So I dance on the graves where the hallowed fall

Huzzah, another frock finished! I'm rather fond of the sheet I used. I'm on a fecking roll!
Shame it was a shitty windy day for its first outing.
(wind plays havoc with my hair!)
We went pot shopping....G needed to re-pot his prized golden barrel cacti, as they had outgrown their original pots, so it was off to the delightfully named Oderings gardening centre for supplies.

Oderings?! Ponderings, more like, as there wasn't a lot of choice in colours. We settled on some shiney black pots, all the better to show off the yellowy spines of the cacti.

Prior to the gardening centre expedition, however, I had some splendid luck at my two favourite opshops!
Two suitcases and a basket...I'm still wondering the the feck I'm going to put the various fun  odds and sods...that 70's enamel fry pan in the right case has never been used! (and I have a casserole that matches! Squee!)

The highlight, the find that made me squeal, though, was this late 60's cape!!!
Oddly, it has pockets instead of slits for tyrannosaurus rex arms, but I'm going to sort that out. Otherwise, it's exquisite!

No, no, HURRAHS!



Sue said...

I am seriously enjoying your sheet frocks!! I have such a stash of gorgeous sheets that need to be made into frocks for summer, best I pull finger and get on with it. I think the garden centre should be called ponderings because I to ponder when I am at our one.

PS: I may well be first, and as you would say "Huzzah"

Jazzy Jack said...

Huzzah to Sue! You look your usual wonderful self despite the wind. Pot ponderings can take it out of you, I know. Especially when the pickings are slim!
That Cape is great but as you say odd. How do you access the pockets? It's about carrying stuff not using it :-)
You look a little WW2 in your lovely blue coat. Not sure why. xo JJ

Tasmanian Minimalist said...

I am seriously enjoying your last couple of post me some naked and savage Wayne Hussey.

freckleface said...

Wow, an original Austrian Little Red Riding Hood cape. What an amazing find. Not surprised you squealed! That's about as squealworthy as it gets. In fact the whole treasure trove looks rather special, i spy something furry and something tartan. Another fabulous dress, you always go for quite complicated styles, but they look so well made. Look at that little bow! The wind plays havoc with my hair too. I spent most of the bloggy get together looking like Cousin Itt. Pot shopping, eh? You have all the fun. Xxxxxx

Curtise said...

Oh yes indeed, that cape is a wonderful find, and the label is a joy! You did well, you can never have too many old suitcases or baskets, or 1970s frying pans, come to that.
Windy photo shoots are hilarious, I've had to delete some fantastic shots of hair over my face and skirts up round my arse. You have managed to retain your dignity, I am pleased to see, and show us that magnificent dress in all its glory! You look decidedly mid-century regal, I think it must be the effect of the coat.
Pot shopping - rock'n'roll!
Loving yooooou! xxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Now this is odd: Before reading the comments I, too, felt you were stepping out to a 1950s foxtrot through the pots. Must be the pretty blue coat effect.

The cape is exactly what I need today! (Lend me scissors and I'll sort those pockets.)

Carol said...

Helga!!! You are fantastic!
Oh how I love the sheet frocks! I only make pennant strings/buntings from old sheets. This week, my sewing machine and I will be better acquainted - I have an apron pattern I have had for eons.

That pan is awesome - whatcha gonna cook in it?

Happy November, pal! xox

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

tyrannosaurus rex arms are always a problem with capes for me... but you will look just great in that color! xxx

mondoagogo said...

Boos is appropriate for a Halloween post. (so is booze). I'm still on the hunt for a 60s-style cape... The frying pan is gorgeous and that basket is absolutely perfect for foraging fruit and flowers and mushrooms :) Pretty dress as always, I love the bow at the front.

Miss Magpie said...

Wow just wow, what a basket full of bargains. Love it!

thorne garnet said...

ya can never have too many old suitcase, they come in handy for all sorts of things.

seƱora Allnut said...

another sheet couture work of art!!, so lovely floral print! and so cute coat!!
And I'm loving that orange-red cape, wouuu, fabulous color and lovely buttons!

Ivy Black said...

Bloody hell...the most glamorous creature ever to set foot in a garden centre! Love the sheet frock, another masterpiece. Your cape is splendiferous, wondrous colour and label.xxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Another incredible frock...I'm smitten with that bow at the waist. How thoughtless of that wind to be blowing on your glorious hair. It really should know better. And hooray for op shop success. I love laying my spoils out for photos. Satisfying somehow. And thank you for the delightful package that arrived at our door. It was such a lovely surprise. I adore the tin, the green placemat, the wee frame and some of G's rock star music. I'm so glad to have you in my life thanks to blogging. Mwah. Xx

Krista Gassib said...

Best thing about you making your own frocks is the fit, hot dam woman friggin fab! I would love to bump into such a beauty at the garden shop. That cape is darling and how easy to add so holes, you are a master!

Thought of you yesterday Cristi and I worked a fair and there was an artist there you said you liked before. Wait until you see what she made! Wish I could give you a big ass hug.
Love you!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I need that cape in my life! SOoooooo awesome

Vix said...

Ha! I've tried a few T Rex capes on in my time, what the feck were the makers thinking? Its a fabulous find though and with your superhuman sewing prowess you'll have it perfect in no time.
That dress is ace and your finds are all splendid. The basket for loo rolls?
Pot shopping has changed since my misspent youth, it had more to do with weed than cacti!
Love you! xxxxxx

diaryofapennypincher said...

What an interesting collection of second hand goodies you have there. Well done on another perfectly executed sheet dress!

peaches mcginty said...

Even the lining on the cape is magnificent, it's blummin gorgeous - the sheet couture is divine, the dress is beautiful, I am in awe of the central floral bodice design is directly above the perfect bow, you have skills!
baskets always find a way to be very useful x x x

his_girl_friday said...

You are the queen of coats!

Anonymous said...

Oh my glob! That cape is just sensational. What a beautiful find.

Trees said...

THAT CAPE! Also I love the description of "T-Rex arms" is SO TRUE! Lovely new frock too - rock that sheet.