It could be sweet, like a long forgotten dream

It's still fecking windy.

But we shan't dwell on that!
Instead, we shall dwell on the beauty that is my friend Jo's garden!
(Not wine writer Jo, this Jo is a cheese and preserves maker!)
I enjoyed a bottle of bubbly with her and her hubby Phil in their gorgeous garden just around the corner from us the other afternoon, and she very kindly took some outfit pix for me, and I took pix of their sexy cat Magnus!
Edit: I have just realised what those leaves look like in the first picture.......!!!

Corrr, what a seductive little beast!

Frock-made by moi, using a pattern from darling Claire
Belt and cardi-opshopped
Jacket-70's, opshopped
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Bow-made it myself with a scrap of opshopped velvet
Necklace-from my beloved sistercousinwifey
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Petticoat, barely seen-50's, from a local vintage shop

Ha, I didn't find that thingy in my hair until I was taking my hair out to go to bed that night!



Vintage Bird Girl said...

I wanna tiptoe through the tulips with you in that gloriarse yellow frock! Loving all the matchy matchy goodness. Much Love. Xx

Goody said...

Don't eat the mushrooms!

You sew beautifully. Yellow and pink so perfect together. I'm not exaggerating-each time you show us one of your creations I think, "Oh that's my favourite", and then you go and outdo yourself.

You didn't eat the mushrooms, did you?

two squirrels said...

Oh my gosh you look so so pretty lovely Miss Helga......the yellow dress is buttercup beautiful.
Sending much love....Vanessa

Sue said...

Phoar!!!!!!!!!! Love the pink shoes!! I'm with Goody, STEP AWAY FROM THE SHROOMS!!! You look so purrrrrity in your frock!

PepperReed said...

Oh My! What Lush Gorgeousness! The garden's pretty nice too... ;^) Seriously, seeing the glorious gardens on your side of the planet is very soothing, considering how violently cold it is here. Love your purse and your sweet self too! Enjoy the warm and sunny weather.

señora Allnut said...

fuchsia and yellow never looked so Fabulous!! favorit & summery color combo and such a pretty frock!! and also lovely garden!!! amazing!
besos & colores

Curtise said...

Yellow and pink, to make the boys wink! I said WINK, Helga...
Still got wind, love? Nightmare. But you're coping admirably, looking adorable in that beauty of a frock, and of course I am feeling pangs of envy over the bag.
Magnus is a darling - and so are you! xxx

Vix said...

That frock's a beaut! loving the pink & yellow colour combo, like a Battenburg cake. The bag's gorgeous!
Magnus is a sexy beast. Did you get cheese to go with that champagne? What a fab job Jo's got!
Love you! xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

And here I thought you were in a ganja field in that first picture, go Jo! You look luscious as the garden in your strawberry lemonade dress and the bag is scrumpticious!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Magnus does have very seductive eyes! What a handsome boy.

You do look like a tall glass of strawberry lemonade (thanks Krista).

Carol said...

Gorgeous Helga! I adore how you wear your cardis. Spectacular. And I'm full of envy looking at the beautiful garden - green lushness, oh how I miss thee.

Joanimal said...

Didn't I do well! Glad the photos turned out ok. I thought the seed pod added to your look. Thanks to everyone who said nice things about the garden. We love it, especially post-quakes, as Christchurch can be a real trial to get around. However, new places are opening up all the time so things are getting better. Magnus was quite overwhelmed by all the fan mail and is quite the rock-star now, demanding steak and cat-nip at all hours and refusing to vacate a chair just because we want it. 'Scuse me, must attend to his massage, caio, Jo

Renia said...

U Ciebie pięknie i kolorowo:)))u nas szaro i deszczowo:(((wyglądasz pięknie:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

Beth Waltz said...

Those shoes! First, it was those adorable blue shoes with bows worn at the vintage car show -- and now these pretty pink sandals that appear to be as wearable as they are attractive.

And Just Call Me Sue --- the Queen of Footwear Worn in the Southern Hemisphere -- has pronounced them good. Keepers!

(Yes, I was startled by the leaves, wondering "do the damn things grow like weeds down there...?!")

Jazzy Jack said...

We have just returned from NZ having a holiday in Rotorua. I thought of you as we visited...i'm sure you noticed ;-)
Love all your latest getups. I know, lazy commenting!
Would swap your weather for our 35 degrees in November!!!, any day.
Shall we ship it over?
Hope you have some sun soon, but if not, you are shining bright in pink and yellow. Just swan about and cheer up the countryside :- D

Sheila said...

Oh, I love the summery pinks and yellows of this! What a "come hither" look that kitty has!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Gah! You're being attacked by nature! I'll come save you!

peaches mcginty said...

Bee-yoo-tiful!! gorgeous you! yellow and pink are perfect on you, your tapestry bag is so pretty and your velvet bow! it's so lovely to see lush flowers x x x

freckleface said...

This photo shoot is like Snow White for grown ups! That beautiful garden and you with roses in your cheeks and a bow in your hair. I love pink and charteuse together. You are the mistress of inspiring colour schemes. I love the sound of champagne in that garden paradise with a sexy boy like Magnus at one's feet. Gosh, you know some talented Jos! Hoping for better weather soon! Xxxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

SO gorgeous! The yellow and pink combo is SO fabularse - WHY do I not wear yellow and pink??? The garden is so lovely and I agree with Vix - Jo has the best job in the world! LOVE your divine velvet bow and your frock is insanely wonderful. Love you more than quince paste. SS xxxxx