Catching colours from the air...

I love that we have the River Avon running throughout our city, although it's hardly what would constitute a river, really!
More of a stream, to my mind, and in some places, it's little wider than a stream!
Growing up in rural Australia, we used to holiday at Wagga Wagga (as G says, it's so good they named it twice) once a year, at a campground on the Murumbidgee River.
Now that's a river!
Wide and deep and downright scary to a girl who doesn't like not being able to see the bottom!
We used to swing out on a rope tied to a tree and drop into it.
I'm amazed I could do it at all, being such a scaredy cat.
I'd love the opportunity to do it again.
(preferably naked)
I doubt there's anywhere deep enough along the Avon to do such a thing.
Besides, since the earthquakes, it's none too clean.

I love rivers, probably more than the sea, I think.
( I may say different if I can get a sea swim in this season. It's frequently a little too cold down here; last season we didn't go at all)
I could sit for hours just looking, especially in places like Thailand, where the river life can keep one quite transfixed.
(In Ayutthaya, our favourite place to stay has a second floor balcony, and I have been up at dawn, watching the river traffic and the monitor lizards play many times)

Ah, feeling wistful!

It's positively winsome of me.

Better get a bucket.

Frock-a squaredance delight, from a vintage shop in Melbourne
Coat-60's, opshopped
Belt-from my sistercousinwifey
Handbag-gift froma  lovely reader, Debra
Shoes-Trade Me
Bow-San Francisco
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Earrings-Santa Fe
Necklaces-beaded one is from my sistercousinwifey, the heart is from Oaxaca

At a couple of obscure opshops I rarely go to, recently I was lucky enough to score this perfect 60's vanity case, plus a pile of sewing stuff, some lovely black beaded gloves and a pair of leather gloves that I plan to use for driving.

Some of you asked to see a close up of the fabric my frock last post was made of!
Here it is, it appears to be some sort of wagony/country theme.
Oddly dull for me, I know, but I do love brown, and it goes so well with red and orange...and yellow and pink...!!!



Goody said...

I imagine those cowboys on the fabric with their hats in the air yelling, "Yee Haw!" or whatever it is cowboys yell when they toss hats in the air.

No one wear yellow with as much style as you do.

You could go nekkid in the river, just stick to the shallows, and wear waders that go to your hips. Add a fishing pole, and you have an excuse if the police stop you:
"I'm sorry officer, but the fish *can hear clothes a mile away."

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh my I love that coat...have we seen it before? Fab frockage my square dance dress Queen. I love the wee Avon River too. So many pretty spots. Xx

Sheila said...

That is a lovely spot by the river (our rivers are paltry here in the city too, but massive out in the boonies). You look so gorgeous!

seƱora Allnut said...

lovely plaid & polka dot mix! and absolutely fabulous yellow accessories which give it a twist!!! you and your sistercousinwifey are making me love Yellow!!!

Bobbi said...

You look so pretty in red!
Watching a river is a great way to relax.
Great score at the thrift shops!

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

love the necklaces! in that dress you look like an apple i wanna bite in... xxx

Vix said...

I'm such a townie, I've never swum in a river! That sounds wonderfully frisky though, a bit of skinny dipping. I've only done that in the sea (and might do so again in 34 days time!!!)
That polka dot frock is divine, love it with the yellow and that droolsome bag (how lovely of Carol!)
Those are some bostin' scores. You'll be able to keep all your pants safe with that elastic!
The fabric looks like Joie De Toie, the French pastoral scenes. There's a posh company in the Uk who make one with chavs in the park, drinking lager and shagging in the bushes, way out of my price range, sadly!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I never learned how to swim (I know, how pathetic!) so I have not swum in a river, lake or stream. I can definitely picture you swinging off of a rope naked, doing a tarzan yell as you land in the water (video, please??).

You look positively splendid in all your red and yellow. Polka dots and plaids are brilliant together.

My best friend was just in Australia to do research and spent time in Wagga Wagga. She loved the weather.

Beth Waltz said...

I agree with Vix: that dress print is a naive toile de somewhere. Interesting colors and graphics!

For a lady who once wore Gothic black with artifacts, Helga, you've certainly acquired a mastery of yellow with hearts. The sunnies, the pendant, the print, even the belt and shoes coordinate in a delightfully fun and refreshing expression of how you felt about a beautiful day for a walk by the river.

ArgentGal said...

Whoa! Plaid and polka dots? Be still my beating heart! We're lucky enough to have a view of the river from our front porch. It's so relaxing to sit out there on a warm summer evening and just watch it drift by.

Carol said...

Thanks Helga for the close-up of that fabric - super cool.
And I also say hurrah for polka dots and plaid. Gorgeous, you!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I'll skinny dip into that river with you! Those yellow sunglasses are EFFIN GREAT!!

Curtise said...

Red and yellow, polka dots and broderie anglaise, yes yes yes! You look stunning, bright and beautiful, and as though you might throw off all your clothes and go leaping in the river shouting "Geronimo!" I haven't swum in a river since I was about 11 - no plans to repeat the experience, I must admit, it was a bit muddy and squelchy underfoot...
Thanks for the close-up of the print, it's fab! xxx

freckleface said...

This post makes me want to play SNAP! We have a River Avon in the SW where I come from, I've swum in rivers and I have a set of needles just like that!! SNAP! Pitiful snap probably, that last one, but very useful! The one thing I can't do snap on is the yellow tights. You look so chic and I look so chicken. Just the way it is Helga dearest. It's so nice to hear your reminiscences about your time in Thailand. Of everybody, you make me want to go there the most. Love your Toile de Jouy fabric, such a pretty colour combo. Talking of which, you in red and yellow is the Ting, man, the very Ting. Love it! Xxxxxxxx p.s we went skinny dipping in Espana, don't tell anyone ;)

Trees said...

I have to say, I think the Avon is pretty but when I first saw it I was kind of like "Is that it?" I guess its because I lived in Hamilton for 8 years and the Waikato is a fairly massive river and kind of my measuring stick for all other rivers! I love this yellow and red combo - your glasses are perfect!