Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time...

My cavolo nero is starting to take off, the spring onions are doing well, my spinach is thinking about it and my cabbages are decidedly disinterested. As far as is possible to tell, the carrots are looking pretty good, but my brussels sprouts seem to have no intention of forming delightful little buds. 
It's my first go at planting a Winter garden, and it's not hugely successful so far. The star is some self seeded parsley, but that is not going to fill my plate with home grown veges.
I dream of a glass house and a neon green thumb!


I know you're feeling me, 'cause you like it like this....

I would make a very good bear. A big, snuggly, cherry coloured bear.
Hibernating throughout the Winter months is totally my bag.
I'm actually enjoying this properly cold Winter, maybe for the first time ever!
(although the whining usually starts about mid July)
Warmies, coseying up with G, lots of potatoes, movies, books and sleeping are the main activities.
Um, not much. And then largely under duress.
Feeling far too lazy!
But I have been mostly reaching for this wool coat I opshopped a few years ago for a tenner if I have to go out.

Love you, Sue!