxxxx

Autumn said...

Splendiferous! So happy G is on the mend, nursing the crippled can be so tiresome after awhile ;-)
Love the color combo here, Spring can't help but arrive now!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear that G is getting around better now. You look most amazing in a fave colour combo of mine.

Krista Gassib said...

G is up and around hooray! I know you guys always ride your bike through here I member! You are so gorgeous as these trees in bloom, maybe even a bit prettier if you ask this gal. I adore the turquoise bag, that color makes me wet:) The glasses kick ass of you honey!
BUT OH MY GODDESS I just discovered the print on that dress, are you shitting me, I LOVE IT just like I love you and G!

Jazzy Jack said...

Pink, green and purple. What's not to love!
Spring usually has such high winds, the blossom doesn't stay around long. Apparently it's designed to spread the pollen around...and straight into our noses!
Soooo glad G is improving. Sorry you didn't get your bike ride. We often do an Autumn bike ride in the leaves in Canberra during the sunny Autumn days. Iconic Canberra :-) xo JJ

thorne garnet said...

good to hear G is almost 100%. The print on your dress is crazy.

Beth Waltz said...

These greens and purples form an exceptionally attractive color combination in even ordinary surroundings -- but poised against those blossoms! Helga, I dub thee Flora, patroness of all beautiful springlike things.

And what a happy circumstance that G's recovery coincides with the warming of the season! He'll be able to get out and stretch his muscles that much sooner. (Do hope he'll give therapeutic massage a try. It helped me avoid surgery on a badly dislocated knee.)

Goody said...

Blame the squall but I think the blooms got a look at you, knew they couldn't compete, and just gave up. Glad to hear G is recovering and driving again.

You get the best stuff on Trade Me. That case, the shoes, it must be like the best treasure hunt ever. You look...perfect. Who could blame the blossoms giving up?

Melanie said...

Spring, spring, SPRING! How beautiful! I'm glad G is recovering and I hope will soon be on his bike. I'm glad you caught the blossoms. The last couple photos of you walking away are so poignant. Be still my heart.

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

you´re really the queen of color combos surrounded by blossoms! xxx

ArgentGal said...

So glad that G is healing. The pinks and greens of the scenery and the purples and green on you all go together so perfectly! It's all so glorious!

peaches mcginty said...

That is a whopper of an op! so glad G is recovering brilliantly, his personal nurse must be magnificent ;) - gorgeous pics, I adore the fleeting visit of the cherry blossom and you are resplendant amongst them, gorgeous! x x x

freckleface said...

Oh how lovely, tree blossom is one of nature's most beautiful gifts, but you're right, it's so fleeting. Well done for getting out there just at the right time. Such a romantic picture, the idea of you and G cycling through the blossom, but you're a romantic couple. You look a dream in poiple and green. That coat is amazing and your newly hennaed hair is glowing. Thank goodness for some progress, it sure has been a long haul! Love! Xxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

A pretty blossom under the blossoms!!! And good to hear about your man finally getting some of his mobility back, hopefully you'll get a chance to walk under the leafy green trees in summer!

Trees said...

I'm glad G is starting to get out & about more! I'm way behind on blog reading so maybe by now he's cycling again!! I LOVE these blossoms, so pretty. Also green and purple are pretty great together! They are also the colour of the derby league in Wellington!