At the close of day the sunset cloaks these words in shadow play

The fantastic old elm tree I am in front of is protected, which makes me very happy.
There's a few in our 'hood, and I love how they are the last to fire up, and the first to burn out.
They're terribly English, but then so much of New Zealand, and especially Christchurch, is!

Frock-made it myself, with fabric I bought in Mexico some years back
Handbag-60's vanity case, from a market
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Earrings-from the talented and slightly bent Ila Pop
Bangle-from the lovely Sue
Sandals-Trade Me

Lovely Shelley wondered what I cooked out of the Linda McCartney book...
I made:
Avocado and Green Chile (cold) soup for the starter
Mushroom Risotto (this was the only one I really had to tweak)
Glazed Carrots
Curried Lentils
Leeks Vinaigrette
and I think I did the spinach salad too, but am not sure!

This is a recent house rebuild in our 'hood-it's so frigging cute, and totally identical to the original brick home, which just fell apart in the earthquakes.
The garden is a touch OCD, if you ask me, but hey, it's very sweet, and suits the house.
It's quite fun watching the rebuilds; a lot of houses were rendered uninhabitable and had to be demolished and rebuilt. Most are not being rebuilt anything like the original!
Worse is the massive swath on either side of the Avon River , a great deal of which is just down the road from our house, where not only did the houses have to be demolished, they will not be rebuilt as the land has been deemed uninhabitable; unable/unsuitable to be built on. And as far as we know, we will get a lovely big wetlands/park....all depending. Our current government is not terribly trustworthy and are likely to just land bank it, but who really knows?!



Sue said...

You are wearing my favourite frock!! Love how you have teamed it with red. I love big old protected trees too, I bet you would chain yourself to that one if they tried to cut it down.

Sheila said...

Gawds, you look so bright and cheery! You're gorgeous in that frock, and don't mind me staring, having never seen an elm tree (Dutch Elm disease, thank you). It's interesting to hear about the restoration (or not) after your quake - we are in a quake zone here on the west coast and they keep threatening us with "the big one". We're likely to sink into the sea...glub glub.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The print on that dress is amazing!! Love the rebuilt house--so cute!

big mamabird said...

This lurker must just say that you look mahvelous and bodacious in the close-up leaning on the tree, oh and also luscious, just perfect my dear lady! Carroll, in coldest fricken Vermont

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh you are so stunning and gloriarse. I adore that frock on you. How lovely is that house, very nice for a rebuild. We won't be coming to Christchurch in May/June, as we decided to do a Southern circle instead. Now I'm kinda regretting that decision! But if you're up for a weekend trip to Oamaru on the 5th 6th of June let us know! Xx

Melanie said...

If you squeeze that dress I bet you'd get orange juice - it is so delicious! Only tropical-ish countries really know how to make colourful fabric. And you know how to sew it. Gorgeous. All the houses rising from the ruins. A bittersweet thing. The new house here is charming, but how on earth does one tend perfection in the garden? I couldn't do it.

Vix said...

What a glorious colour combo! Loving that straw boater and your hair in a pony tail.
That garden gives me the shivers, can you imagine how much time the owners must spend keeping it so tidy? The house is very cute though.
Dinner sounds wonderful, I need to look out for a Linda in our chazzas.
Love you! xxxx

sister outlaws said...

I was just wondering today where the bloody hell you are. Thought you may have forgotten how addicted to your fabularseness we are. hey. Do you want a 70's kaftan? I've tried wearing it a few times but simply haven't got the gravitas (as in BOOBS) to carry it off. It's a great print.

Carina Rosenholm said...

A great colourmix ! Again ... looking great !

Fiona said...

Fabularse frock love. Interesting to read about the rebuilding after the earthquakes but I'm wondering why that house doesn't have any windows downstairs at the front?
The garden looks a bit twee, but how knows it might improve once it's established.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing snippets of where all of us vintage loving bloggers live. That house is so sweet but you my dear in that frock are most outstanding. A frock with pocket and in orange one of my most favourite colours you are looking most radiant. X

Bobbi said...

