If she'd keep trouble at bay, they'd give her the money and diamonds, be queen for a day

"Show me yer petticoat, luv!"
O, all right then...

Peepers is disappearing into her catnip jungle...catnip helps soothe her over the being locked out of the bedroom scenario...

I feel positively statuesque in these platform boots!
My feet have not been happy campers lately, requiring more ...dare I say it...sensible footwear....
But that means when I wear heels, it's not as painful as it has been over the last few months.
I know, I know, beauty is pain.
But feck it, my feet are my castle!


Frock-70's, from my sistercousinwife
Petticoat-60's, opshopped
Jacket-60's/70's, opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, opshopped
Earrings-from one of the 'stans, gift from a friend
Necklace-Trade Me
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Bow-made it myself

Recent opshop scores!
A divoon set of cannisters (I have more now than I can poke a stick at, as my Father used to say. Meaning A LOT), a couple of pairs of tights, a sweet sunglasses case, sewing kit and purse, a "gold" triple necklace, a glittery belt that I've turned into a headpiece, and some more groovy old hangers!
The scores have been slow but steady, except for the Friday just past, where I gleaned nothing from my usually reliable sources....it comes, and it goes....not pictured finds from the previous week are a splendid backpack to replace my 25 year old one that was literally falling to bits, and a chilly bin-or Esky, or cooler, depending where you are from.




seƱora Allnut said...

Fabulous boots and even more fabulous color combo!! love to see you wearing all those bright orange shades and pretty printed shirt!!
(sorry about you having "fussy" feet, take care of every piece of yourself, dear lady!!

sister outlaws said...

The boots! Aaaahhhh! But mostly THE SUNGLASSES! Stop it with the op shop scares. I'll die of op-shopitis.

Sue said...

I hear you on sore feet, as I have been wearing 'sensible' shoes of late too. I am over them and my foot so I am going back to what I like to wear!! Oh and those boots are spectacular!!! Thanks for flashin' your slip little lady!!

Vix said...

Those boots make your legs look as sexy as hell! Those colours are popping out of my screen and making happy, its miserable, icy and grey here.
My feet are okay, its my joints that kill. I've been making more of an effort to be comfy but my heart belongs to heels.
Isn't it a disappointment when the best hunting grounds dry up. I blame Xmas, everyone's so preoccupied they can't be arsed to donate. Bastards!
Love you! xxxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm relieved to hear you can't jaunt around in hells 24-7....I am rather envious at those who can! Gloriarse combo & fantabulous finds. Xx

Beth Waltz said...

As your image scrolled down, I thought "bright and pretty, but wait for it, wait for it...and then *pop!* those tights and boots fulfilled my expectations of a Helgaesque pedestal for the art form. Sorry your feet have been troublesome, but those boots are worth some discomfort: they look that good!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Splendid bling there girl!! Those are lovely boots, but I wouldn't be able to wear them as my feet have been giving me grief for the last few years and heels are pretty much out of the question for me :( Enjoy the heels while you can!

I've found a few things in the local charity shops, including a pine cone wreath for my front door for $3 (Now I'm ready for Christmas)

Goody said...

Too many foot problems going on-what to do? Sacrifice a pair of platforms on a pyre to satisfy the shoe gods? If I thought it would help, I'd do it!

That petticoat is too pretty to hide.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

those boots! those boots! those boots!

Delia Ryder said...

You look fabulous as always those boots are lush :-) Loving those canisters. dee xx

Curtise said...

Oh wow, those boots are HOT! As are you, my darling, hot and delicious! Loving that floral jacket, and the sneaky peek of petticoat.
Nice little op shop haul - you just have to keep on looking, don't you, and hope that eventually you'll strike it lucky. And those canisters match your outfit beautifully! xxx

thorne garnet said...

nice hangers. On my last thrifting adventure I spent 39cents. It was for a little wooden Santa

Ivy Black said...

Oh those boots! Love the red n'orange combo...wonderfully cheery for a cold Blighty day.
Pah to foot problems! They are a pain in the arse...well, feet.
Lovely little haul there, those canisters are fab much like yerself.

peaches mcginty said...

Ooooh they are lovely boots! I do like a bit of height and miss it, but I'm a clumsy fecker and can fall over fresh air - Love your outfit, a bit of cheeky petticoat flashing is always appreciated! x x x

freckleface said...

Dear Helga, I'm sitting in my sickbed feeling peaky and lacklustre, but seeing you in all your finery has cheered me up no end. Particularly the flash of the petticoat and those fine looking boots. I dream of wearing heels (literally, bizarre I know, but I am proper short arse) but it hurts too much. Middle age could be quite tedious if we allowed it to encroach. Thankfully, we don't! Ah, a shot of Peeper's behind, how charming :D Send her over, will you? I could do with a pookie to snuggle right now. Looking forward to seeing the belt-cum-headpiece, it looks gloriously sparkly. Xxxxxxxx

liz said...

I've never been a big fan of ankle boots but those are GLORIOUS! I have to do a little wedge or platform with my heels, or else I toddle around like a drunk giraffe. Not a good look. :)

Indigo Violet said...

I'm shocked to hear your feet are only human. Mine have been causing me all kinds of grief lately. But the op-shopping has been good at least!

Trees said...

I love those boots! I rarely wear heels as I am just too damn clumsy :P I love the orange and red combo and is that a lurex coat hanger?? Swoon!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, those boots are just divoon!