In my yearn for some cerebral fix, transfer me to that solid plain, hammer me into blazen pain

My weekend of splendid frockage began with a ladydate with the gorgeous Leisa!
She and her hubby, The Captain, are doing their annual pilgrimage to New Zealand, and were able to find the time for a bit of opshopping and lunch with MOI!
It was the shittiest, coldest, nastiest day, unfortuately.
Naturally, I was a bit too excited to remember to take lots of pix, so here's what few I did.....

I wore:
Frock-80'stastic, a vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Cardi-70's, opshopped
Coat-70's, from a friend
Belt, not seen, and scarf-opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-80's vanity case, Trade Me
Bow-made it myself

This is what I scored whilst we were out and about

And there was a mystery bag of goodies from Leisa!

I am ALL OVER that cat knitting bag!

Plus, there was a little parcel from darling Vanessa, whom Leisa and The Captain had been hanging out with before coming up to Christchurch!

Then came Saturday......and a few errands about town.

I wore:
Frock-60's, from Retropolitan
Shoes-thrifted in New Mexico (a Santa Fe Goodwill, if I remember rightly)
Handbag-from Camberwell Markets, I am not sure of age, possibly 30's??
Hat-50's, opshopped
Sunglasses-60's, from my sistercousinwife
Pendant-70's, opshopped
Earrings-from Leisa the first time we met
Hair-filthy, full of knots and kinda twisted up and about and sorta working....

G just loves having trees coming out of my head....

Peepers had to have a little writhe in the gloriarse sunshine!
It was very welcome after the bitter return to Winter on Friday.

And Sunday was also a beautiful sunny day, so I popped on out to the first of the seasons vintage market days for a little poke about.
I didn't go to this particular market( the Shabby Chic Market)  much last year, it' s a very tight setting and is really popular, so I tend to get a little anxious/shitey about it, but if I can knuckle myself down, and get in and out quickly, I usually find something lovely.
I wore:
Frock- a theatre sale
Belt-thrifted in New Mexico
Lettucey Hat-Two Squirrels
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-same as Saturdays
Earrings-from the sweetest Squirrel
Necklace-70's, opshopped
Sarah Coventry brooch-thrifted in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Little spot of gratuitious boobage for you.......

And I got lucky!
 I found these delights; a weirdly brown theme, except for the black and white spot 70's frock.
That's a bowling bag, a suitcase, a sweet mirror and a 20's photo that doesn't fit our interior aesthetic at all, but I couldn't pass it up. Our house was built in 1922 after all.


PS: Do check out the amazing Melanies latest post, here.
It's rather wonderful!


Connie said...

I 'm pretty certain that the reason you have trees growing out of your head is because you are a beautiful Earth Goddess.

Amber/ Vudupink said...

You look amazing as always!I love that you love New Mexico.I grew up there (Santa Fe).It's magic... and a great place to shop for treasures too :-)You rock so hard Lady.XO

Curtise said...

Two vintage birds for the price of one - how lovely! So good to see you and Leisa hanging out together, posing and rummaging and looking delicious. Ooh, and goodies galore from Leisa and the darling Squirrels, lucky you!
I do love that green psychedelic paisley-ish fern-y fantastic 60s frock; it makes the most of your magnificent bosom, which is the perfect place to show off that wonderful pendant. And the sleeves!
Peepers looks a bit shifty there - she'd probably just been licking her bum.
Aagh, the lettuce hat is divine, and lettuce legs to match, love it! Nice cleavage, darling,and look at you, sitting with that big case, all downcast and forlorn, like a fallen housemaid who's been been told to pack her bags for shagging the master of the house. Don't go - we'd miss you too much!
Loooove yooou! xxxx

Goody said...

So you DIDN'T buy the purple spangly bra thing hanging on the wall in photo #1? If you hurry back, they may still have it! We'll get you a baton and some boots and you can lead a parade. I'd march after you.

I do love that 80's frock, the pattern is so cheerful.

ArgentGal said...

Yay boobage! Three lovely dresses. Your last photo is so fantastically artsy fartsy - LOVE IT! Do you come to Oregon often? Perhaps we shall have to have a meet up next time you do.

PepperReed said...

BOOBS! FAB*arse, Indeed! And that bowling case: *swoon. I keep looking for Drs. bags, but they're rare. I'm loving our early fall her in Michigan, so I know that Spring is on it's way for you soon!

Melanie said...

