You're my assassin, but you can't see the crime

My current favourite colours are navy, forest green and burgundy.
Not necessarily together.
Must be Autumn!
I always start the cooler seasons with a yearning for darker tones.
This divoon frock was a gift from my fabularse sistercousinwife, and wouldn't it just rip your knickers that my lovely pussy bow undid itself and I am only just noticing now?!
Still, it does nothing to deter from the magnificence of the frock.

And just how fecking splendid is my enormous Rex?!
It's quite the Tardis.

We're not long back from a truly wonderful Helgastock; if you follow Misfits Vintage on Facebook you'll have seen all the excitement, thrills, chills and spills!
A little rest and recouperation is now required.
Feck, it was perhaps the most awesomest Helgastock yet?!



Amber of Butane Anvil said...

You are gorgeous, tied up or not! Love these colours and your sizeable opening to the space-time continuum. A pleasant Helgastock recuperation to you, my dear Helga! xoxoxoxo

Sue said...

So very glad you are back blogging, I have missed you terribly!!! Helgastock certainly did look like a blast and I can understand why you came home to rest up. Loving the colour combo you have going on, especially those green tights, oh and the cute as shoes!!

Beth Waltz said...

First! Had you not slipped a hint that the bow was undone, we'd have assumed the tie-effect was intended, an echo of the scarf tied on that massive, magnificent bag.

I'm also admiring how you've used those intense green tights to support the color of the coat. Good heavans, I've just noticed you're wearing spiffy flats! How shockingly sensible! (And they do look chic with those tights.)

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love the green and blue!!! Those cat eye glasses in the bottom pic are amazing.

thorne garnet said...

the Helgastock photos were just fab! You look fab.

Am I first?

diaryofapennypincher said...

I'm rather envious of your glorious green tights and cute shoes. Love that shade of blue on you too. Bring on the Autumn wardrobe!

Curtise said...

Gorgeous to see you, darling! Loving the frock, including the wayward pussy bow, the colour combination, the magnificent Rex and that regal coat. You're working autumn to perfection! xxx

Goody said...

Oh thank heavens you're back-I've been soooo lonely. Green and blue is the perfect colour combination, and that fantastic bag pulls it together nicely.

Joy of Cooking is fun (not as much fun as Joy of Sex, of course) and depending what edition you have the same recipes change over time (mostly to include more sugar and fat post-war).

So glad you're back.

sister outlaws said...

I'd travel the universe with you in that tardis bag. Actually, you'd make an excellent Dr Who. And I just LOVE nave and green together. So classy.

Sheila said...

I missed you!! So happy to see you back. Those damned pussy bows, always undoing. Love your shoes!

ThriftyParka said...

Ooooh, Rex is magnificently huge. I reckon you could fit a weekend outfit in there. The 'Joy of Cooking' is indispensable...there is a recipe for possom!!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

It requires a large dose of sex appeal to be hot in navy blue. Good job!

Vix said...

Lovely to see you and your pussybow, darling! Helgastock looked a blast.
The new Rex is fabularse are are you.
How groovy is the font for the museum sign? What on earth lurks inside?
Love you! xxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! Lovely to see ya.
You are a vision in navy and green. Gorgeous.
Helgastock looked a scream.

Melanie said...

I miss EVERYTHING when I'm not on Facebook. But I'm glad to see you here! That is an enormous and too-fabulous Rex bag. Your brilliance in that divine frock has just brightened my day. Yes, my knickers ripped because your pussy bow was untied. How did you know?!

Catherine said...

Blue annd green should always be seen! Love that bag, and the frock and the tights. and flat shoes Helga??? Its not often we see you not in some gorgeous pair of heels!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Finally catching up on some posts! Fecking spectacular frockage. Right up my alley in navy and green. It's my fave combo throughout winter as well. That ginormous Rex is incredible! Xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I don't have a personal FB account so I couldn't see the photos from Helgastock :( I'm sure a marvelous time was had and there were plenty of hijinks and arse slapping.

Blue and green always looks wonderful on you with those titian tresses. You could almost fit one of your cats in that bag!

señora Allnut said...

oh yes, that's a fabulous dress, and love all those pretty colors you're wearing, and your magnificent bag (Bigger On The Inside??, that would be über magnificent!!!)
also love your shoes, they look really ol'style comfortable!
Nice to see you here after all the Helgastock excitement!!!

Trees said...

That dress is so lovely!! I want one just like it and yes it is ever so autumnal now, I'm quite enjoying it!