You look like sunshine! You always inspire me to wear bright colors in different ways.
The rebuild house is cute - I hope they have some flowers planted in that yard.

Beth Waltz said...

Enveloping yourself in color on a sunny day, bare-legged: what a wonderful way to celebrate the glorious weather there! Allowing your hair to fall free under that tidy little hat is a very Helgaesque touch -- prim and proper with a tiny twist.

Carol said...

I love orange and pink together and you look beeeyooooutiful!

Envious of that gorgeous elm - most of ours over here are diseased. We had to chop ours down last year.

thorne garnet said...

beautiful dress, love the fabric. That tree is bizarre looking

Curtise said...

Oh all that vibrant colour is just luscious! Bright and sunny and very pretty - that's you, darling! The jaunty boater makes me feel you must be about to burst into song (some comic number from an operetta might be appropriate?) Look at you, fondling that elm - it's protected you know, do be careful with it!
I hope the land by the river is used as a wetlands wildlife area, that sounds like a great idea if it's not safe to build on it again. xxx

freckleface said...

Spammers please piss off! Just noticed that! Funny. You really are a sight for sore eyes in this joyful outfit. I'm always so impressed with your sewing skills, you take on far more complicated patterns than I would consider. I love the expression with the tongue and the fact that you are rocking a boater style hat. Our summer school uniform involved one and they looked good on nobody back then. So Christchurch is in a cycle of regeneration. It must be fascinating to see it rise up out of the ashes. I like the sound of the wetland. Can any politicians be trusted? I have to say, you look really cute in flatties. Xxxxxx

Goody said...

You DO look so wonderful in orange (orange you glad?)I am ever so jealous.

That little house is adorable, though there's something almost Dr. Seuss about it with the topiary garden. That's not a bad thing, it just makes me want to rhyme.

Helga's standing by a tree
With someone else
Wish it was me.

Ah well, poetry ain't my bag, but the sentiment's true.
Hugs and kisses

Shawna McComber said...

I always think you look like a flower garden personified. When I opened the blog page and there you were it was like letting summer right into my room. The rebuilt house is indeed really cute. They did a great job and the garden is strangely appealing in its oddness. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

beate grigutsch said...

where are my sunglasses!!!!!!
fantastic home sewn dress! and such a pretty hat! i´m glad that the old tree is protected and someone build a beautiful house in this times. best wishes for the river bank! xxxxxx

The Grande Dame said...

Oh I do love a good boater! Very cute and sweet, I wish I could just opshop a few. The dress is gorgeous, but why must you always cover them up with a cardi!? I'm dying to see the rest of it! xxx

Louise McDonagh said...

Isn't that governments the world over? It is a very cute rebuild. I love all your bright colours. It makes me wish for summer, spring keeps promising to arrive but, it's not here yet. Xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Thanks for the recipe run-down. They all sound good - hope they were.

Your outfit just makes me pine for summer - the colours, the sandals, the sunshine. You look very jaunty in the straw boater.

I hope you get a park!

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

You're summery perfection! I wanna eat that necklace.

peaches mcginty said...

Gorgeous! I love your outfit so much, and your amazing boater, I missed out on one for my school uniform when they changed the rules the year I joined, I was gutted, ha! The house is just so pretty, the garden is fascinating though, it's just so perfectly perfect x x x

myshabbychicvintagefrugallife said...

Love the dress its so bright and cheerful , suits you a treat xxx

Hannah Spanner said...

You look ravishing, I need your sewing skills. That house is so adorable xxx

Catherine said...

oh that house is looking quite Tim Buton-ish isn't it? I can imagine a whole row of them with their creepy straight Edward Scissor hands gardens

You on the other hand while also suitable for the madness that is Tim Burton are fabulous! I love your straw hat!