...just who IS Helga von Trollop when she's home?!

Helga von Trollop is not my real name....
It's  from a time when I did a one off spoof of The Sound of Music with a friend as The von Trollop Sisters, and the Helga was added later due to my love of the character Helga in the English comedy "'Allo 'Allo" to make a stage name for a band I was in. The name stuck.

I hail originally from Sydney, Australia. I have been living in New Zealand since 1989.

I'm in my 40's, and you need to know that being over 40 doesn't mean a decline into banality, it's really rather pleasant. (besides, it comes to us all......) Except for when I look real close in the mirror, but I generally avoid that... I cannot be arsed with acting mature and responsible, I'm just having a great life and having as many good times as possible before I kill my liver.

I was also, in the late 80's/early 90's, heavily into Goth...

Not that you would ever guess, due to my love of loud, bright colours.....

I'm extremely eclectic in my tastes.... I like everything from opera to metal, from Belle Epoque to 50's glam to 70's chic, from girly sweet to goth, from chick flicks to cheesy 70's trash, from an old fashioned Sunday roast to hot chilli spaz outs, from early nights to gigging and getting trashed.......I can barely keep up with myself....when it comes to getting frocked up for the day, it could be any mix of eras and style, although the entire decade of the 60's would probably be my greatest influence.

I have a great many pursuits, and am chronic for starting things and not finishing them, like half sewn frocks, unfinished arty projects, or having several books on the go.

My favourite thing to do is read........biographies, memoirs, travel/food memoirs and cookbooks  are what I am mostly into, but I also love a good novel of almost any genre. I'm at my happiest wearing something fabularse whilst reading with a glass of red wine in hand...preferably with my G nearly, too, and then I like to go cook whilst musing over what I've been reading...

I'm pretty loud, sometimes shy, obsessed with old fashioned manners. I can't bear arrogance or fakeness.
I laugh a lot, do silly song and dances a lot, eat a lot. I make up words. I am frequently  impatient, big-mouthed, blunt, crass and I swear like a trouper. I have a spastic sense of humour, and am easily irritated and irritating.

I currently sing in two bands.

I'm obsessed with secondhand shopping to the point of being fairly anti new.......I love clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery....anything with a history, of almost any age, is allright by me! I refer to "opshopping" a lot, because that's what we call church charity shopping in Australia/NZ. In the States, you call it "thrifting", and in the UK it seems to be charity or "chazza" shopping.
 I love markets, school fairs and anywhere with old or secondhand stuff, really. Retro is my bag, but like I said, if it has a history....and if I love it, well, I'm all there!
I loathe malls and chain stores with a passion!
I have far too much crap, but I enjoy being surrounded with lots of stuff, it fires my creativity, and besides, I'm sure it's more a case of not having enough room.

               I dress to the max most days because I get a great deal of pleasure from it, and was brainwashed by my Mother (below, at age 18) at an early age with a healthy dose of old films to be overdressed for any and all situations....

          Style and Life Icons/Inspirations  include:
*Frida Kahlo * Mrs Slocombe  of Are You Being Served* Mildred Roper of Man About the House and  George and Mildred *Siouxsie Sioux
*Dame Edna Everage* Tracey Mae Miller* Elsa Billgren
* Pam Grier * Helena Bonham-Carter
               *Marilyn Monroe * Sophia Loren *Lisa St Aubin de Teran
* Abba *Dorelia McNeill * Anais Nin
* Chrissie in  Man About the House
                    *Carmen Miranda * Daphne Guiness * Vix * Velvet Goldmine
*Louise Brooks*Desiree *Yma Sumac *Sarah Sophie Flicker
*Sarah * Vivienne Westwood* Lene Lovich
and many, many more......

Feel free to ask questions anytime, but do be aware that I am very forgetful and may require prompting!
                                                        ........ Welcome aboard!

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