You gotta keep thinking you can make it through these waves

So much for the lovely Spring sunshine!
Winter made a guest reappearance, rather dramatically, so it was out with the Wintery woollies again!

Frock-60's, Fossil Vintage whilst in Melbourne for Helgastock 2013!
Coat-50's, Two Squirrels
Beret-60's, opshopped
Scarf ring-60's, opshopped
Handbag-a Rex! Opshopped, I think....or was it Retropolitan?!
Shoes-Trade Me

Pix by our mate Mikel!

My laptop finally bit the dust after 4 years, so I've got myself a brand spanking new one, and managed to set it up myself...mostly!
It's a different brand, so will take some getting used to, and I need to get our techie friend Mikel to sort a few things.
I'm not gifted as far as techno stuff goes, but I don't mind bumbling about and having a go.
Then I call Mikel!
He's very good about my computer ignorance, and has a way with a laptop.
He's also the focus of a very cute pookie crush-Peepers follows him about and gazes at him adoringly!!!



Vix said...

Bah! Winter's back? How inconsiderate of the bastard. Still you look fabulous, love the neon green tights and that fabularse coat and spotty frock combo.
I think Jon & I need to borrow Mikel, we're both hopeless with anything technological although Jon's inclined to get a bit jealous if the cats start flirting.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Vix said...


beate grigutsch said...

a lot of bright blue lately!
but fabulous! the cool green stockings matching the windowsill :-) your hat is to die for!
if mikel has it done at vix´s can you send him to us because of our ongoing internet problems?

Citizen Rosebud said...

You look beautiful and bright in that shade of blue. Here's to your spring!

Anonymous said...

You're most spectacular.

seƱora Allnut said...

absolutely gorgeous in blue, love your cute beret and fabulous polka dotted dress, and neon tights!!
and your hairstyle is Fabulous!!
wish you luck with your new laptop, glad you've got a friend to call for help in case your computer gets temperamental!, hurrah for that!

Curtise said...

Oh well, the weather turning wintry again has at least allowed you to get that fabulous coat and beret on, and they rock! The frock is a beauty too, and blue and green is one of my favourite colour combinations.
Well done, Mike - everyone needs a techie friend ( I'm rubbish...) And if Peepers has a crush on him, he must be a good bloke!
Love it when you get all Joni Mitchell - one of my very favourite albums ever. xxxxx

Carol said...

Gorgeous!! And yet another coat I'm envious of. Keep warm, darling.

Beth Waltz said...

What a pretty portrait brooch -- and how smartly you've carried her theme of a mass of curls and blue hat worn to the side with a modern beat. Polka dots are the perfect antidote to a winter that lingers like a nasty cold!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

All that royal blue is gorgeous!

Change is supposed to be good for us but it can be frustrating. Good thing you have someone to help you. I usually muddle about myself until I want to throw the whole thing out the window.


thorne garnet said...

we all need a Mikel in our lives. Love the glasses

ArgentGal said...

Polkadots! Love the neon tights and the hat is adorable. Is that a lock on the purse? How cool! Got luck with the new 'puter. I'm sure you'll have it sorted out in no time!

Ivy Black said...

Winter in spring...bummer. We've got a summer in autumn thing going on in Blighty and to be honest I just want to wear some coats, tights and boots.
You look delicious in blue all vibrant and fab.
Hurrah for Tecchie mates...I'd be stuffed without ours.

Sue said...

I never put my Winter woolies away until I am convinced the warm weather is really here. It has been cooler up here to, and rain, more farkin rain!! Great for the farmers and my garden and that is about it! I have a nephew that is a computer whizz, I let him do his thing while I make him coffee.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look lovely in blue! Computers are so tricky for me---I hate setting them up and always ask for help.

freckleface said...

God struth, your winter's like an unwelcome house guest. Move it along, cold and wet! Mikel sounds like rather a wonder. I like a man who is handy with IT, especially if they get on with it quietly and don't try to talk to me about the problem. Pookie crush alert! Little Peepers is in love. Cute! I'm rather taken with the whole of your outfit, but I can't help in particular noticing the lady around your neck. Imagine having hair that big?! Wowser! Xxxxxxxxxx

peaches mcginty said...

The weather may be awful but you are a delight! I wish we could swop the weather, I much prefer a chilly blast anyhoo your hat! blooming gorgeous isn't it? and your polka beauty of a dress and coat - I need a Mikel in my life, techie I ain't x x x

Goody said...

I married the tech support guy.

Nice to get (hopefully) a last wear for the season out of that spectacular coat. I would have a hard time putting it away.

Krista Gassib said...

And this weekend in Portland it will be in the 90's, feck yah! I lurve this dotted dress on you and the fancy hair you look so gorgeous honey!
I'm very impressed that you set up your laptop on yor own and very happy that they don't imtimidate you, it's just a machine after all. Hope G is still getting better.
Love you!

Indigo Violet said...

There's only one thing better than blue, and that's blue and white polka dots (and I'm not talking about the election!)

Louise McDonagh said...

I love the lime green tights for a flash of colour. Autumn is creeping in here too, I think it will be time to get the woolies out very soon. X

Catherine said...

hurrah for new computers. i hope you didnt loose any of your lovely photos? I bought a desk top computer about 2 years ago, but i will changed to a laptop next time for sure. I cant be bothered to sit down at a desk sometimes. I love your blue coat - its looks fab with your little beret!

Forest City Fashionista said...

You've got the blues, and they're gorgeous! I found it rather empowering to set up my computer myself, and then if I got stuck, call on one of the tech guys at my job. That is so cute that Peepers has a kitty crush.

Trees said...

You look amazing in blue and I freaking love your glasses. I am also sick of the weather!! One day I'm so excited spring is here, next its pouring with rain - AGAIN!! Grr...