Some of us fall to the earth, these others roam...

Greetings from New Regent St!
Or Noddy St, as G and I call it. 
I chucked my G into a taxi, and we went to The Auricle for a visit.
It's a short hobble for my boy from the street to the bar, which is a bonus.
He's doing very well, incidentally. He's off the crutches, and hobbling about slowly and gently.

Poor flowers, left to die.

Frock and 60's necklace-Two Squirrels
Cardi-opshopped; must have had it 20 years!
Jacket, carried-opshopped
Tights-from the lovely Sue
Boots-Trade Me
Earrings-from darling Leisa
Flower-made by my friend Claire
Sunglasses-60's, Wasteland, San Francisco
Handbag-60's, a vintage shop in New Orleans

So, yes, we went to The Auricle, a sound and wine bar run by the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists.

The latest exhibition, Sound City, was opening, so it was only polite to turn out in support.
Jo is getting into the groove...sort of...there's not really any groove, actually...!

Jo's book, to Malcolm's right-your left.

Long time readers will know that Jo is a wine writer by trade, as well as a sonic artist, and she has just become the editor of Wine NZ, and this is her first issue!

As a professional wine writer, Jo needs to have her "wine face" on at all times.

This is my first attempt at "wine face".

This is my second, and clearly best, attempt.

Dave needed a little practice...


G is a natural.

Ooo, the pretty fairy lights came on outside!

After a good deal of wine guzzling tasting, it was time to head off home to bed.....



Curtise said...

Ooh, good for Jo, hasn't she done well? "A new editor springs forth" indeed - and she does do good wine face. You need practice, my love, but you're getting there! I rather think you do more glugging that tasting, which is exactly what I would do...
That is a divine frock, love it with the boots, you look a bit sexy saloon girl (a Very Good Thing!) I'm glad to hear that dear G is hobbling around without his crutches, hope he'll be sprinting again soon! xxxxx

Curtise said...

I'm FIRST!!!! Xxxx

Helen Le Caplain said...

LOVE your wine face - and the general posing... I've missed it due to an insane move and job change.

Back in the world of blogging and great to see your fabul-arse self strutting your self. Yay!

Jazzy Jack said...

You and Jo have matching flowers! Your purpleness is amazing, with ruffles. I love all the wine poses. Didnt quite understand the sonic music thing...but the fairy lights. Always a GOOD THING...another is G's recovery. Xo JJ

Sue said...

Another gloriarse frock!! Queen of Frocks strikes again! I do like fairy lights.

Vix said...

Well done, Jo! That's just ace news!
She does do a great wine face, knowledgeable with a discrete undertone of cheekiness.
Curtise is right, that dress looks very saloon girl and that's good by me. those new boots are fabulous.
Great news about G!
Love you! xxxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh oh that dress is the best ever on you look always. Hello to you and G from the squirrels.........down south. Miss you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love v

mondoagogo said...

I love your wine face (better than a whine face!), and Jo's jeans are amazing.

Ivy Black said...

Get in Jo! How wonderful. She has a great wine face and a fabulous pair of jeans.
You do look you belong in one of those psychedelic Seventies westerns usually staring Burt Lancaster. You'll have a gun in your garter and a knife down yer bra!
Glad to hear G is on the mend.

Beth Waltz said...

While Jo does the wine face with professional practice, one must grant accolades to G for an A+ amateur effort!

The flouncy frock was a marvelous choice for an appearance at The Auricle -- it hummms! The boots lift it out of sweetness, just as those dainty bows twinkle at the bold print.

What a nice outing for all!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Ha ha! Love those wine faces.

Aren't you both so well dressed?


Krista Gassib said...

That dress is perfection! Don't you look all sultry!!!! Congrats to Jo that is bad assery and she deserves recognition for her hard work. Glad to hear and see G's doing better, nailed that wine face:)

Carol said...

Whooo hooooo!!

And this "Arse!
Poor flowers, left to die." made me laugh so hard I nearly fell over.

You rock so hard!

Anonymous said...

Your pinup poses on the bench are luscious. Just do a proper burlesque shoot already! :D

freckleface said...

Hello sexy, lots of de-LI-cious posing going on here. Amazed you didn't attract a crowd of bourbon-swigging gunslingers! Where were they all? Their loss, our gain. I still don't understand the audio bar thing, but i do understand wine! I LOVE your wine faces! Just brilliant. I'm going to practice mine later. Congrats to Jo, she has worked her little socks off and well done to your G for keeping his spirits up while he gets slowly better. Love, love, love! Xxxxxx

Goody said...

I'm completely ignorant with respect to the sonic thing, so off to the Internet to do some reading-up. I learn so much from my blog friends.

I'm marveling at how perfectly your lippy matches the outfit.

Glad to hear G is off the crutches.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I really like this dress/tights/boots!!

Shawna McComber said...

OOOHHH this outfit is fantastic and clearly you feel it 'cause those are some of your best poses ever. I love the colours on you and the overall shape and lines of it all. LOVE the boots!
Hooray for G's stead improvement and his most spectacular wine drinking face.

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

your dress + G.s wine face = perfection! xxx

señora Allnut said...

wouu, love your pretty purple shiny dress, and your rockin' booties!!
Congrats to Jo for being so fabulous!, mwhaha, she looks gorgeous too!
Hurrah for your attempts at 'wine face', oh yes, perfection!!!
besos & risas

Trees said...

You look wonderful in your purple frock. We seriously have to come down so Rich can visit the Auricle - he would LOVE that place!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That dress is effin' amazing! Tasty gothy combo in black and purple. And loving the wine faces!

Catherine said...

My wine face generally consists of showing all my teeth in a huge smile and then falling over because I have drunk the whole bottle! Cheers to you Helga and your marvellousness!

Forest City Fashionista said...

And of course, I get to comment after the "Boycott American Women guy! Sheesh....

Jo looks so cool with her matching cardigan/hair flower combo and high-waisted pants. She has amazing eyebrows! Your amazing purple print dress could start a party wherever you wear it. Nice boots!

peaches mcginty said...

My wine face is atrocious, you gals 'wine-face' all professional like! (such a scouse way to say something, ha!) good to hear G is getting better and blooming good news about Jo's editorial debut, how marvellous!! I LOVE the sound of the The Auricle, I would be in there a lot, my kind of thing - can't go without gushing over your gorgeousness *gush* love everything!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jo! What an awesome achievement.
And G's wine face is perfection. A natural indeed.