I'm laughing about Curtise's two birds comments. You both look gorgeous. Things I like about this post, apart from you and Leisa having a lovely meet-up: the tree coming out of your head, the college bag, the holiday kitty knitting bag, and the bowling bag... It's all about the bags! Fabulous boob shot. Oh, and paisley. You didn't have to link to my post, but thank you!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You may need to rinse those blue tights out. I've been humping your leg coz I am ALL OVER that green paisley wonder frock ... like a rash darling!! A RASH I say!!! I too need a lettuce hat. In fact, I'm having a bit of a sort out here and I've whipped out some wee bits of fluff ready for steaming. Doesn't V give such gorgeous gifts? She's real treasure that one. xxxxxxxxxxxx

sister outlaws said...

I think you should do one outfit per post because this is too much fabularse action in one go! I've got Helga-awe! That paisley! That hat! That coat! That WOMAN that is YOU! Whoa!!!!! I'm having a Helga head rush!

Sue said...

That bag in the last photos is bloody brilliant! I think I have just developed a small case of bag envy! Our weather up here is all up the wop too, one day it is warm and lovely, then it turns to custard again. BUT Spring seriously is kicking in which is good news as Summer will be hot on her tail.

Sheila said...

Lovely Peepers, and having a peep at your cleavage, rowr! Looking fabulous as always!

beate grigutsch said...

sooo many beautiful outfits in one post! i have not enough english words to describe my pleasure!
the pressies and market finds are fab too!
you are wonderful!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Both you ladies look amazing, but your blue 70s coat is the absolute best!!!

Vix said...

Don't you birds look divine against the wall? Not many photos are definitely a sign of a great day out spent in wonderful company.
Love your op-shop finds and that cat knitting bag rocks. The tree out of the head pose is fantastic and I'm all over that divine green paisley frock with the luscious sleeve-age.
Who doesn't love a gratuitous boob shot?
Love you! xxxxxx

freckleface said...

BoobAGE! SleevAGE! FrockAGE! The return of the ice AGE! I'm all over this post! Vintage bloggy chums are the best. Of course she found time for toi. She'd be mad not to. The green frock is something else, love your thrown together hairdo, looks better than mine on a good day. Red and green, i love that combo and I'm rather partial to a come hither look from Peepers too. Although we'll leave it at just a look if Curtise is right. Presents ahoy! The Kitty bag, little painted wooden thingy and oriental woman brooch are super trouper! Xxxxxx

peaches mcginty said...

Your magnificent boobage is always appreciated! and of course your gorgeous outfits, and I am very smitten with your handbags, I luv 'em! I think your tree hair/hat accessory is just Carmen Miranda joy! and your gifts, aren't they just gorgeous! x x x

Krista Gassib said...

So many beautiful looks all in one post, I love the dress from P town best because I remember it fondly! Leisa looks to also have on a sweet frock on and you two look cold but BEAUTIFUL STILL! Just as we are starting to get the cooler mornings you are starting to warm up, keep me warm this winter baby!!! More boobilicious shots and we will be good to go!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Ha! I love the pic of you two against the wall!! I wish I lived near other bloggers. Lucky, lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Lady dates with Leisa are always the loveliest. I'm quite sure she would have been loving the cold. I am completely one hundred percent in love your second outfit and that green 60's frock. The whole combination is amazing and I wish I could duplicate it.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Such a marvelous mishmash of colour in the photo of you and Leisa against the wall! I'm drooling a bit over the green paisley print with the fluttery sleeves, and your alligator print carry-all.

Hope G is on the mend and out of that boot soon.

Shawna McComber said...

But you look better than anyone with trees growing out of your head! The dress accessorised with a tree is my favourite one, though as always you look smashing in everything! I am quite envious of that mirror you found and how your hair manages to look so damned good when it's dirty and twisted. I rather like the idea of dirty twisted things...
now go, go out into the world and keep being fabulous and dirty and twisted.

Beth Waltz said...

Color rich tights, zebra striped open-toe heels with BOWS!, and one needs no other cutline to know "Aha, a Helga!"

You have mastered the fusion of sweet florals with jungle thorns, and perky bows with edgy accessories. Brava! No one wears foliage better!

Catherine said...

I was watching your little adventure through the eyes of Instagram! Glad to see you rather enjoyed yourself. I love that green paisley frock of yours! You have the best frocks of anyone I know! xo

bonsaimum said...

Wonderful as always.

Trees said...

So much great frockage! Love it when my blog pals get to meet up - I bet you two had a blast and I LOVE the knitting bag :D

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